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The Masked Man, April Congressional Elections, and You

Day 1,981, 17:55 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

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People of the eUSA, the April elections are nearly upon us. Several articles have been published in the last few days about the Federalist Party Congressional list. The first by our Party President lists P/H Federalists selected to represent us in Congress this month. This article by Clint Carmel, speaks to the importance of voting for the Fed party line. I would like to concur with Clint in stressing the importance of exercising your right to vote wisely.

There is a sinister force lurking that has attempted to steal the mantle of our last truly great conservative president. It is a shallow facade that does not take long for most to see through. However my worry is for new players and recently reactivated players. I unknowingly joined the AFA for about five minutes after my recent zombification. I also happily accepted a friend request from this guy. I mean who doesn't like Ronald Reagan, the man who won the Cold War? Thanks to their recent PP drama, I was able to see I was in the wrong place, and join a party that makes me Proud and yes Horny.

As stated above,I want the new players and recent zombies to see the AFA for what they really are. Before they unknowingly help them with their insidious designs.

The American Freedom Alliance it sounds so patriotic, benign, innocuous,etc. RGR and his party try to hide behind a childlike disguise of innocence.

In reality RGR and his AFA are terrorists and PTO operatives from overseas trying to weaken and undermine us from within.

Ronald Gipper Reagan, Pizza the Hut, General Cartman Lee, Ajay Bruno......
his name should be Legion for he is many.

Who is Ajay Bruno/RGR? I will show you the man behind the mask and the many names.

What does Ajay Bruno/RGR want? I will show you.

What does that mean? One might ask.

I will tell you. Ajay wants power. He wants to be in charge of his party, his MU, and his nation. He will do anything to accomplish that goal, grant citizenship to our enemies to gain their support, have his congressional delegates actively seek to undermine the legitimate goals of the government, buy/intimidate voters,and shrink the pie. Ajay does not want noobs to join this game, thrive, and stay. Every successful noob is one more potential vote against him. One more threat to his goals.
The Federalist party on the other hand has a fairly different approach to the game.

From their free stuff for anyone program, Fed or Non-Fed. To their new MU Shield, which accepts and supplies anyone regardless of if they are Fed or not.
The choice is fairly easy when presented properly. One side wants you to blindly follow, or just quit. The other wants you to know the game, have all the resources you need to succeed in this game, and have fun playing. So please vote Fed this election they really do have you and the eUSA's best interests at heart. As an added bonus if you do Ajay will be unhappy.

It is said that a Federalist gets their wings when Ajay cries (OK, no it's not I just made that up, but it should be) as depicted by this triumphant ATO Fed warrior.

That is all I have for you, as I conclude I want to leave you with one final P/H thought.



bigcdizzle Day 1,981, 18:03


EnterAwesome Day 1,981, 18:27

I Loled! P/H

Joe Lansing
Joe Lansing Day 1,981, 19:20



AlexJ1890 Day 1,981, 19:47

\o/ P/H!

Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Day 1,981, 21:01


fingerguns Day 1,982, 06:15




Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,982, 12:14


joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,982, 12:43

lol good article, I enjoyed it

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Day 1,983, 07:16

Great Stuff!!!

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 1,983, 14:22

The articles you and fingerguns do are fantastic I'm just trying in my small way to measure up.

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