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The Leader of the Opposition.

Day 1,787, 14:15 Published in North Korea China by Kim Will Sing

We need only one Leader to fight the actual government but we are divided...

-> Bob Wu runs for the Party President of Cipher Lead the Way
-> KimJungUn runs for the Party President of Worker's Party of North Korea
-> Kim Young runs for the Party President of North Korean Democratic Party
-> A r a g o r n runs for the Party President of Korean

But who wants to be THE Leader of the Opposition?

Divided we will lose, united we will win!

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A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,787, 14:28

Right after the previous elections I have asked all the opposition players to unite and support me on the next elections but I respect their decision to candidate their self for party president. It's their democratic right o/

A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,787, 14:33

And if you have noticed 2 parties are deleted ....
That can only mean one thing ... The Chinese are uniting against the growing opposition

Knight of Brutality
Knight of Brutality Day 1,787, 16:44

We will unfortunately never accept to give the power of leader to someone unless he can prove that he is the real leader we all need! So for now I guess everyone is on the run for it!

Commander Kim
Commander Kim Day 1,787, 16:58

Well, you guys, I think that if the Opposition wins, we'll see the true character of the winner. However, I support Bob Wu, Kim Young, and A r a g o r n, so if any of you win, I would like to work with you in the future.

KimJungUn Day 1,787, 17:49

1st. thanks for putting me on the list
2nd. commander kim i don't see why you don't support me
3rd. lets say kim young wins nkdp and i win wpnk i would endorse who they endorse so china won't run north korea again

Knight of Brutality
Knight of Brutality Day 1,787, 19:05

We should seize control of all party than we could have a real election!

Commander Kim
Commander Kim Day 1,787, 19:25

KimJungUn: I just haven't seen enough from you yet to endorse or support you. I'm sure we could work together in the future.

Lord Elrond Hubbard
Lord Elrond Hubbard Day 1,787, 20:58

I would gladly support you, if someone would accept my citizenship request.

Kim Will Sing
Kim Will Sing Day 1,788, 03:59

@Edward The Riddler Nigma
If we don't win any president party because we are divided we can forget the real election.

KimJungUn Day 1,788, 14:21

@Brandon Purvis we have no congress yet so sorry but you could help our RW so we will have more congressmen (hopefully) in the next elections

A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,788, 16:23

KimJungUn why don't you put an avatar. You now, it's very easy. Just go on edit profile and put some picture.

Every junior account who "knows" that much and have no avatar, is multi account by my standards .... sorry

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,789, 06:41

Thanks for your endorsement Kim Will Sing.
I'd honestly say that me, commander kim, and Kim Will Sing are most qualified to lead the opposition.
Aragorn is great, but he won't have a chance at the win.
That's the problem.
And KimJungUn, I haven't seen enough of you to endorse you, so put yourself out there a bit.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,789, 06:42

Oh, I like Kim Young as well, but it doesn't seem that we, the people of the commoner's revolution like him.

KimJungUn Day 1,789, 09:01

we should try getting people to retire from the party president elections so we have a better chance in winning.

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