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The Executive Round Table: Party Representatives

Day 1,863, 19:20 Published in USA USA by Candor
WTP: Thank you WTP for the nomination and second. I have accepted.

The Executive Round Table will set the nations policies. My Cabinet will work to implement the wishes of the ERT.

The Chief of Staff and the Vice President will share in running the Administration and ensuring civil discussion in, and gathering consensus agreements from, the ERT

I’ll announce my Cabinet in a future article.

A few positions are yet to be filled, but most ERT Reps have been selected. Most Reps were chosen after soliciting suggestions from various Party Presidents, but not all.

It’s my Administration to ultimately staff as I see fit.

But my criteria has been long time party members who are known within their communities (parties), as well as people who bring a variety of backgrounds to the table. And, importantly, people who I think can work together to take the nation forward, always forward.

In addition to the membership below, anyone may apply for temporary membership in order to present ideas before the Representatives. The table will welcome all petitions for consideration.

Katawa, from the Revolutionary Party
Paul Proteus, from the Federalist party
Lysander Spooner II, from the Socialist Freedom Party
Shermain, from the American Freedom Alliance
Joseph Dinero, from the Vox Populi
First Law, from the Technocrats
Chucky Norris, from the American Military Party
*TBA* from the United States Workers Party
Av khan, from We The People

WTP: Thank you WTP for the nomination and second. I have accepted.

Two notables have refused requests for nominations and so will be left out of inclusion in the ERT at this point:

Very Italian People
Friendship and Honor

Additionally, the Albanian Unity Party has communicated its desire to remain out of Executive leadership at this time, and we will respect their wishes.

Although these are non-voting positions, providing guidance as requested in decision making will be a few people who I respect and will provide a variety of backgrounds of use to the ERT:

Sir Gulden Draak
Colin Landtrip
Israel Stevens

The ERT will have a say in the constitution of the Cabinet, to be announced in a few days.

I’m offering you the key to your nation. A new beginning. I believe in you, and I believe we are up to the challenge.

Dutifully Submitted,



BugsBunnyz Day 1,863, 20:01



Those guys are like the least trusted guys "on our side" Ajay admitted to Haliman working with them before..

Glove was a huge failure as CP and IMO is a pretty rotten guy.

Emerick... well is a jerk.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,863, 20:09

Don't forget EAU

Pfeiffer. Day 1,863, 20:10


they never log in

nice USWP rep...he's been back for a week.

I lol'd.

sigfriedHzzz Day 1,863, 20:17


Candor Day 1,863, 20:37

P: If there's a lack of participation, they'll be replaced. Each has agreed to be active however in accepting the position. E gets access, active or otherwise in any Admin I put together.

RGR: EAU isn't a real party, not yet anyway. It was iNCi 14 days ago. There has to be a reasonable standard as to what constitutes a party (rather than a satellite of another existing party). I'd need to see some structure, recruiting, media, active membership, etc.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,863, 20:41

After everything I have said, you want to say I am angry about your candidacy? I think you need to look more to where you are selling out the nation, not your candidacy.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,863, 20:44

It's a shame to see you taking so much flak Candor. You'd make an incredible CP.

Candor Day 1,863, 21:15

Kushy: Pfeiffer is hardly flak, he's Pfeiffer. JJ's angry about my candidacy. Besides that, not much flak really.

But my Administration would decidedly pull power away from any single party or person, so it's a threat to the existing power structure. I'd expect more flak eventually besides Pfeiffer and my opponent.

FG has been polite and respectful.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,863, 21:20

Why are you including the AFA? They are lead by a man with no moral character and import foreigners purely for political gain.

Candor Day 1,863, 21:32

^^^ The AFA is half the active voting population in the nation. They choose their leadership, that's their parties concern. I'm running a national coalition of all vested parties in the nation, there's no way I could be President for only half the people.

I might add that while I have always agreed to obey the will of the majority within meta-Congress wrt immigration (when I have been a Congressman), that's always been a personal choice to make. Mechanically, immigration is vested with individual mechanical Congressmen. All within game rules for them to play within Congressional meta rules or not. Or form their own meta Congress.

I'm running for the Executive of the nation, not PP or meta-Congress. In that role, I represent all Americans.

morningblur Day 1,863, 21:52

Giving the AFA a seat at the table is the same as giving your dog a doggy treat for shitting in the floor. Don't reward bad behavior.

Candor Day 1,863, 22:13

I see your point MB, but the AFA isn't mine, nor a dog. Each individual is my equal, another gamer on the team.

