The power of words + 5000 000 damages

Day 2,772, 06:59 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea

Today, it's finished with my bad jokes, we can talk seriously about words ...

I saw the project of eFrance to make one NE on us, but what's the most important in the game ?

You have more mpp's ... ok
You have more big fighters ... ok

We will say the futur, ebelgium in this moment can't stay one week without any AS or NE.
We are aware now about that (thanks JC Van Damme).

But in this game, i believe that we can find an other power.
We can't buy this one with votes, with any money ! The freedom of words.

We know words can be important in this game.
Sometimes a country can have a bad or good reputation with actions from one player.

We can like you, we can hate you... but what's the important ?

You know, a good friend of mine once said it's more important to be honest with yourself and happy than popular.

If you want to play a role of a bad person, it's your liberty !
If you prefer to be a person who takes care about injustices... Just do it.

Okay we are in a game, but who said you are in the obligation to make something ?

we can find lot of screens of fighters ..." Hey you were in the other side" !
You already saw those screens in some shouts or articles : Shame on you ...

Sure ! I was. This game is bored with a big alliance who won everywhere.

Don't be angry ! You can just say :
hey you took a picture of me ? oh ! i'm flattered. You saw my smile too ?
Great news.

We can't do nothing in our corner but together we can create a beautiful building.

◊◊ You can read the article from Mittekemuis here ◊◊ We can't stay in silence. Words are important !

You are maybe lvl 300 + You are maybe a legende...
But What do you give to your community except damages ?

Take care about you and your words... we are just a piece here to make something...