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The good, the bad and the ugly

Day 2,145, 12:25 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

Hi fellas.
The time to reveal all the secrets has came. Enjoy Your lecture.

Note: This article is my private one. Please do not associate it with any of my functions. I'm rarely releasing them, but current situation, and state of mind of some people forced me to do this. I don't like flame either, but my duty is to warn You.

Remember times when lazos were all around? Yeah, that was not so long ago. They had left in the Leona term. But not at all. Two of them were with us for all the time. Now, they are causing all the mess. We're in thread of avalanche and it's the lazokrats who are throwing snowballs down the hill.

Who is real pTOter?
We were safe and now lazos are threat again. Why?
Everything started around Congress elections. First elections like this held in eSA since June. Long awaited by all of us. Unfortunately, some lazos made their way to the congress. How they managed to do so?
It wasn't hard. They just applied.

National Party and it's members done nothing to prevent it. They did not reported any suspicious activity to MoS/CP/Gov they did not stopped to vote on themselves.
They helped Lazos get into congress. Their own greed, will to power, pride, selfishness leaded us to the current situation – we had Lazos and their multies here, in power.
This wasn't fault of NP. It was their success. They are acting together.
Look at this two pics.
August election results:

and September election results:

What's interesting here?
Till Sept, number of votes was decreasing along with number of active citizens. Suddenly it has risen up. No doubts it's because of the lazos multies which voted on National Party (that's why they result is that good).
Need more proofs?

Thekoki publicly said, that lazos are friends of him. So it's why they're working together to doom SA.

You won't fool us, we already know who will get all the votes.

Are we doomed?
Not yet. But soon we will be.
Why? I'm explaining to You now.
Our "next president" released article which could be considered at his platform. But I don't know what's exactly, because it's barely understandable.
What he's writing there? Let's analyse this "platform" step by step, paying no attention to grammar and vocabulary (which are on level of 11 yo, not-native kid).

"We will have training war with eArgentina"
Yeah, cool idea. And we will open useless drain when our and their influence is needed somewhere else. And, by the way, we will loose all our MPP's.
"or we will use Airstrike and attack a weaker state than us."
Firstly, we need to gather founds to AS and than find weaker, non wiped-out country.
"For this purpose,I will set up a military council.
In that council I will have members from all military units,the party presidents and honorary citizens of eSA.In which we will vote for military Strategy.Like this the game is boring.So with a war it will be more interesting .
Good luck in finding more active members than in congress and on forum. Oh, wait You don't use forum, I had forgotten.
"To Leona I promised that if I become president I will buy him a pink dress .
So please help me to stop the tears of a little girl. xD
Yeah, really funny. Don't stop. I'm rolling on the floor and laughing. Keep insulting soon to be CP of Turkey, for sure it will be good for our foreign policy.
"This month was peaceful .
Thanks to eArgentina we got rid of eBrazil .
We had also kicked out Brazzos in RW's. And Soviets, of course.
Moreover, we had helped allies, Serbia, Poland, and now it came to Argentina fighting Fyrom and freeing Aussies. We're not in the middle of the world. We need to help allies most of the times. But karma will return...
"We got our liberty rent of 70 Gold .
eArgentina told us I am your friend.I will free you.
We mentioned in turn that we will rent them 3 regions for 70 Gold ./i]"
We had rented one region. Only 1. They keep other two at ours request. We can't get border with Indo, who was intending to wipe us before congress elections (they even started RW, but they got only 8 points).
"Next month I will not allow this,but not let the friend to ask for our service using the 3 regions .
Because he is not a friend if requires so great service .
That's a good plan. We were about to get wiped either way, so don't bother.
" Consider whether to vote for people that like PTO or people who want to sleep or for me."
Looking on Your IRC and forum activity You're in first two groups.

Moreover, I've already contacted our allies. All of them will not respect CoT-lovig Cp, who openly fights against them. And they won't recognize eSouth Africa.
We're on the verge of loosing everything we had worked so hard on in the last few months. Our freedom, our allies, our independence. All because one guy with silly platform, no cabinet, no English skills, who was never in gov, has no idea what is to lead country.

Thekoki, You won't steal anything, sorry. We'd transferred all money to orgs out of eSA's CP jurisdiction, only Grim has access to them. Realize Your sick "dream" of becoming CP at cost of poor and small nation, get Your medal and 5g. Then, please, impeach yourself and get away from here. Please do it quickly, before complete wipe-out of Fyrom. Your presence will only harm eSA, kill our community and chances to be free and independent.

Sorry eSA You getting pTOted. At Your own request.
Consider Yourself as warned.

Conscious and still thinking (Am I the only one?),

El Reto


Minino. Day 2,145, 12:51

Kewl pics

Miau o/

kb1992 Day 2,145, 13:51

Vote & good luck in the fight against PTO o/

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,145, 15:53

So MoS needs to be told to look out for Lazos?

MoS basically has two jobs:
-review citizenship apps
-review candidates

In the past, MoS has always organized blockers alongside PPs. Not waited until after elections before they start thinking about what went wrong. The blame doesn't fully rest on NP. You and your administration need to take responsibility. The extreme inactivity and complacently during the past month made us weak and the Lazos are striking now because of it.

Ejdatful Day 2,145, 16:19

We have a common enemy and we have to fight against them together. Insulting people won't solve the problems.

AdUnit Day 2,145, 17:06

Is this for real?

The Argead
The Argead Day 2,146, 03:55

Why don't you say the real reason because you are writing this?Tell the people the real reason or better not I will tell them.You are writing this because Poland and Macedonia are not in a same alliance and you hate Macedonia because of that I have seen you in the past that you have commented on almost all of the Macedonia's Government articles saying FY**M in the comment and with that you expressed your Hate to the Macedonian's and now doing the same in here just making something from nothing.And we didn't let the lazo's in congress they have done that by themselves we as all of you didn't know what is going on with the voting on first there were no plus votes in our party so we voted for our party after we've done that they have started to vote for us when we saw that we stopped voting and told to the other to vote for another party cause lazo's are trying to get in congress from our party but we were to late and the y had too much multies so they got in congress.And thekoki was their friend but that was long time ago when they were in Macedonia and he saw their real face and started to hate them as he is saying in his article.We've come here to try to play this game on another way not with Macedonia but eSA cause it's a small country and has totally other problems then Macedonia we are tired of fighting against Greece we've wanted to try something different.This is game and this is were we want to play it if you all don't want us in here then we will leave and try to play in some more friendly country.And one more question for you:Is this a game for you or something else??

cemmo Day 2,146, 10:50

I wonder how many real South Africans are here?
not more than 4-5 people wants to rule SA like their kingdom 🙂

cemmo Day 2,146, 11:07

to all macedonians, there is a turkish saying, we can translate it like "once a friend never an enemy" o7

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