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The real face of "Pro-TWO" eUkraine

Day 2,162, 10:14 Published in Poland Serbia by JoI nezunk Miki

Sorry, no Polish version here 🙂

The situation regarding eUkraine and eHungary is escalating.

Here is our beloved "ProTWO" eUkraine, waging an open war against the TWO-member (and founder) eHungary. We offered them territories and a NAP with reasonable conditions, but they took the other way instead...

...While they would like to become a TWO/ACT member.

Why are they calling themselves "proTWO", when they are fighting for CoT? Ukrainians, you are knocking on the wrong door. Take a 180-degree turn, and apply for CoT membership.

This thing reminds me of the following thing... What if the UK had joined the Axis in the early World War II, because they were winning at the time? The situation regarding Ukraine is really similar.

EDIT: A new NE law against the ACT member Slovakia is being voted by the Ukrainian Congress right now.

To make it clear: eUkraine is antiTWO, and should be treated that way.


Kuzynn Day 2,162, 10:48

UA = traitors, in erep and real life.

Mr.Nimble Day 2,163, 15:55

Ukraine traitors?
And where was ePoland - the guarantor of NAPa, when eHungary had violated the contract?
We're just fighting for freedom.
And do not want to be slaves of eHungary.
If you do not have the council on eHungary,
Well - WAR !!!!
And you will not like it )))

nameless.if Day 2,162, 11:34

Cry, huns, cry.
Where is your "great" empire?

Grodt Day 2,162, 15:10

Just look at the map, and U can see: Hungary still bigger than UA.
So here is my question: Where is your "great" empire?

Igoreckkkk Day 2,164, 10:27
ahaha 😉
Its your strong and big empire?)

Prophet009 Day 2,162, 12:32

500k CC of deposite is not reasonable condition : |

shveyk Day 2,164, 10:29

Ukraine will never pay for their regions. It is better not to have regions than the so humiliated.

Driver of ufo
Driver of ufo Day 2,163, 02:14

epic FAIL Huns:)
Hail Ukraine!!!

Monkey D. Roger
Monkey D. Roger Day 2,163, 07:55

Why Slovakia for NE ?

eOlexander Day 2,163, 13:30

Nothing personal, we love Slovakia

Mr.Nimble Day 2,163, 15:56

shield from eHungary

Pazelya Day 2,164, 10:30

to give Slovakia Subcarpathia region for free 🙂 and let them have some TP medals as well 🙂

Finnian Day 2,164, 01:26

There is only one way for the eUkraine to join ACT.
Declare war on eSlovakia and then surrender immediately. )

mpakosh Day 2,164, 03:37

stek bzdur... węgry łamią nap a gwaranci milczą.

Storki Day 2,164, 05:49

Reasonable condition 500k lolz. Negotations failed cuz of eHungary.

Fail article.
Fail eHungary
Shame TWO

m.soronn Day 2,164, 10:01

why NE eUktaine? TWO and ePolish isn't enemy of eUA, we just want to have a normal conditions of NAP with eHungary. But eHun don't want to discuss normal NAP with us, because they think, that we are weak. So we show, that eUA is more strong, even more than we thought 🙂. We have no another way to show eHun our desire to have a paritet relationship.

Kuzynn Day 2,164, 12:15

Gtfo man. Nobody want ukraine traitors in TWO, lol.

m.soronn Day 2,164, 12:48

It's your position. But U aren't TWO. I hope that TWO have more smart member then U 🙂

Kuzynn Day 2,164, 13:09

ukraine is not to smart. u wanted to be in two but ure fighting with us, GJ

Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Day 2,164, 10:20


Do you mean, that if Ukr is pro TWO, so we must be wiped and be happy for that? OMG u r mad.

"This what you wanted - this what you get" MM

Pazelya Day 2,164, 10:25

Ukraine is fighting for Ukraine when we are threatened by bully neighbor. They broke their word twice last month, they gave us unrealistic conditions and we are bad in this situation?
If you were smart enough to look at our orders on first Slovakia fight... if... We are not fighting Slovakia who we like but giving them our regions for free 😉
And we are not fighting against TWO or for CoT 😃

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