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The Result of the CPF Article Contest

Day 1,802, 14:58 Published in Canada Canada by Randall Flagg 1999

After due deliberation, the judges have decided that the winner of the CPF article contest is....

His article, while highly critical, was exactly what we are looking for in the CPF. We need people to stand up and be able to express their opinions when they see something they do not agree with. This is not to say I agree with Funky on every point of his, but rather that I enjoy a good critical analysis.

In sadder news, there were only three entries 🙁

The runner up was Chriswen and here is a link to the article submitted:

While a good article (which made the decision all the harder!) It did not make it in the end.

Although I wish more people had taken up the... keyboard? This was still a moderate success in getting people thinking about what eCanada and the CPF means to them. There may be another contest in the future on a similar or even a completely different topic; who knows!



Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,802, 15:10

We should have a set of prompts for people to write from next time (:

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,802, 15:15


Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Day 1,802, 15:31

I tried putting some reminders out, clearly more were needed

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,802, 18:35

Funky won? Smells bad.

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,802, 19:26

perhaps start with more simple, easier tasks

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,802, 19:34


Plugson Day 1,802, 20:02

Congratulations FunkenFuhrer

Rylde Day 1,804, 12:55

I was going to write for the contest but was CPF only perhaps next time broaden the contest for more activity in it.

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