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,863, 22:27

The fact you're including the AFA just means you're being ignorant about the reality of their nature in this country. No American party needs to constantly import it's populace. The fact that you're rewarding a blatant PTO with legitimacy shows that you're either blinded by ignorance, or vying for their endorsement. If you want to be President so badly that you'd recognize a PTO group to do it, even your individual character is in question. In any case, you're in no shape to be President of the United States.

Candor Day 1,863, 22:37

Including the AFA presents an issue for you CA, which is perfectly acceptable.

Including half the active population of the nation in a coalition government is only realistic and reasonable, to me.

A President is head of the entire team, not the team members they choose to represent.

Ignoring even the AFA, representing a select few has been a LONG standing problem in this nation.

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,863, 22:47

Firstly, they're not half. They're 1/3 at best.
Secondly, a very large amount of the AFA are multis, or bots.
Thirdly, your premise is logically flawed, in a way that you're avoiding.

You're trying to say that you want to make a coalition government to encompass the interests of the American people. The AFA does not factor into this equation, as numerous people are telling you.

We SHOULDN'T be facilitating the interests of the AFA. The interests of the AFA are literally trying to take over the country for foreign interests. That is, definitionally, against American interests. These are individuals whose every move is motivated by the direct detriment to the American people. Including them not only gives this idea legitimacy, but gives them information and access to the highest levels of Government, an unforgivable offense.

The AFA is a party that gains membership by letting in enemy combatants. Look at the citizenship approval page for christ sake, there's tons of Serbian approvals that immediately join the AFA, AND THEN GO BACK TO SERBIA. When a large portion of your party is actually foreign based, and isn't affected by the wellbeing of your new citizens, your foreign policy, your internal politics, ect, then they do not truly represent the interests of the American people.

You are fundamentally undermining your own philosophy by including these people. For not only are they not actually eAmerican, or represent any of our interests, they work directly against them. Facilitating this only serves to hurt the American people.

Ignoring the AFA isn't a long standing problem, the AFA is a long standing problem. You seem to be confused by this.

A President is supposed to protect a country. Not sell it out to PTO'ers. Seriously, do you not see how incredibly flawed this is? Do you really think giving the AFA a title on a no-power board will make them suddenly stop being a pawn of the Serbian Government?

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,863, 22:59

What CA said^

George Griffin
George Griffin Day 1,864, 23:03

What CA said^ x2

olivermellors Day 1,864, 23:07

This form of governance will be revolutionary and healthy. Certainly it will be a huge change from a past, accurately and recently described in a Chucky Norris' article. Balanced against all this benefit is the fact that the AFA (but not RGR) will have a seat at the table. When I sat at table for staff dinner, I was not permitted to eat everything or tell everyone else what to do. I had to accommodate 2 colleagues I considered useless or worse. Huge benefit, some downside.

Candor Day 1,864, 23:37

CA, I don't have any choice in my constituency. But as President I do indeed represent all the gamers in America. And all the gamers will have a voice. No party more so than any other.

I'll no more represent ONLY the people who make up "Unity", but every other individual citizen in the nation as well, regardless of the political banners they stand under.

Parties may fight each other for power forever, and they will. AFA or no AFA. That's always the way it has been, that's why the Admins made multiple parties.

Everyone is free to battle until the cows come home.

But as President, I'll be President for all of our team.

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,864, 23:49

There is a difference between healthy competition, and a god damn PTO. One should be encouraged, and one should be stomped out. You apparently don't understand the difference between the two, so let's look at the facts.

Healthy competition results in parties starting up new player programs, organizing MUs and Party groups to encourage activity, innovating on useful status quo tools to govern, and strong communities developing. Sometimes this also results in congressional spats, people's feelings being hurt, moderate poaching, but that's what we deal with for the benefits.

What does a PTO do?
A PTO blocks funds from getting to those programs, as the AFA has done in the past. A PTO takes government information, and gives it enemy nations. A PTO results in disfranchisement of the American people.

Oh, and where do you draw the line for American? Is someone who works in Serbia, fights for Serbia, writes in Serbian, and never checks anything in the eUSA except to vote on election day truly an American? Should the party of those people have a say in domestic programs, or our foreign affairs?

And yes, you will only represent the people who make up the Unity. There's a reason these people have put aside partisan interests for the benefit of the country. They did it because they actually care about the country and it's well-being, enough so to take away their own power, and take away their own benefits. You're telling people who have sacrificed for the nation that they're equal to a group that has broken every rule, has blocked funds, and lives in another country? Well then, you're no better than the PTO'ers themselves.

