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The guy that wants to be POTUS

Day 1,781, 08:21 Published in USA Ireland by Technician

Quote from Henry Arundel,

So, pull your heads out of your asses, stop BH hunting, or hitting the NE battle for the extra rank points, and fight where you can do some actual good. I'm not attacking you. I'm calling out Reala and whoever is actually running things over there. This isn't directed at anyone who doesn't have 'General' in their title somewhere.

This guy is not the friend of anybody that is in the eUSA Military.
He will stab you in the back, he has done it before.



Technician Day 1,781, 08:25

I rather gargle cat piss. "Great Quote"

vasspana Day 1,781, 08:35

Sorry but I can't see where is he wrong?

bigcdizzle Day 1,781, 08:46

Normally I stand up for the JCS boys in this stuff, but I honestly don't understand this one. Sure he's rude, but wanting people to fight where they're needed isn't really a travesty.

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,781, 09:06

i agree

BarnicleStinson Day 1,781, 12:09

I don't see how this is backstabbing.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,781, 12:13

I'm in the eUS military and I agree with pfeiffer on this subject. And not just the eUS military, the entire nation of MU's need to do the same. This is not a bad thing he is doing, trying to organize damage and swing it in a measurable way. I do not agree with Pfeiffer often, so this should tell you something.

Technician Day 1,781, 12:39

The point is we always did fight back then, where we should of.
We were blamed for everything.

I am sorry I just do not like this guy and will not vote for him.

fingerguns Day 1,781, 13:05

"I am sorry I just do not like this guy and will not vote for him."


This is where yours are.

Tormannosaurus Rex
Tormannosaurus Rex Day 1,781, 13:29

It has been a long time since Pfeiffer was in a position to backstab the eUS military; it has been good honest frontstabbing of late. And usually needed.

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,781, 16:15

"I am sorry I just do not like this guy and will not vote for him. "

So you want the US to be screwed and PTO'd? Seriously?

One should put selfish pride aside when our country is in danger. It was cool back then to hate Pfeiffer but it's getting old now.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,781, 19:56

Contrary to popular belief, NE does boost influence by 10%, but it does not boost RP.

jadiv Day 1,782, 06:42

When Pfeiffer and his band of perhaps 2 dozen elites can envision and create a foreign and military policy that is in the interest of the wider eUSA, rather than in the interest of of providing lulz for that limited group, it will be followed. Until then I will vote for someone else and if the elites conspire to limit my choices, I will vote for the reamining opposition, who ever that might be.

Candor Day 1,783, 03:40

"create a foreign and military policy that is in the interest of the wider eUSA"

Are there still those who haven't read the memo on CTRL? It does indeed have our best interests at heart. We're trying to pull out of the never ending Balkan rut.

Although, I'd caveot that this much: I'll never abandon Albania. Ever. FFL. But while we'll send them support, that will be their sphere. We're going elsewhere for awhile.

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