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The fall of Asteria

Day 2,307, 03:47 Published in Poland Paraguay by Marko MK

Never saw any alliance to be defeated so fast..

Looks like Serbia Romania and Greece will stay forever alone,and under occupation for some months..

Look at the battle's,there are more than 6 active battles against Hungary.
That's unity,Sirius + Aurora.

Serbia,prepare your anus,we are coming !



[00:35:18] Bakaras[Gr-MoFA]> ok, that was my 1st time saw that....everybody want to help Hungary and Hungary refuces everything

*This was surely ForTheWin*



Davorsk8 Day 2,307, 03:46


x d x m
x d x m Day 2,307, 03:50

voted hard

taidenn Day 2,307, 10:16


branimir444 Day 2,307, 03:57


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,307, 03:57

romania does more dmg
so who dfak cares about hungary?
serbian logic cCc

SUVAJAC Day 2,307, 16:24

and croat logic is...receiving?sweet!

Soulcraft Day 2,307, 03:58

voted 😃

windfall Day 2,307, 03:58

Me iz famous! xD (blush)

Aliss Wonder
Aliss Wonder Day 2,307, 03:59

exacly windfall, agree with you! 🙂

kuckuck Day 2,307, 04:02


Mr.gREg Day 2,307, 04:05


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,307, 04:05

Bakaras ingrish wery much!!


mr kouva
mr kouva Day 2,307, 04:08

Bulgarians mustnt speak too!better for them!Dont want Terrorist back to them!

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,307, 04:49

who gives a s**t about terrorist......

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,307, 05:07

Spain does for instance. They have done a lot for us because they thought it was correct to do so, we do not wish any ill to them or greece

nexus2012 Day 2,307, 05:32

needless to say, but many, many do

mr kouva
mr kouva Day 2,307, 06:13

One word Fylol dont need more!

kasapina90 Day 2,307, 06:18

Learn english bro 🙂

mr kouva
mr kouva Day 2,307, 06:26

Dont need!!!i know to delete lolgaria and fylol from map!

kasapina90 Day 2,307, 06:34

Thats probably your biggest achievement in your life 😁)

kojoti2 Day 2,307, 10:04

only what you delete is money from your bank account BTW Merkel is not happy about that..

Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson Day 2,308, 10:51

LOL your "terrorist: group is a bunch of noobs who think they are tanks. Compare your shitty MU to Carebears or MERCENARY OPS

Maxymillian97 Day 2,307, 05:24

Hail Sirius!

apprehension Day 2,307, 07:04

Serbia Best Ally 2k14 !

Jover.adam Day 2,307, 07:50

"Sold us out for a NAP" that summarizes the situation best. We gave Romania 2 bonus regions to be able to keep the NAP with Bulgaria alive, then they "forgot" to mention us in the NAP. Then the president of Asteria (MirceaDrac) hits Battle Hero against Hungary in an RW we prioritised to win. Last nail in the coffin I'd say. Our leaders negotiated for 5 hours, the only conclusion Asteria came was that Romania violated Asteria's charta, but it's still Hungary's fault and Serbia stays with Romania (Romania says we called this on us when we refused to NE Poland, which was not against the charta at all).
We should have let Romania in Asteria on the condition they must be expelled if they betray Hungary. By now they licked too much Serbian butts to be kicked out, so we go.

Dear Asteria, screw you, I hope we will be able to join Aurora and rape Asteria hard.

Destriant Day 2,307, 10:00

Loland and Hungary must be on the same side! \o/

Beggi Day 2,307, 12:16

Hungary refused the NAP and refused a MPP with Romania so stfu

Jover.adam Day 2,307, 13:10

So if your ally refuses a NAP with a non-member then you can attack him? Clearly you have no sense on how an alliance works. It was us who let you sign that NAP with giving you the 2 regions from Ukraine. The only thing you thank it with was backstabbing us. If you considered us part of the alliance you wouldn't have signed it without us, but you should have been seeking a solution best fits all members. But no, you thought we don't matter, that's why an alliance that has you will end up being broken.

Jover.adam Day 2,307, 13:11

I keep reading this nonsense from the Romanian side: Do you think that if an alliance member doesn't have an MPP with you then it's not part of the alliance? You broke Asteria's charta with the NAP, then attacked us in our RWs, and you still think you had the right to do it? That's the spirit that convinced the French that no Hungarians live in Transylvania. A rat's a rat.

drfreeman Day 2,307, 09:58

Hahah , u are funny , we are waiting for u , come on us loland

MKDpedza Day 2,307, 09:59


Prophet009 Day 2,307, 10:15

soon, don't be so worried

eMacedon Day 2,307, 10:01


jedimindtrick Day 2,307, 10:01


taidenn Day 2,307, 10:17


Saludos desde eParaguay! o/

DragonFlyPL Day 2,307, 13:12


SUVAJAC Day 2,307, 16:15

marko MK,yours anus is already prepared!!!

Marcomannius Day 2,307, 17:23

You know whats funny? Few months ago Poland and Serbia were working together and there was no USA. Poland and Serbia had 10/10 resources... now neither has 10/10, they fight against each other and USA has 10/10 with last resource at Poitou Charentes. So, who is stupid here I wonder?

Marko MK
Marko MK Day 2,307, 17:34


Marcomannius Day 2,307, 17:41

Right above is the stupidest comment on this page. Congratulations!

Marko MK
Marko MK Day 2,307, 17:40

Wtf is Serb doing in PL ?
GTFO from here
Go to your country,they will soon need your dmg 😉

Marcomannius Day 2,307, 18:27

Comment deleted

Marcomannius Day 2,307, 18:30

Who the F asks you? Get the F out of my sight with those stupid comments. Your 70k strenght and only 41 TP medals for Poland?! Shut up and don't pretend you're more stupid than you are, you might just succeed.

Prophet009 Day 2,307, 20:01

we've some polonized Serbs, like Uni :3

Marcomannius Day 2,308, 03:17

I'm not "polonized", I'm looking towards best interests for my country. I chose long time ago to be in Poland and I like it here. But I was just pointing out how interesting it is now that no one is commenting on the fact that USA has benefited from this situation more than anyone. More than Poland and certainly more than Serbia. But everyone is so blinded by this Serboland conflict they can't see both countries lost more then they gained.

Jack Jockson
Jack Jockson Day 2,308, 06:26

Maybe Huns are just big cowards.
Leaving alliance as soon as they start losing... They were perfectly happy when they were winning, weren't they?
How they talk about friendship with Poland. And with Serbia. Yeah sure, friends with everybody, but no problems when Slovakia and Ukraine has to be brought down.

donAbadnego Day 2,308, 23:37

it is not like thet, Hungary's allies betrayed her. bulgaria made a pact with her allies leaving Hungary out of it. and when bulgaria attacked, they refused to help.

Hungary made some bad decisions, but leaving the alliance (after this) is a good one, not cowardice.

bobo900 Day 2,308, 23:47

After the 5th your gov changed and want to leave, that's all, they waited a long time to find an excuse.
Traitors as always 🙂
But one thing is better, the serbians will know the true face of HU.
One month you was happy, now when there are some troubles you run cowardly - thati is a fact, a shame who will follow you a long time...

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