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The founding of a religion!

Day 1,951, 23:55 Published in USA Australia by Blood Hearon

Hello all it was brought to my attention by a player that this game needs religion. NO not the gold bullshit religion like a religion that countries and people within the game can follow. So here goes.


This will be the name of the religion the religion will have four key points.

1. If not needed give away.-which means just what I said lets say you have some extra food and know that you will not be needing just give it to a random person and be charitable. This will help all citizens of the New World and who knows they might just return the favor.

2. Follow the leader and lead the follower-simple enough huh this just basically means if someone is appointed over you and gives you an order you follow the order to the best of your ability. Also if you are leading someone lead them into the right direction and do not lead them into a situation where you know they will get harmed.

3. Do not fear war! Yes war is apart of life and this game. The third key point is to not run away from or fear war! Embrace war with open arms and destroy those who oppose you. Yes even though you may lose like our brothers to the north Canada they were defeated now look at them.

4. Don't give up-If you want to be noticed and get your point across and get anywhere in this game you must SPEAK! You must be able to explain what you are trying to say granted your point may not get across the first time you put it out there. SOOOO keep trying until it does.

So in conclusion the religion of Neckros have four key points be charitable, follow orders to the best of your ability as well as leading to the best of you ability, Do not fear war confront it with open arms and kill those who oppose you, and lastly NEVER GIVE UP & NEVER SURRENDER!

Any followers of this new religion? message me if u wish to become an official member of the religion.



Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 00:08


Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 00:09


Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 00:16

In before Dioist.

The long time "religion" of eRep crackpots. They seem to think that Dio Brando is a god from Pakistan or some such. Also sand is very important to them for some reason.

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 00:18

Yes I know that this is the religion of the United States but I am hoping to replace it since Dioism has nothing to really do with the us.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,952, 00:19

Death to all e-religions!

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 00:24

Why would u think that this religion is trying to make players more charitable and also supports war? Isn't that the only two things we really need in this game! BESIDES A NEW ECONOMY MODEULE!!!

Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 00:24

Atheist or did you just have a bad experience going to church with Grandmama when you were eight? 😃:D

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 00:28

No I don't believe in a "god". If that is what you are asking but no im not atheist

Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 00:44

Actually I was addressing FM but it seems that no one can figure out these new comment pyramids.

But anyhow, since you mention it your are by definition an Atheist if you believe there is no god.

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 00:45

no atheist doesn't not celebrate holidays or anything so im techinally just nothing really lol until they make up another sterio-typical grouo.

Thedillpickl Day 1,952, 00:52

Good night young fella. I need to get to bed. Hope you have fun with this. 🙂

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,952, 00:22

His Holyness Pope Jude I calls declares blasphemy.

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 00:48

ur blasphemy this is the next big thing lol

Tyrannocopters Day 1,952, 08:38

eReligions are stupid

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 11:22

Johnnyboy57 Day 1,952, 18:27

Whatever happened to Dioism?

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,952, 19:20

its still there but I want it replaced

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,953, 17:21

no a fraud is trying to change a age old religion!

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