The Good, the Bad, and the EDEN

Day 853, 22:18 Published in USA USA by Cody Franklin

Despite any preconceived reservations I might have about our political leaders and the big names in American society, I really have to commend their use of sensibility and logic. Rather than looking out for the interests that the US was being slowly sacrificed to, our leaders have decided that enough is enough, and have recognized the future - a future dedicated to the preservation of the United States, first and foremost.

As our President wrote in his most recent article, the United States isn't even allowed to complain about EDEN's errors without having our own mistakes thrown back at us; but, as PiZ wisely explained, two wrongs can never make a right, especially when the wrongs committed by EDEN are far more destructive than anything that the US could conceive of. Sadly, America has been capable of admitting when it has made a mistake; EDEN arrogantly presupposes its own infallibility, letting its hypocrisy and petty bickering slowly and subtly becoming the tools of its destruction. This is a lesson, I believe, which many of the EDEN nations must learn for themselves. It will be a brutal reminder that the consequences of their actions can, at best, be postponed - but never avoided.

Like I wrote in my previous article, the lust for power and control that many EDEN nations are attempting to cope with is finally beginning to tear apart an alliance woven with the frail fabric of compromise and sacrifice; the fact that the United States realized the truth a bit early means that we might be spared the humiliation - and some of the more tangible costs - produced by EDEN's downfall.

Regardless, I must again praise the surprising wisdom of our leaders for acknowledging the inexorable truth, and affirming that submitting to the will of other EDEN states out of some misguided sense of compassion or guilt was clearly not the way to go; rather, they did what they felt was honestly best for the United States as a political and military institution. How delightfully selfish. It seems that, if only to a limited extent, they understand. It's that rational selfishness which is helping us to escape from that quagmire, even if it means leaving some of our allies to take that same responsibility into their own hands.

So, that said, let me restate it formally. Thank you for fighting to keep America free. Thank you for realizing that working further with EDEN would only hurt our country. Thank you for coming to terms with EDEN's toxic influence.

Thank you for being selfish.