The Most beautiful countries of eRepublik

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Hello dear readers.
I should write about tricks in newspaper,but admins removed many options for newspaper,so I don't have any tricks to write about it.
Few days ago,I saw interesting articles about most beautiful women of eRepublik.So,I got idea to make a competition about the most beautiful country of eRepublik.

In every article I will present 10 countries (by alphabetical order). Erepublik currently have 60 countries,so I will write 6 articles,one by every day.I will post most beautiful pictures that I have founded on Internet.You can vote by commenting name of most beautiful country on this article.In every article,three countries that will get most votes,will go to next round.So,in next round there will be 18 countries,and after that 9,until we come to our winner.

Today I will present you these countries:

-Bosnia and Herzegovina

First country is Argentina.
I have founded many great pictures of Argentina.I will present you few of them:


(Southern Andes)

(El Chalten)

(Park in Buenos Aires)

(Catedral de Bariloche)

(Buenos Aires)

(Puente de la Mujer - Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel)

(Buenos Aires)

Next country that I will present is Australia
Australia is the smallest continent on Earth,but one of biggest countries.Here are few pics that I have founded:

(Desert in South Australia)


(Beach at South Australia)

(Famous Sidney opera)


OK,we came to Austria.Austria is one small,but beautiful country.
Here are some pics:

(The Alps)


(Village of Marie Alm)

(Winter in Austria)

(Winter,old house)


One of the smallest countries that I will present.
I have founded many great pictures.
Here are few:

(Amazing forest in Belgium)



I have founded few great pictures of Bolivia.You can see them here:

(Isla de Pescado)

(Arbol de Piedra)

(Small city somewhere in Bolivia)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one beautiful country.I know that because I have been there for many times.

(Old city Mostar,Herzegovina)

(Somewhere in central Bosnia)


(Famous Bosnian Pyramid)

(Old bridge in Mostar)

(Waterfall in Jajce)

(Lukavac,lake near Tuzla)

Very big South American country.Have many beautiful places


(Copacabana again 😃 )

(Nice view,Central Brazil)

(Botanical garden)

(Bara da Tijuca)


Very interesting country.Have many beautiful places

(Veliko Tarnovo)

(Museum in Sofia)

(Vitosha Mountain, Sofia)


Very big country.I have founded many nice landscapes.

(Moriane Lake)

(Niagara waterfalls)

(Niagara waterfalls)



(Hockey festival)

(Mountain lake in Canada)

is a country in South America,I founded some great pics of it

(Santiago de Chile)

(Central Chile)

(La Portada)

(Old boat)

OK,if you saw all the pictures,now chose from these country that you've most liked.
Now,write name of that country in comments and don't forget to Vote and Subscribe 🙂

Thank you for reading