The interview series of French personality : desperados51.

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Hello everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to interview some players from eFrance, eFrance is a little country but which has its history, its people... I want to let you discover how eFrance is. That's why, this interview is the first but not the last in order to share with you a part of our living and also how eFrench people perceive the eWorld.

Interview with : desperados51.

1. Hello desperados51, first could you introduce yourself to the readers ?

First off all, thanks to give me the oportunity to be interviewed in your great newspaper.

I’m Desperados51 a not that old player but on erepublik since Jul 23, 2010. I started playing this game because I love “society builder” games and I hoped to find one with a great and huge community.
First, I try to do what I’m supposed to be good at, economy. But I started under the V2 rising so economy was not as interesting as it was compared to the beginning of eRepublik. I was a little bit disappointed by the game but I found out a great community.
That’s why I kept playing and that I’m still here.

2. What do you think about the evolution and changes of eRepublik ?

I said that I’m not that old … But enought old to say that it was better before 🙂
Admin have one goal (and it’s understandable) : Earn more money. In order to achieve it, they need many players and especially many players willing to pay.
Every update have been made in order to make the game easier for the new players and make new feature available only with gold (=>so people feel force to spend money to enjoy the game).
I think that they are doing it wrong because they just forgot that their game is nothing without the community. And the community stay for the community but also for the game’s interest. All the old player I know don’t find any interest anymore :
- The newspaper module is bad (no ranking, no MMM even for good journalists)
- The economical module is bad (One money, WAM, Bot, etc …)
- The political module is bad (One system, TOP5 party only, …)
- The military module is bad (Even a baby with a CC can make more damage than the top fighter …)

3. As a French player, could you tell us how you see eFrance in this eWorld ?

You will say that I’m a fucking frog but eFrance in the eworld is in the midle of the shit. As you can notice on the map, eFrance is between the One alliance and the Terra alliance.
So when Terra + Eden work well, eFrance feels good (Bonus etc...) and when it’s not the case, you no longer find eFrance on the map.
So, eFrance is undoubtly an important key for ressources with those two rubbers and often is a war zonewho brought the intrest of enemies.

4. What are the countries you love the most ?

It’s a war game so every country is a potential enemy. But as a good French, I love Germany and Portugal. I love UK, Belgium and Italy too and I’m sad that West European country cannot find a way to work more together.
I love Hungary also because my eWife Anna Tolasi is from there.

5. You told us you are involved in the French politics, can you tell us how it is ? Do you have a good story to tell ? A bad experience ?

French politics sucks for the moment. The TOP5 party are only intrest in making more and more members are so demagogic. They pretend they want to welcome everyone, that everyone should participate... But none of them really bring any project ideas. The result is a politic scene without any debate so no opinion-sharing. And a government without good people but tasteless...
People follow the rules when it comes for the congress, it often gives a congress which isn’t intresting.
eFrance is becoming a sort of theocracy.
My good story in politics is my first contact with “Des Bisous Partout”. I appliedfor thefirst time and I was trolled by all the “Bisounours”. Not realy a bad experience … It’s a game !

6. How do you see the eFrance’s future ?

I believe that most of the babies, who came from the last babyboom, will stop playing the game because they can’t find any intrest in the MU / Political party they joined.
I believe that, after a Terra/Eden era, One will reborn so eFrance will be quickly erased... 🙁

7.Who are your favorite personalities in eFrance ? Who are, for you, the persons who helped eFrance the most ?

Of course if I come with a top 10, a lot of player will be disapointed… so, sorry forthem :
- My e-family who rox (Anna Tolasi, Fanette, oTilko, Radiche, Khenalis, Valgarone, Lechtii, Multany)
- Flasck (one of the most appreciated player that all french love)
- Kicker78 the best MOD ever and maybe one of the most humble.
- Pomponette and Maddog the Chillax MU leaders and all the Chillax members.
- LaBoudeuz and Nitenshi the most sexy girl in erep.
- The Fucking CaryBear Team (AllezSki, Asiah, Palu, Robocal, Don Tosca and the others, even Yeyael )
- The PK Team !
- Yakou the only “CA” man I respect 🙂

And … You the only big tank I know, with a big heart too.

8. Do you have any idea on how to improve eFrance politics and in overall ?

Of Course, eFrance need more, better and true political parties. And the only way to get them is to change the TOP5 composition. We need the PK into the Top5 because, it’s the only party with ideas, RP and a different approach. We also need some lulz party like “Des Bisous Partout” or “Paynis” because it’s serious, it’s a game. And we need real serious party like “CDVCD” because we haveto debate. In fact, we need to rebuild the actual TOP5 🙂

9.Is there any message you want to tell to our readers ?

I don’t think that anyone will read this interview untill here. But if it’s the case, I can give you a kiss from my daughter Fanette 😉

10. A color, a music, a book, a movie, a taste, dedications ?

Red, L’internationnal, Le petit livre rouge 😉


I hope you enjoyed the lecture, learnt intresting things about eFrance and I wish you to have fun and see you for the next interview !

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