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The situation in Japan Day 1539

Day 1,540, 23:33 Published in Japan Japan by Geezus

eJapan Friends!

I am grateful for the trust you gave me!
I will use all my power that I will be to deserve this.

We have started the work immediately. As promised I have started the negotiations with Argentina and Brazil!
I hope they are less biased about eSK, they will understand our special relationship with our old friend.
I asked them to mediate between Taiwan and japan to solve the conflict in diplomatic ways if it possible!

We wont stop with the RW-s!
Thank you for everyone who help us at organization!

The previous government refused to give me the money from National Bank!
exReality take the money (650000 JPY).
As the National Bank of the funds are available to start the promised economic programs as well!

Anyway I continue my program from my own money and I try to help for every active newby (under level 25) with food.
If you are a strong citizen please feel free to follow my example!




Ernesto Jeon
Ernesto Jeon Day 1,540, 23:37


scv5320 Day 1,540, 23:49

Good Luck

Darshu Day 1,540, 00:05


Metic Day 1,540, 00:07


Advanced Chimera
Advanced Chimera Day 1,540, 00:12


Grease Day 1,540, 00:27


sei sei
sei sei Day 1,540, 00:29


watapaku Day 1,540, 01:05


Kaige X
Kaige X Day 1,540, 02:31

"As promised I have started the negotiations with Argentina and Brazil!"

Argentina is rejecting your MPP proposal. You might want to step up your negotiating skills.

Squibeel Day 1,540, 04:09


Bowen Yu
Bowen Yu Day 1,540, 05:07

there are no hope for JP

Nozomi Day 1,540, 05:50

Oh yeah, Argentina totally understands people being allied with enemies, I mean Australia being allied with Chile is totally not one of the reasons that Argentina is pissy at them... <_<

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,540, 06:52

Where is the cabinet?

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,540, 09:28

Its not like eTaiwan will want to negotiate with us, they more likely are land hungry and dont give a single f*** about eJapanese Citizens.

Amamiya Sora
Amamiya Sora Day 1,540, 10:12

Do not write in Japanese, why anyone?Is not it true Japanese?
I'm sorry the English people in England not my T.T

exReality Day 1,540, 12:32

It's a one man negotiation, Kaige. Clearly it's working since Japan has 100% yes votes.

exReality Day 1,540, 12:35

Btw Aymay, we all know you're Polish so you can stop pretending to be Japanese now, or do a better job by deleting your old comments from other articles.

binhiro Day 1,540, 21:53


Amamiya Sora
Amamiya Sora Day 1,541, 00:57

@exReality yes I'm Polish, but I still know better Japanese language then English , so Japanese article will be better

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,541, 11:11

You are fail.

Tom Medelsvensson
Tom Medelsvensson Day 1,542, 23:23

I'd invite the Theocrats to intervene at this point, if they hadn't all been banned for having multiple accounts. So, what shall we do now, and what can we offer any alliance opposed to eTaiwan?

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