The removal of Romania from South America

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Dear Citizens of eIreland,

On Day 4192 a joint operation has started by the CODE alliance for the removal of Romania from the South American continent.

On Day 4189 Albania and Hungary airstriked Colombia with the aim to remove France from the country. Albania landed in Pacifica and Hungary in Caribe e Insular. Romania closed them from France by taking Andina, and also attacked and removed Albania from Pacifica.

On Day 4192 Croatia and Greece sent AS against Romania. Croatia landed in Northern Low Amazon, Greece landed in Chimor. Hungary also sent NE against Romania and conquered Pacifica. Romania was removed from these regions, but they still had regions in Peru that were closed by Serbia.

Day 4194. Croatian and Greek airstrikes on Romania in Northern Low Amazon and Chimor. Romania is also under attack in Pacifica by Hungary and they leave Andina to France.

On Day 4193 Croatia sent NE against Serbia, conquered Southern Low Amazon, Lima, and Pando. The last Serbian region in Peru Low Andes was given to Peru in RW, and Serbia has been removed from South America.

Day 4195. Greece in Chimor, Croatia in Northern Low Amazon, attacking Southern Low Amazon. Romania in Mid Andes and Great Andes.

Yesterday Croatia declared war against Romania and conquered Great Andes.
Greece attacked Romania in Mid Andes, and with this Romania has been removed from South America too.
Croatia also sent DoW against Peru and conquered Low Andes.

Day 4197, Peru after Serbia has been removed. Greece came into Lima through the Croatian-Greek TW, Croatia attacking Romania in Great Andes. Peru is free in Low Andes.

War in Romania

Bulgaria is under Turkish occupation for more than two weeks. Serbia to liberate Bulgaria sent NE against Turkey. To prevent the attack Greece took Plovdiv and Ruse from Turkey to close border between the two countries.

On day 4194 Turkey sent NE against Serbia, conquered Southern Serbia, Sumadija and Eastern Serbia.

Greece, Hungary and Croatia continued the war against Romania on its original regions.
Greece conquered Oltenia and Banat.
Hungary conquered Crisana and Maramures and attacked Transilvania, but lost against Romania. Argentina closed the border between Hungary's original regions and Romania, this way the war between them was closed.
Croatia attacked and conquered Dobrogea.

Day 4195. Greek and Hungarian attacks against Romania, Argentina closing border between Hungary and Romania.

Day 4197, Hungary attacking Romania in Transilvania, Turkey attacking Serbia in Sumadija. Greece takes Crisana from Hungary.

Actual battles:

Fight for Hungary in Transilvania!

Fight for Croatia in Great Andes!

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