The Little Nation That Could

Day 718, 12:32 Published in USA USA by Gaius Julius
Power is no blessing in itself, except when it is used to protect the innocent.
Jonathan Swift

So a lot of you know that other nations sacrificed a lot for us during the great war. Switzerland blocked France for a number of days in order to give Canada and the US room to maneuver in an attempt to turn around the war. In the end our valiant allies were swallowed whole by the cruel Hungarians. However after buying back some regions and some tough diplomacy on their part the Swiss nation has been resurrected. However this is not the Switzerland we remember of old. The Theocrats have moved to South Korea (I hear its nice there) and a group of caring internationals and RL swiss have been left to rebuild their nation. This is where our story starts.

The People
The current President of Switzerland, Eleriel, is very ambitious about the prospects of his nation. He is working night and day to stabilize the Swiss economy, create an army and maneuvering through a difficult diplomatic situation. However this is a tough task for one person and even for a vibrant community of 150 people. The Swiss have the ambition and the plans to get their country going again but they simply do not have the means.

The Problem
The problems of the Swiss can all be traced to their current monetary crises. Essentially there is a lot of CHF (the Swiss currency) in circulation. A chunk is held by the current government, a number of goons and even a few Theocrats. This means that there is way too much CHF on the Swiss monetary market. For those of you that do not know, governments generate the bulk of their gold revenue by selling the currency they get in taxes. However due to the mass of CHF on the market the Swiss government cannot establish any reasonable peg or even sell any CHF.
This means the Swiss govt faces a sort of catch 22, they need to control the flow of CHF and set a peg, this means often they buy CHF offers to prevent the value from completely sinking. However this drains them of gold they desperately need to sign MPP's and carry out other basic govt functions.

The Solution...YOU
President Eleriel has taken a good deal of my advice on this issue and many and I am extremely optimistic about the direction Switzerland is going. Prime Minister Duncan of Canada has already offered a great deal of support to Switzerland and has asked me to advise him on how best to go about helping Switzerland. Furthermore I personally bought about 25 gold worth of CHF off of the market and plan to hold onto it till the Swiss can stabilize their currency. However the key to helping the Swiss is not President Eleriel, not a large countries government and certainly not me. The best person to help Switzerland is you. Now you may ask how you can help the Swiss,? well I have worked up a list.

1.) Donate spare change (CAD, USD, HUF .1 gold) to the Swiss National Bank, make sure it is this official one>>
2.) Write articles of support for Switerland and tell your friends about this good cause.
3.) Pressure your senator or the US govt to support Switzerland, be it with economic aid or an MPP for the future.

In the time I have gotten to know the Swiss I have found them to be an amazing community. They are no different then you or me. They have shown that they will fight for us and we must be willing to look after them. The US has been blessed with immense wealth and resources, what good are these resources if we squander them on ourselves? if we can't give a few extra USD to a good cause? What message does it send to other allies that fight for us, when we can't help those weaker than us?


-Gaius Julius
Friend of the Swiss (especially Domiboss)