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,864, 00:02

Oh, and Candor, here's who you're actually representing;
Real American, eh?

Candor Day 1,864, 00:05

I'm American, and with a different opinion than you hold CA. And I respect all opinions, whether or not I agree personally.

I've been in so many "PTO's" in my game time, and so many "ATO's" that I've lost count. The truth is, those are great labels and often good fun, and certainly the Admins approve and intend both to be part of the game that draws us in.

The AFA would like to hold the nations power by majority. So would any Top 5 and probably most 6th's as well. They would all like to "Politically Take Over" the nation.

In fact, I've seen one party control of the nation many, many times. As we all have.

I won't participate in "One Party Control".

And I sure hope that you're wrong about the damage you believe the AFA will do. But right or wrong, they are 50% of the POTUS voting population, or close to it. It's not a reasonable or realistic government that chooses to ignore that large of a constituency at the Executive level.

They're desires have as much merit as anyone else's.

They'll be one seat of at least 10 at the table and in the conversation.

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,864, 00:13

Again and again, you avoid the questions, and misrepresent the facts of the case.

"Oh, and where do you draw the line for American? Is someone who works in Serbia, fights for Serbia, writes in Serbian, and never checks anything in the eUSA except to vote on election day truly an American? Should the party of those people have a say in domestic programs, or our foreign affairs?"
Is it? Yes, no, I don't know?

Every party strives to be the best it can be. Yet there is a difference between doing ANYTHING to dominate the nation, and playing fair like the other parties do. If the AMP started hosting a botnet to try and get the majority, you wouldn't be okay with that. If the USWP started using treasury funds to bribe people to join their party, everyone would be pissed off, and ultimately worse off. There's a line of competition where your efforts start hurting the country instead of helping it. Nationally, we have ALWAYS punished the people who cross that line, and the AFA did it long ago.

And yes, it is absolutely practical to have a national coalition without the AFA. Considering the fact the AFA doesn't even stand for American interests, you can have an American government without them. That;s the key, we don't go about incorporating French citizens, or British Citizens, or Canadian Citizens into a unity government, so why the hell would we go about incorporating citizens who work, fight, write, and live in another country? It doesn't make any sense, and fundamentally undermines the interests of people who actually rely on the Government to facilitate their will.

Candor Day 1,864, 00:24

Sorry, CA, missed your question.

It isn't within the realm of the Executive to determine citizenship, that's been bestowed to Congressmen. The AFA has let in who they chose with that mechanical ability, all within the rules of the game.

Unity is doing the same thing, though they are late to the game (I said they should do this MONTHS ago, was shot down).

Are we talking RL people or game people? Because we've fought eCanada and eGreat Britain ofc, and have multiple cits (even a couple of Presidents) from these countries.

I wish I could chose the deck of citizens who I represented as President, but no President has that power. Whether or not our nation is 30% Canadian, 30% Serbian, and 40% native Americans, a President represents the people of the nation who elect him.

My Cabinet will give each party of significance (established and active) a voice. I'm not picking and choosing who meets my definition of citizen.

weasel2 Day 1,864, 00:36

Shermain from the AFA. Can he subvert the rest of this eminent group of advisers who have no game mechanic power? A bit too much viewing with alarm. Does anyone know this guy? Is he a serb, a troll like Dan Wang or Capt. Quark, a Congressman who ignores IES, or what.

Jelly9473 Day 1,864, 00:44

I completely agree with what CA is saying.

I know that Candor would make a great President, but I don't believe this is the path to take

Candor Day 1,864, 00:49

^^^ Shermain is actually RL American, 3.5 years all in eUS. And he's a pretty nice guy and easy to get along with, which is why I chose him. He's an AFA leader. He continually councils getting along with others, not PTO'ing anyone, playing by an agreed upon set of "rules" and fair play.

He was on the WWW last week, if you'd like to hear him speak.

He'll carry the AFA position on things to the ERT, but he'll do so politely and with respect. That's his nature.

Shermain will make a great Representative within the group of ten (ish).

Gessho Day 1,864, 02:55

i think Candor is a pretty cool dude, and he's selected a great group of advisers, in my opinion.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,864, 03:10

Civil Anarchy
'Every party strives to be the best it can be. Yet there is a difference between doing ANYTHING to dominate the nation, and playing fair like the other parties do. If the AMP started hosting a botnet to try and get the majority, you wouldn't be okay with that. If the USWP started using treasury funds to bribe people to join their party, everyone would be pissed off, and ultimately worse off. There's a line of competition where your efforts start hurting the country instead of helping it.'

