The Return

Day 5,931, 09:01 Published in Austria Austria by Ludoviko la Nepreparita

Greetings all! It has been quite some time, quite some time indeed.

Not all of you may remember me, but I was rather active many years ago. After the passing of my eHusband (irl), I was unable to fulfil my duties as a comrade and productive eAustrian, so I took some time off to work on myself. I return to you with new knowledge and experiences that I hope will further enrich our great society. I would like to make clear, that you were never forgotten. I would check on my beloved country in secret from time to time, as while I was gone, you all were never truly out of mind. (I even cosplayed as Austria for my first and only convention many years ago.) I never forgot where I came from and those who helped me and bonded with me through good and bad times. I would always look fondly on my memories and the thought of our country to inspire me to always persevere. Which is why it brings me so much happiness to see that this country is doing just that - persevering because to me, that is the very core of what it means to be eAustrian. I remember in my former days as a cabinet member and later as president of this great nation, the struggles to defend and survive that we all faced, yet we never once lost hope or gave up. To be eAustrian is to continue on against great odds, against threats both domestic and international, to thrive in the face of adversity. I hope that you all will welcome me back with open arms as I return to once again be productive and further this grand project that we are all part of. This decade has been a long one, yet I have not forgotten the words that I would see so often. I hope I can once again live up to them, for you, for me, for all of us.

Rot Weiß Rot, bis in den Tod!