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The Great Barbie Crisis

Day 1,863, 16:29 Published in USA Japan by Kaptain Kidd

OK, OK so it's the media module. It's not the greatest tool in the game, infact it blows. Vote buying kills whatever, but I always tell new players there is always a point. The first thing I always say is write what you know, it makes it easier. This is one of those.

Yea that barbie. My niece is 3 years old now and I've built every toy she's got for 3 years. This year I built a barbie camper/van. Fixed it 3 times in 2 days as certain snap in pieces just simply unsnapped, all good fun. Today with some of having to work tomorrow went home (I unfortunately live 200 miles from my niece). It was horrible. She got a barbie dream house for christmas.

She wasn't allowed to take it out of the box at mom's because they were afraid of losing pieces. Now they're home and omg who's going to put it together, she needs uncle 'me'. Btw I was also warned yesterday while I was fixing the camper I'm not allowed to play with her barbies. I dunno, maybe I'll have to take a New Years vacation to build a barbie dream house, could be worse things to do.

Your Goddess,



Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,863, 16:57

Sounds like a plan!

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,863, 17:45

Uncle Goddess? xD

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,863, 18:01

I stopped buying barbie stuff for my twin girls after the first "build it" episode, lol, you are a good uncle : )

Candor Day 1,863, 18:34

Voted, funny stuff.

Waruda Day 1,863, 18:35

Can't wait for the Barbie lunar module !!

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,863, 18:36

What's funny Candor, I'm being totally serious although lighthearted.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,863, 18:38

Pics of Aeriala assembling barbie dreamhouse please : )

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,863, 20:54

Because idk what you look like, Aeriala, I'm imagining a gorilla sitting cross-legged building that Barbie dream house xP

LordRahl2 Day 1,864, 05:00

voted for truth

Just smile back
Just smile back Day 1,864, 07:29


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,864, 07:40

Little girls today want an X-Box 360 for Christmas, not an useless Barbie house.

DariusReg Day 1,865, 02:53

tablets are the future

Illusive Serb
Illusive Serb Day 1,865, 13:57

Uncle Goddess? xD

Must be one of those anime "gender confusion" things.

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