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The Power of Japan!

Day 1,897, 03:45 Published in Japan Portugal by Lucifel

Good day to all Japanese,

I'm writing this article to bring the teamwork spirit towards our Country. As you know enthusiasm is a key factor for a country to continue driven towards their goals.

For those who are very young may not recall that Japan was under full occupation not many time ago. In those days, Japan had no congress and could not approve laws, except those that could be promoted by the CP who would be the only one voting.

We had no territories and we had also no Job Market that allowed our citizens to search for their own job inside our homeland. They would have to work for other countries and in the most cases they would be working for the enemy that had Japan occupated. These actions even allowed the occupating country to receive tax over your daily work deducted directly from your salary.

Without any land, we would have no benefit also from the Mutual Protection Pacts that we would sign, honoring our friends and the alliance we are part (Circle of Trust).

Looking from today we seem to have access to a lot of things we didn't have back in the days.

However this war is not over, and there are still non wanted occupators in our homeland that must and will be sent away.

So the message is clear to all:

Be Proud!

Be Japanese!

Best Regards,



Lucifel Day 1,897, 06:28

1st Denied!

All Hail Japan!

tarasino Day 1,897, 06:29

"However this war is not over,.... "

And yet it looks like the government considers the matter as closed. At least it is not showing much efforts and activity in that direction.

We are proud japanese but not proud of our government, my dear MoFA!

bobbySAURON Day 1,897, 06:30

Vote denied.

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,897, 06:34


"we seem to have access to a lot of things we didn't have back in the days."
Yet it feels like we lost some things we had back then...

LitoII Day 1,897, 09:05

Congrats, guys : P

Lucifel Day 1,897, 09:36

tarasino i cannot speak for the whole government but the effort that the people feel the need that we must pull to get the rest of the territories back is not something Japan can do just by his daily damage, we are in a alliance that gives aid and that we help in return.

These type of actions are dully noted and registered for the global welfare for all.

None the less i understand the arguments that are being pointed, if it was up to us we would already have all the land back. But global strategy and battles don't just go by our pretty eyes and we must respect and also step up to the stage when called to intervene.

tarasino Day 1,897, 10:00


Nobody is asking gov to ignore "the global strategy and battles" or save the world from global warming. Just, to show some signs that the fate of the occupied regions are indeed in its agenda. Thanks.

Lucifel Day 1,897, 10:29

That has been dully noted and i can also share this point of view for the CP as well.

I thank you in advance for it though.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,897, 13:50

May i recomend you one simple but a longtime action that could benefit us all? Send PM's to as much as you can MU commanders of COTWO country's, ask them for countribution in RW's when we started one of them, try to convince them to order theirs soliders to move and fight for us when they dont have immportant battles in their homeland, imagine what we could achive if we bring thousand or more fighters for RW?
We could finance at least partially giveaway for such matter.

Lucifel Day 1,898, 06:41

Certainly you may and if you can provide some of your influence to give in potential commanders to aid in this war effort.

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