The Rise Of The New Pharaoh

Day 5,070, 04:55 Published in Egypt Egypt by The Iron Prince Simba

So it's the first time i winning the elections for the CP, it's the first i will lead a country, but thanks to my amazing friends in eEgypt they will help me to take the best decision for the country. The eEgypt have a long dynasty of pharaohs and now im glad to take my place as the new pharaoh and have this magnificent honor.
I am very proud to lead such a strong country, eEgypt has occupied many countries in the past and among them even the eUnited States we were a strong country in the past and we are a strong country today.

We will continue on the path we have walked so far and there is no change on our policy, the cabinet we had last month will keep to work at the same formation it has at the last month. We will keep working with our allies and keep to build strong relationship with the eRep countries and work with them whether if it is resource concession or whether it is the TWs we having with other eCountries. We will not tolerate any provocation of anyone and we will act on the right time we will choose, we will stand on principle or we will not stand at all.

I wanna thank to those who supported me and help me so far, and wanna thanks to everyone who read this article and wanna let everyone here know that if your looking for a supporting country who will help you with everything you need and to those who wanna learn and have fun the game and enjoy from a supporting community i invite you to join our eEgypt family, we will be glad to have new citizens here and we will give everyone the support and guide they need.

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And always remember this: "War is done in a game, peace is made in reality"

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