The most useless contest about most useless feature

Day 4,199, 12:38 Published in Latvia Latvia by AunsxOM


Today I was thinking, what is the most useless thing in this useless game, and after five hour soul searching I was able to narrow down the results I found to just one single thing. And to my surprise, it was not Lordsrbin.

At the moment (in my opinion, so it can`t be wrong) it is New Citizen Message law. When was the last time someone updated it, let alone read it? Exactly.

So to honor our fallen comrade who has served well but also has been abused as hell, I am organizing a contest. The rules are simple:

1. You must write in comments a New Citizen Message that you would like all new players to see.

“Hey, c***, stop making multies” will not be accepted, due to the fact that administrating multiple citizen accounts is prohibited via eRepublik Laws and thus it is impossible that someone can do that.

The prize pool at the moment is 90 000cc, and it will be split like this:
- Top three most voted comments each will get 15 000 cc
- My top three favorite comments will each get 15 000 cc

Donations for additional prizes are welcome.

Thank you for your attention and good luck in the contest.

Yours, sincerely
Minister of Useless Affairs

Prize pool increases:
You have accepted 50000.00 LVL from hafhaf.
You have accepted 1069.00 LVL from goLdeNNN.
You have accepted 10000.00 LVL from rainy sunday.
You have accepted 6666.66 LVL from draivis.
You have accepted 100000.00 LVL from Rokenrols.
You have accepted 7777.77 LVL from Meksis.
You have accepted 6969.00 LVL from Lordsrbin.
You have accepted 100000.00 LVL from UkrainianGuerrilla.
You have accepted 10010.00 LVL from BastovanSurcinski.
You have accepted 1979.86 LVL from Euea.

Prize pool will be split accordingly:
- 5 most voted comments each will receive 40 000cc
- my favorite 5 comments will receive 40 000cc

New comments can be made until D4201 02:00 eRepublik time
Voting will close at D4201 12:00 eRepublik time