The German War, International Statement

Day 162, 05:06 Published in Sweden Sweden by Ziggyzag

Early yesterday Indonesia signed an MPP with Germany, Pakistan and Japan also followed up with MPP´s later that day. We cannot blame the German President for obtaining allies, but this has indirectly brought war upon Germany. The decision was made that Sweden would go to war before the MPP would become active, it takes 3 days after the signing. Sweden does not tolerate being cornered. At the same time Indonesia also signed an MPP with Russia, pitting Sweden and Norway, who are allies, against each other. This would complicate and reduce the possibilities if one of the countries were to decide to expand in the future.

We had no plans of going to war in the near future, but this has forced us to take quick actions. It is also a question of future matters, we do not want the future leaders of this country to be limited. Of course some of you out there will still find these actions as imperialistic and immoral, you are free to have your opinion. Fact still remains that we are a superpower, and we demand our respect in the new world; we will not tolerate being bullied around.

When this war is over we believe we will have much to contribute to what is now Germany. We will provide the regions with free and better hospitals and the new citizens will receive jobs. We will not be having any discrimination based on earlier citizenship as long as they are willing to become productive members of our community. Any german is free to contact me for advice, I have already talked to some of you.

We assure that we have no intentions of conquering Europe or enact some other elaborate plan or conspiracy. Such things are both ludicrous and in practice; financially impossible. In fact we are signing an MPP with UK today.

I guess when Sweden signed an MPP with South-Africa, Indonesia countered and signed with Russia and Germany. We signed with South-Africa because we wanted to protect a vulnerable South-America, that can be reached after an invasion of South-Africa. Some of you might state that it is only an egoistic matter, again, you are entitled to your opinion. The recent events brings my thoughts to the cold war of the 70´s, Sweden however is one step ahead this time.

/ President Ziggyzag, the Swedish Congress