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The Macedonian Conflict

Day 1,888, 10:15 Published in Belgium Belgium by Stephen Reikenburg

I'm here in Eastern Macedonia, fighting the Greeks. It's been a long haul but we appear to have made a slight advance, pushing the Greeks out. More great news, I've been promoted! I'm now Luitenant Reikenburg. That's all for now!

Luitenant Reikenburg
Eastern Macedonia



Rojtari Day 1,888, 11:39

Are you from Macedonia?

Stephen Reikenburg
Stephen Reikenburg Day 1,888, 11:58

Nope. I'm from Belgium

Stephen Reikenburg
Stephen Reikenburg Day 1,888, 11:59

Just got transferred here in order to help our ally.

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,888, 12:14

Stephen, a small advice cause travel costs might get high. You don't have to move to fight if that country has an MPP (Mutual Protection Pact) with your nation.

Example: Macedonia has an MPP with Belgium.
You can fight for Macedonia while living in Belgium.

But congratz on the promotion and keep on writing!

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,888, 12:49

Finally we stopped Greek advance!

Stephen Reikenburg
Stephen Reikenburg Day 1,888, 12:50

Yes but I'm mainly focusing on the Macedonian/Greek war. It therefore saves me money as i spend less when i go into Greece for an invasion.

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