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The Sacred Soil Torn

Day 1,873, 08:23 Published in United Arab Emirates Turkey by Admiral Kellogg

The time has come. Our government is Serbian. Our land is filled with infidels. Turkey and Iran. Other Arab nations are under occupation by Greeks, Serbs, and Bulgarians. Our resources have been stripped from our hands. Our fields salted. Our mines burned. UAE is no more, Saudi Arabia is crippled, and Egypt has a hole in its empire. Pakistan is weak, and Iran is siding with the west. I ask for Arab Unity. A productive empire. Alliances must be struck, and enemies must be made. The time has come. Come home to the holy land and fight. All Arabs. We shall start with the liberation of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, then we can get UAE. But come home now and fight. Our armies shall grow. together, no longer alone! Long Live the Holy Lands




EL FAT BANDIDO AFK Day 1,873, 08:34

bote xD
omg ovaj lik se bas uziveo...

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,873, 09:44

v+s old

Pun!sheR Day 1,874, 14:26

Long Live the Holy Lands!!!

Arashk 72
Arashk 72 Day 1,880, 07:14

Iranian arent Arab!!!

Gh.Nirvana Day 1,880, 08:25

How Dare you call us infidels?! we had God, Government, Religion, Literature, Art, Medicine, Science and everything waaaaay before you know the difference between rats and snakes and the fact that Salt differs from Camphor!

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