The Man who Knew Too Much:

Day 5,934, 12:29 Published in USA USA by Roger the Shrubber

Roger the Shrubber for Congress?

Times have changed since I once graced the halls of the state building.
The forum is irrelevant and many prominent political figures appear absent.
Are political factions even relevant now? Some of the mercenaries are more organized than the eGovernment.

The issues:
The current administration has been focused on creating wealth, through battle hero medals. You can see from my 200+ medals that this has worked out well for me.
However, it has come to my attention that the mercenaries would like extended campaigns. These are the largest special interest groups in the game. They can't be ignored. I've been commander of 3 militias and I know the thrill of organizing a campaign. I will insist on more.

I would, also, like to relive some stress on our immigration system. Why is it so damn esoteric?
Any congress member should be allowed to approve citizenship. Just have them answer some basic questions and issue a certification. A congress member can no longer approve 500 people. So, the issues that made it so restrictive no longer plague us. I would recommend a new immigration standard.

That's why I'm seeking a congressional nomination from my party. I realize that the military is more of an executive issue, but congress has some influence as well.
Please support Roger the Shrubber for Congress.