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The N. P. Gee didn't see that coming...

Day 1,619, 11:23 Published in Canada Canada by Muglack
(This is a satire. Don't take it seriously. DMY.)

First I saw this:

Then I sent this:

Then I got these:

Then I said this:

And of that resulted in this:

Sadly, even after trying to cheat the system, Plato still got the last laugh:



Rylde Day 1,619, 11:42

You need to update a final picture of the final results where he lost votes and is out now.

OLloyd Day 1,619, 12:19

Yeah and whatever muglak says is always true...Nice try you Rolo clown...Leave it to Muglac to mislead players. Mug could not vote for anyone that was not running outside of where he was running for congress already...And since mug bought 9 of his own votes I bet he would not have risked voting for someone else, Mug almost lost his seat as it was...

Wally Cleaver
Wally Cleaver Day 1,619, 12:22

OLloyd, learn the game mechanics. Even if you're running you can vote wherever you want in the country. Noob.

OLloyd Day 1,619, 12:26

Not if you want to get elected...Mr Waldo the guy who has trouble with math...Look at the mechanics of number buddy! Mug was close to losing his race as it is...And who would pay Mug for anything let alone his vote. He hasn't been a good player since Rolo put him on the payroll.

Wombatman25 Day 1,619, 12:26

This is bullshit.

You went from a (slightly funny) joke to a full-blown photoshopping story.

I did not buy votes, I did not send tanks.

I don't know what the hell your problem is Muglack but this is ridiculous.

Wally Cleaver
Wally Cleaver Day 1,619, 12:33

"Not if you want to get elected...Mr Waldo the guy who has trouble with math...Look at the mechanics of number buddy!"

You really need to start writing coherent thoughts.

Armour144 Day 1,619, 12:37

Call me crazy, but the 0 on the 20 weapons supposedly sent by Wombatman is a different 0 than in the other notifications. Its wider.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,619, 12:40

it's an obvious photoshop job, but I must be honest, it made me chuckle a bit.

Wombatman25 Day 1,619, 12:48

I just don't see why Muglack went to so much trouble to falsely accuse me...

I guess he's in bed with Rolo and the norsefire parties

AugustusV Day 1,619, 13:13

This was to be expected...

It's Muglack ffs. The anti-social troll literally lives in a forest in real life and has nothing better to do than use or photoshop to make pathetic smear efforts against people like Wombatman25.

It's not the first time Muglack lies, deceives and generally acts like a d**che.

Chamrajnagar Day 1,619, 13:24

And this is why we can't trust self-screenshots for the construction program...

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,619, 13:40

Smells like Photo-Editing Program.

Muglack Day 1,619, 14:10

The 0 in the one from wombatman isn't wider. I used the 0 from the weapons I got from Fuffalo and just took the 6 out. It does look wider for some reason though, which is weird, because the one I copied looks right.

I also included the gigantic TROLL sign at the bottom so people would realize it wasn't serious.

And for the record, I just used Copy/Paste in paint.

klop123 Day 1,619, 14:18

Can I have some CAD Muglack ^__^

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,619, 14:20

The fack are you getting 30k from fuffalo for?

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,619, 14:23

it's protection money Beeman...don't ask.

Muglack Day 1,619, 14:30

300k, not 30k.

And I keep my Pimp hand strong.

SaraDroz Day 1,619, 14:52

A judge would not fabricate evidence...

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,619, 15:45

This is why we need the supreme court

Uncorporated Day 1,619, 15:56

Can I borrow 80k? You know I'm good for it 🙂.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,619, 16:07

I really mad. Impeach him. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated. There is nothing funny about this. This leaves me very upset.

I offered Muglack 30 tanks and pair of Homers under shorts for his vote and was turned down flat .

Muglack Day 1,619, 17:20

I would of accepted your offer Exalted, but I knew it was a lie.

Homer is notorious for going Commando.

Code-Y Day 1,620, 04:11

That unseen troll sign.

Cataract Day 1,623, 18:27

Ahaha, gigantic, eh?

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