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The Inconsistencies with the Pro-Phoenix route

Day 1,012, 22:15 Published in Australia Australia by Tim_Holtz

There has been alot of anti-EDEN and pro-Phoenix media in the last few days i hope this can clear up the issues

If we become Pro-Phoenix we will get control of the country back

This has been said many a time however there is not a shred of evidence save Bass Junkies word. Someone who left eAustralia in its time of need to join the eUK which is at this moment is our enemy. AnD is not run by Phoenix. It’s a group of Indonesians privately running a PTO op. We have no guarantee that the PTO will stop if we become Pro-Phoenix.

We will get WA back eventually through negotiations.

Excuse me? The only time we have ever been in control of WA was at the start of the game and the multiple times EDEN has spent tanking for us to keep/take it. Indonesia has never given WA back peacefully in the history of this game. If you think Indonesia will give up their new most valuable region then well I don’t think you’re in a mental position that’s ready to decide the fate of the Nation.
Negotiations also imply that we will have to give something away. Like Northern Territory or money (remember we are broke atm). Remember Russia? They were a Member of PEACE and Hungary and Indonesia actually made them pay ALOT of gold to get back the Urals and Western Siberia which are Russian home territories.

EDEN has forgotten us and are just using us.

At this moment there are hundreds of EDEN ATO units with Australian Citizenship. Every Month they work to get as Many Senators in as possible, keeping our current Parties from PTO, getting our Candidate in as President.
Using us? EDEN doesn’t need us. They can work fine without us yet they still help us. They are still helping us even though we have nothing to give them. We don’t even have a country yet they are still helping us. Indonesia is our enemy. Who is helping us fight them EDEN or Phoenix?

EDEN are planning to PTO us because we are starting to question them

If they had enough People with Australian citizenship to PTO us then we wouldn’t be under a PTO by AnD. *sigh*
Plus I’d like to see any evidence before randomly going on some kind of EDEN hate rampage. This is either trolling or propaganda to try to turn the population anti-EDEN.

Trying to keep this nation from being traitors and scum



Seisan Day 1,012, 22:32

I agree fully with this. eSA is in the exact same position you guys are in and we still fight on. I know you eAussies would never be so quick to give up and just join Phoenix; you're stronger than that. Keep up the fight!

discrate1 Day 1,012, 22:43

EDEN has forgotten us and are just using us. = fact.

discrate1 Day 1,012, 22:44

Where is your evidence tim that Bass CAN'Tget the country back, other then "he hasn't told us"

scottty the NUKE Day 1,012, 22:46

Comment deleted

Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie Day 1,012, 22:48

1. You have no idea what I have done behind the scenes, absolutely no idea, so please stop spreading your filthy lies.
2. WA has been more harm than good - it's what started this mess in the first place. I'm sure we can work something out at a later date, but why the hell would you be worried about WA when we don't even have the rest of the country? That's just moronic.
3. The EDEN "ATO" is a token gesture, and they threatened us with the use of the ATOers against us at a later date if we decided to join Phoenix. Not exactly something friends would do.
4. I take it you haven't seen the things Poland can do? Probably not because you are naive and living in a closed EDEN propaganda world.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 22:49

where is basses evidence that he can. we are expected to believe that us magically becoming pro-Phoenix will all of a sudden make the PTO go away. yeah right

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,012, 22:52

Bass ruins eAustralia (IRC Channel) from the inside = Fact.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 22:53

1. filthy lies? lol this is exactly my point. you havent said anything your just bullshitting and you expect everyone to believe you. btw excellent ad hominem
2. no Indonesia conquering us and then when they are out played PTOing us using multi accounts is what got us here. dont twist the facts
3. evidence again we have to rely on your word alone. and its not exactly a reliable one seeing as your planning on making us all into traitors
4. if Poland was willing to do those things we wouldnt be PTOed atm. logic fail

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 22:56

russia doesn't pay anything for getting their region..
they just give PEACE some golds to attack the region.. and for the tanking funds it's directly from national bank of indonesia and other peace nations..

russia pay alot for urals and WSR = LIE

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 22:57

>Indonesian Citizen


Martabak Ostin
Martabak Ostin Day 1,012, 22:58

EDEN has forgotten us and are just using us. = fact.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:01

Ostin lol this just proves that im right

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:02

indonesian MoD right now.. hehe

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:03

and i joined in the campaign for freeing russia.. and i know where the money goes.. 🙂

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:05

and i believe you or any other Indonesian because?

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:09

because i'm parking in #ausrep.. \o/

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:10

that makes me believe you why?

