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The Princess Isabella of eBolivia Foundation - eAustria

Day 2,002, 07:04 Published in Austria Austria by Kurt Tucholsky

Foundation director: Princess Isabella

Administrator in eAustria: Kurt Tucholsky

Our new players need help, so this foundation is for helping them to grow up and stay in this game, they deserve this because they are the future of this country

Conditions to recieve our help:

- level between 15 and 25
- activity on the game
- for recieve the daily donation you must let your profile link by a comment to this article

If will pass more than 2 days without activity in the game the help will be sospended until you will return in the game
The daily donation will be 500 energy and 5 weapons Q7...

If you want to support this project just make a donation, all the donations will be used to helping the new players!

Kindly regards,
Vice Ministry of Culture
Spokesman of the Austrian Communist Party
editor-in-chief ingyenes antifasiszta 05 😉

Kurt Tucholsky


Schwrzwolf Day 2,002, 07:38

What is the relation of the eBolivian Princess Isabella to eAustria? And why does a communist like you support a monarch? It's a very noble thing to help our newbies though, so I approve of your efforts 🙂

eCentral Intelligence Agency Day 2,002, 22:48

Comment deleted

Kurt Tucholsky
Kurt Tucholsky Day 2,002, 07:41

..well, the princess may be a socialist too 😉

basically i think it is a good idea to give food to the poor, so i offcourse support this efford!

eCentral Intelligence Agency Day 2,002, 22:49

Comment deleted

eCentral Intelligence Agency Day 2,002, 22:49

Comment deleted

Gullberg Day 2,003, 10:13

The best action ever will be the ASM-Canteen by wschwabe!
Every young member of the Armed Forces of Austria gets free food for each kill.

But if it's trusty, this foundation is good too

Kurt Tucholsky
Kurt Tucholsky Day 2,003, 10:20

Yes, offcourse, praise the ASM-Kantine!!!

i just got my first bunch of ressources from the princess, ready to give it away!

just comment and/or write me a message.

Kurt Tucholsky
Kurt Tucholsky Day 2,003, 10:34

"Princess Isabella has transferred 25 Q7 Weapons to your storage."
"Princess Isabella has transferred 250 Q5 Food to your storage."

Sundassa Day 2,003, 11:41

please give me food and wepons!

Harzakc Day 2,003, 11:57

Princess Isabella has transferred 250 Q7 Weapons to your storage.

Vennorex Day 2,004, 05:40

Good job.We need this kind of stuff

McMarx Day 2,005, 14:35

ahoj 😉 I'd be with you here 😉

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