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Day 1,779, 09:24 Published in North Korea North Korea by Kim Jong Paek

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is guided in every aspect of the Juche Idea, the author of which is the President Kim Il Sung.
The Juche Idea means, in short, that the architects of the revolution and construction are the masses of the people and that these are also the driving force of the revolution and construction.
The Government of the DPRK firmly holds the Juche in all fields of revolution and construction.
Establishing the Juche means to pose makers towards the revolution and construction in their country. Means maintaining a point of view independent and creative in finding solutions to the problems that arise during the revolution and construction. In other words, it implies the resolution of these problems principalmete through their own efforts, in accordance with the actual conditions of their country.
The realization of the Juche in ideology, independence policy, in economic self and autonomy in national defense is a principle that the government is constantly pursuing.
It is an immutable policy of the Government of the Republic, led the Juche Idea, to treasure the Juche type character and national identity, preserve them and make them fully.

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TurtleShroom Day 1,780, 13:32

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Kim Jong Paek
Kim Jong Paek Day 1,781, 09:55

what do you mean? here we aren't talking about white or nigger!!!! we are talking on True Corea and his Great Socialist Government

Kim Jong Paek
Kim Jong Paek Day 1,782, 11:46

why you have the photo of MASSIMO D'ALEMA? are you italian? me too

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