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The Killah Times - Pre Production Page

Day 1,195, 17:26 Published in USA USA by John Killah

Song featured in this article: Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold

What is this monstrosity of a picture? 😮

Well you see, the other day I figured i’d go read through some of my older articles. It was a fun exercise, looking into the mind of how I used to be and how/what I used to write about, and I figured we could have a little moment of going back in time and have a moment of JK’s old style 😁!

Back in the big chair

Ok, so big boy trousers are now on, and we’re back in the Big Chair once more … I HOPE this is Maple Syrup that Code’s left on the arm, I’ll have greeling lick it clean since he won’t care if it is syrup or … other things.

Thank you for placing your confidence in me for this term, rest assured it certainly won’t be a repeat of my last one - There have been very few times when I have been as focused in this game as I am now. Imagine it like being Israel Stevens and having to stay sober for a couple of weeks … the gusto in which he’d down a drink after that roughly sums up how I am feeling about this party right now.

We DID have a slight embarrassing hiccup yesterday. In leadership, we have this “common sense” thing, where we all try and make sure we’re on the ingame PP Ballot to make sure we don’t lose the top spots that have the most visibility to the 2-clickers in the party, and to ensure if any of us do run for the job, we’re high up and the others can drop to bump them up.

Largo, forgot the latter half of that yesterday. I don’t bear it against him of course … I’ve accidently done the same thing in the past and cost votes. All that is to blame is a small lack of communication, a forgetful-brain moment, and the way Plato changed the system a while back. A hiccup, nothing sinister … Put them tin-foil hats away 😁

Who’s Who?
I mentioned in my announcement article that I would be keeping the cabinet kinda the same with a few movements here and there. I’ve always been a fan of preparing people in as many facets of the party as possible, and sometimes that has meant moving them outside their comfort zone … It’s how most of us learnt in the past - Being thrown in at the deep end and told we have 5 minutes to make it to Point B, or be left behind … we either sink or survive.

I’ll mainly mention the bigger changes in the roster since that’s an easier way than just announcing the entire cabinet with blurbs -

Dave Gulya becomes Chief of Staff!
Taking over from my position last month, Dave has taken the next step in his party career. It’s usually common knowledge that people who become Chief of Staff in AMP are being given the chance to prove and learn how to be a future leader for the party. That is exactly what I had in mind when I offered Dave the job. He has a very bright future ahead of him, and I can honestly see him have a couple of Party Presidential terms himself in the future. This is his stepping stone to AMP Greatness.

Frank1296 fills the Communications void!
Frank was Dave’s deputy in the Communications Department and I have been assured that he is more than ready by Dave (Which is good praise since it’s rare to hear Dave praise someone 😁). The guy is more than willing to do what is easily one of the most thankless jobs in the party and is usually a pain in the butt … But he’s raring to chomp at the bit and I’m glad he has the opportunity.

Code-Y jumps to a department … Educating!
Taking a departmental job after being Party President can sometimes feel like you’re taking a step down., It’s never easy vacating the chair and then taking the orders from someone else. However, I have 100% faith in Code that he will not be in the slightest bit bothered and will instead just focus on educating our younger members and helping them down their individual paths to glory within the party.

The only department that isn’t being represented at the moment, is the Retention Department. However, I plan on instead making that a Leadership-Wide job this month and delegating their tasks to everyone, including myself. To round out the list of the cabinet -

In Media: Our Director will remain BombSquad (Who has been phenomenal) helped by his Media team comprising of people such as Officer Friendly (Love that guys stories).

In Recruitment: Piggy Boot will remain as Director. He has presided over a great jump in party numbers and is constantly looking at new ways of enticing new players to join our party.

And Finally PAC: I think this is basically Evry’s home at the moment. He does the job just fine and I don’t see any reason to be changing that just yet.

In closing

This month, I hope will be marked by a great display of activity and creativity from not just our leadership, but from the party as a whole. I promise to have another article out in roughly 4-5 days from now (Next Wednesday-Thursday) with a host of new information etc … Including the return of AMP RADIO! (SAY WHA-!)

If you’re in the party and are looking to get involved in leadership, drop me a PM and we’ll talk to the department’s and see who we can let you loose on :3!

But for now … BOOBS! -

REDUX :3 Kaylee Carver for ya’ll.

The man of Integri … who am I kidding, i’m just a joker really



Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,195, 18:46

Good article, *thumbsup.jpg*

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,923, 15:10

Much respect JK!

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