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The Government of eHungary – October - Октябрь

Day 1,783, 12:39 Published in Hungary Serbia by Voice of eHungary

Dear readers,
On behalf of the Hungarian Government I would like to inform you about our officials' list:

Country President: Ernst von Jacob
Vice President: Ipath, mobra

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MoFA: Avalokitesvara
vMoFAs: Nalaja, GregoryG, Rhual, Istencsaszar, Laurh

Ministry of Defence
MoDs: hunnia91, karaj22, Alexandross

Ministry of Finance
MoF: mobra
Advisor: sumc

Ministry of National Education
MoNE: Dnw599
Team: S. Timi, szemi, olvadonelkuli

Ministry of Social Affairs
MoSA: csongrad

Ministry of Communication
MoC: cooty, rRonin
Spokesmen: AEli3N

You may contact us at the #hu.mofa channel on Rizon.
Hungarian official channel #erephu on Rizon.

Greetings: eHungarian Government


DdyOlteanul Day 1,783, 12:43

Hail Romania!

Hercegno Day 1,783, 13:51

A magyar kormány nevében informált minket a magyar kormány : )

Tomjohnson Day 1,783, 14:34

ja, halj meg románia

m60a3tts Day 1,784, 05:17


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