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The new Work Tax - Do your companies make money?

Day 2,089, 09:23 Published in Argentina Canada by delete this
Goodevening WAM'mers,

I decided to calculate the "profitability" of companies taking into account the effects of the new "work tax". As most of you know to work your own companies you will now be taxed by your e-Country a certain amount of money. However, it seems that most countries have decided to reduce their income tax to 1% to minimize the effect of this new tax.

Countries that are currently reducing their income tax to 1% include Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, R.O.C. (Taiwan), Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, the U.K. and the Ukraine.

Below you will see a chart, based on today's bonuses, that calculates the profitability of all companies. I have taken into account:
1 - the new income tax rates that are being proposed in every country
2 - the fact that you need to buy Q5 Food (0.20CC) to cover the wellness required to work
3 - WRM is bought/sold for 0.04CC
4 - FRM is bought/sold for 0.02CC.

What I have NOT taken into account is the loss / profitability of having employees. I have only calculated the Work As Manager.

Furthermore, I have estimated the after-tax selling price of finished goods as follows.

Click here to enlarge.

The first column is that Tax you have to pay (in CC) to work a company. This is based on the simple formula "average salary * work tax". You can see the average salary and the work tax for your country under the economy tab in the country information menu.

The lower Q companies are mainly loss-making. I estimate that the market will balance itself out by having higher profitability on high Q raw companies.

It is interesting to see that the average wage in the Portugal is 41.64CC, in Lithuania it's 50.60CC and in the Philippines its 182.58CC!

The most expensive country is Ireland, the cost to work as manager in Ireland is 4.33CC per company!


P.S. Here is a picture of gogs17

Please feel free to add her.



IncognitoX Day 2,089, 09:24


THRAX and RUMELIAN Day 2,089, 09:25

always voting for the minoan academy kids

lef-7 Day 2,089, 09:26

Comment deleted

lef-7 Day 2,089, 09:26


dimikala Day 2,089, 09:26


onrop Day 2,089, 09:26

How did you calculate the avarage salary?

delete this
delete this Day 2,089, 09:28

eRep calculates it for you automatically. In Germany it's 9.79CC. You can see it at this link at the very bottom.

amalagos Day 2,089, 09:29


gogs17 Day 2,089, 09:40

am i a beautifull girl ?

Pacheeee Day 2,089, 12:05

You have one hell of an ass, that much I can tell from the picture.. No idea about the face though..

gogs17 Day 2,089, 12:20

would you like another pic of me ?

Pacheeee Day 2,089, 12:27

Sure, go for it girl! 🙂

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Day 2,089, 12:34

/me suspects gog17 is not a sexy lady at all ...

delete this
delete this Day 2,089, 15:04

after 10 beers gogs17 starts to look sexy. after another 20 beers gogs starts to look like a lady.

either way, please add her.

CRIS 99 Day 2,089, 13:20

sexy ,send me your phone number 🙂

gogs17 Day 2,089, 13:35

090 801 92 86 900

delete this
delete this Day 2,089, 15:04

check pm

gio2aleGR Day 2,089, 09:53


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,089, 09:55

It is now my understanding that Plato set the tax at 20% by default and that countries without a congress cannot change this.

Thanks for throwing us an anchor Plato. No bonus's, no control and no access.

hatz Day 2,089, 10:11


Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Day 2,089, 10:44

voted. awesome article

Dodona Day 2,089, 11:02

nice article

mikkce Day 2,089, 11:07

Buena info, pero me quedo con esa colita.....

Embajad0r Day 2,089, 11:44


vasspana Day 2,089, 12:24


eisenmutter2 Day 2,089, 12:37

haha oh wow

come to the philippines
work without any boni
pay a sh.tload of tax

eisenmutter2 Day 2,089, 12:42

Comment deleted

eisenmutter2 Day 2,089, 12:44

same goes for the others...

wtf are they doing - do they have like 10citizens and one of them is very benevolent and is paying like 500cc per day?

btw if i employ dead people and then "pay them" 20k cc for the lulz (should be able to input the number even if i don't have the cash - this would also prevent me actually paying this sh.t)

will this ("paying" wages i can't even afford) increase the average salary or does it only count when the employees are actually working?

eisenmutter2 Day 2,089, 12:48

in short: does anybody know how the "average" is calculated and what is included (just wages that were actually paid or do wages i have put in -but workers are ghosts who don't work- also count)?

Mamefabi Day 2,089, 12:47


Edna Uebel
Edna Uebel Day 2,089, 14:18

cant believe, that there shouldnt be any effect between producing food Q1 - Q3

Edna Uebel
Edna Uebel Day 2,089, 14:20

good work , thx anyway

the_mihai Day 2,089, 14:39

@Exalted Druid: the current work tax was based on the level pf the old income tax. So not standard 20%.

"most countries have decided to reduce their income tax to 1% to minimize the effect of this new tax."
- that's good for employees mostly, more money for them.
- that's good for manager, cheap wam

But is it good for the treasuries? Time will tell. : )
Countries like Poland, Serbia, Hungary will probably be able to do a decent amount of money in treasury but let's see if the others can support for treasury new mpps or supplies if they lower the tax to 1%, given the fact that it means in the same time 1% from employees and 1% from managers. Do they have enough manager to compensate the loss from income tax?

stronggrekk2 Day 2,090, 03:15


Plastiras Day 2,090, 03:57


blackguard76 Day 2,090, 12:22


AppleMan Day 2,091, 11:58

FYI, Ireland was in the process of reducing it's work tax which is now 1%. Feel free to update your sheet for us 😉

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