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:11

because MM said if there's indonesian in ausrep, they're good indonesian.. \o/

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:13

do you support the PTO of Australia? if your answer is yes then your not a good Indonesian

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:21

neutral.. \o/
i don't know about the WA RW.. because i'm still in hibernate mode in that time.. so i don't want to judge other country for what i didn't feel.. \o/

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:24

ok answer this then. at this current time do you approve of AnD taking control of eAustralia?

its not a difficult question

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:28

hmm.. if aus don't write so many bad things about indonesian in general.. i will totally disagree with AnD.. but when i see lot of article judging all indonesian is bad.. hmm.. i remain neutral.. i don't support it (i have good friends in eAus).. but i don't see it as a thing that must be stopped (because indonesian was judged by eAustralian as bad ppl)..

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:29

its only due to Indonesians PTOing and not giving our territories that we are writing bad things about you 😕 you conquer us and PTO us effectively destroy us and then get upset when we dont like it and get angry

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:33

but i see the bad things eAus write on the article as the reason why the AnD PTOing eAus.. actually someone says about eAus is backstabbing and many other things but i don't feel it directly so in the start of AnD i disagree with them.. but as so many bad article about indonesian.. i can't tell which side i am.. it's better for being neutral.. \o/

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,012, 23:39

I think we need to grow the &%%$$# up. Atm we deserve to be pto'd....

Eventually people will realize that this is a game and start playing it like one.

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:42

hi larni o/

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:45

exactly its a game and phoenix is more than happy to lie and cheat to win. this is against everything Australians are.

silentrazgriz Day 1,012, 23:53

about lie and cheat.. eden do the same too tim.. hehe
remember skynet? 3000++ poland bots in argentina? 3000++ in serbia? and more in many country even in poland.. ( 🙂 )
phx 'cheats' is nothing if u compare it to that bots..

Tim_Holtz Day 1,012, 23:59

pot kettle black

Irvan Putra
Irvan Putra Day 1,013, 00:11

Yeah, so many bad articles about Indonesian (in RL!) are the reason I have my AnD avatar 😎

Tim_Holtz Day 1,013, 00:16

have you done anything do try to despell the things we are saying about you? your still PTOing us, your still using multi accounts in multiple nations near Indonesia.

Frontu Mohr
Frontu Mohr Day 1,013, 00:28

I will never let eAustralia be on the same team as eIndo. Ever.

Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Day 1,013, 00:32

well you said 'phoenix is more than happy to lie and cheat to win'.
How about poland? They are part of eden and they are cheaters. So what are you going to called those poland bots then? Your honorable ally?

Tim_Holtz Day 1,013, 00:34

i dont condone Indonesia or Poland. just because poland does it does not make it acceptable to do. stop trying to justify cheating

Blank Keating
Blank Keating Day 1,013, 00:36

You have not been forgotten, Australia!

Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Day 1,013, 00:44

and stop calling PHEONIX and us cheaters if you can't prove it

Pyralissa Day 1,013, 00:48

Phoenix only wants Australia to join them so that you would be given a nation in name. In reality, for as long as you remained a member of that alliance, you would simply be a resource haven for Indonesia. How many Indonesian presidents have banned for multiaccounting? Phoenix has only it's own greedy interests in Australia. EDEN may not be white knights immune from all cheating and greed but at the very least EDEN does not prey on it's own members, or simply ignore their own written agreements (France and Hungary, Russia's quietly buying WSR back from Indonesia).

Do not become the next Vichy France.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,013, 00:48

only 4 Candidates. Sandygee was removed because of large numbers of multi accounts used in the elections

Irvan Putra
Irvan Putra Day 1,013, 01:05

Conflicts in game never justify RL conflicts Tim_Holtz 😑;

Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Day 1,013, 01:09

Yeah right.. 3 days after the election eh? Only eGod knows what happened

Tim_Holtz Day 1,013, 01:10

um eGod told u in the forums i linked it to you lol

James Kim
James Kim Day 1,013, 01:10

Phoenix won't give any high resource region to a weaker country such as Australia even if you join them. They only care about their stronger members with large populations and armies.
I know this because China tried really hard to join PEACE GC on the condition that we get at least one of our high iron regions back. Guess what, that didn't happen because we were weaker than Iran thus deserved none of the high irons.

Evi1Guy Day 1,013, 01:22

Look at all the eIndo scum supporting this idea. That speaks volumes.

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,013, 01:48

EDEN has forgotten us and are just using us. = fact. PHOENIXMAXX!!!

Tim_Holtz Day 1,013, 01:51

>Rowan Quigley
>Canadian citizen


vatana Day 1,013, 02:19

The Ghost of CrowdedHouse
The Ghost of CrowdedHouse Day 1,013, 02:30


Tim_Holtz Day 1,013, 02:32

whats that ghost? Phoenix killed a true Australian patriot?

The Ghost of CrowdedHouse
The Ghost of CrowdedHouse Day 1,013, 02:35

/sobs...... yes

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