The Questions and Answers Insider - Day 986

Day 986, 09:13 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

We once again try - and in most cases succeed - to answer your most important questions, which collected through several channels. Of course, as expected the Insider's comments is the most productive way to gather your questions and learn about your concerns. If there will still be something left buzzing your mind after finishing this article, don't hesitate to post your questions and we will try to answer it, as part of our secret project code-named AINABAIG (Admin Is Not A Bad And Indifferent Guy). So, here we go:

Question no 1: Tell us something about new languages and new countries.
Yes, as matter of fact we do have in our plans to develop a new pack of languages which will offer to an even larger base of our citizens the opportunity to enjoy eRepublik in their native languages. We sound too formal? OK, shortly said, yes, we'll add more languages, but can't tell right now when and which. As for new countries, we are working on expanding the eRepublik universe but this project will probably start this Fall because we want to be sure that everything else is working properly ‘till we make this changes.

Question no2: C`mon admin, prove us that you love us. Allow us a second migration.
Well, would you believe us if we'd tell you that actually we had the feeling that the huge banner urging everybody to migrate their skill wasn't, well, huge enough? Letting joke aside, there are a number of elements which make us think that would be “politically correct” to offer a second skill migrations, one of the reason being the fact that formulas and other things changed meanwhile. So, we have some good news for you: we will help you to migrate your skills the way you want them to be.
In the following weeks, our tech department will develop a new Migration Panel. We are sorry that it cannot be faster but this is a delicate movement and we want to be sure that it will be made perfectly. As usual, watch out for future Insiders.

Question no3: Why don't you ban the multiple-accounts in countries taken over political? Why don't you care about the little guys? 🙁

We do care about every country that's why we've done so many things against cheating, in general. And we are talking with numbers here, these are not just empty words: cheating drastically reduced in the past months, as a consequence of anti-cheating project. It is true that we only removed the money temptation, as money was the driving force in the vast majority of cases. If experience taught us something about this, is that somebody willing to cheat in elections won't be discouraged because somebody else was banned for this reason. So, we are using our resources in PREVENTING, not analyzing older elections, which would bring us no improvement. We are confident that pretty soon we'll have an anti-cheating solution in political world as well.

Question no 4: Why can't I change my company avatar?
This small issue should be fixed in the next days, or even tomorrow.

Question no 5: When are you going to solve the military module bug which skips turns?
We have already solved this, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Question no 6: About the job market..
Yes, overall the job market is working fine now. The job search filter still has an abnormal behavior, but not for long.

Question no 7: When will you put back the ban messages on profiles? We have no idea who is suspended and who is not!
We are aware of this and, as we speak, we are working to fix it. When the problem is solved we'll update you.

OK everybody, these would be one of the “hottest” topics nowadays. We know that there are a couple of questions about military module which are also pretty frequent. We'll answer them in one of our next Q&A Insiders. Until then, thanks for reading and remember: admin is NOT a bad guy 🙂

The eRepublik team

P.S. Stay tuned for the next Insider, in which we will discuss about your tickets’ situation and furthermore, we will share with you the most important results from the survey.