Is keeping citizens who stand against a political party out of elected or designated office fair game play? IMO at least 1/3 to 1/2 of EVERY party are 'Bot Farms', you do remember the 'Zombie Horde' of the USWP or no? Is it fair to 'account sit', which is against eRepublik rules? Once again IMO the 'Flufferist' of the USWP do exactly that, they use treasury funds to bribe MUs, citizens and 6th parties. You are right there is a line and the above referred link proves that the current leaders will do ANYTHING to retain power, including encouraging cheating by bot farming and account sitting, both of which cross the line of fair play and are against game rules....

Katawata Day 1,864, 03:37

Thumbs up!

Pusi mi kurac Day 1,864, 03:44

Comment deleted

Norbengo Day 1,864, 03:46

Colin Landtrip

These are the people that make eAmerica the best place to be in this eWorld. AFA will have no problems to cooperate with any of them. We are not here to harm our eAmerican nation, we are here just to bring down the elites (aka Pfeiffers minions & puppets).

Candor o/

Candor Day 1,864, 03:55

Hey a whole article dedicated to how evil I am! I feel important:

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,864, 04:12

Good stuff!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,864, 05:17

Also He chooses representatives for a party even without discussing it with the party president. I think it would be more then normal to at least talk to the PP who will represent a Party in this round table.

Article is full of fail, not voted

pop George
pop George Day 1,864, 05:37

starting to smell already, guess you know you are getting somewhere in eUS politics...

so why haven't I been mentioned in any of these groups, I dislike most all of the members, won't my animosity add something?

FirstLaw Day 1,864, 05:57

I see the ERT as simply a way for the president to get multiple voices and points of view, so that he can make better decisions. It would make the CP better in my opinion. I hear complaints that we never have a good CP. Why anybody would resist an idea to improve the office is beyond my comprehension.

Oblige Day 1,864, 06:50

Nothing but disappointment here.

@Candor - playing both sides is usually a short term gambit. The eUSA is running out of time to avoid a real PTO, and your solution is to offer pithy comments about "equality" and "democracy" while giving those that seek to undermine 5 years of work developing our country's infrastructure.

What do you think will happen to the USAF when we don't have any money because our budget is being funneled to Serbia? Who do you think will fund the Department of the Interior when the CBO coffers are empty?

You do realize that once a PTO happens, it's basically impossible to recover right? You can't play this one short term.

In many ways, it's a relief that you've been so candid in your support for the AFA. No other Top 5 party will nominate you now- since it's clear you're actively working against the interests of the majority of the player base. You might win the AFA nomination, but with only one party backing you, you'd lose any real credibility if your platform is all about bringing a consensus government to the executive.

Candor Day 1,864, 07:15

Oblige, if i didn't believe that what I offer is the best option for the nation, I wouldn't put out the offer. I don't care for titles, and if the nation doesn't choose the option I'm presenting it's fine with me, it's everyone's team, they'll decide for themselves.

And if I didn't believe that I alone have the tools to make my option viable, I'd let someone else present the option. But I'm it. If the nation wants a coalition government I'm that option.

I wish there WAS someone else capable of presenting this alternative, I'd happily let them do so. I find no joy in being in this position. But we all bring what we can to our teams table. Here's a tool only I have.

I would correct a misconception you present: The Executive has nothing to do with funding or income, my Presidency would effect neither of course. That's Congress.

Oblige Day 1,864, 07:19

@Candor - that's not really a reply. What I'm asking is, if you aren't nominated by any party other than the AFA - will you drop out?

Gnilraps Day 1,864, 07:20

Include pop George

Candor Day 1,864, 07:27

Oblige, if I were the AFA candidate would there be any reason at all to hold a Unity election?

Gnilraps: George is Troll Czar in a Candor Administration 🙂

Oblige Day 1,864, 07:40

@ Candor - 100% yes.

Still not answering the question.

Candor Day 1,864, 07:47

Explain your thoughts Oblige. Why would you need to run a Unity election?

Pfeiffer. Day 1,864, 07:55

Because you're giving Ajay's buttboy a seat at the table, you old derp.

Get off the booze and screw your head on straight.

Simulare Day 1,864, 07:55

its like watching the special olympics. everyone's a winner here!

PeVall Day 1,864, 08:09


Candor Day 1,864, 08:09

"Because you're giving Ajay's buttboy a seat at the table, you old derp. Get off the booze and screw your head on straight." ~ Pfeiffer

See now leaving out an actual cuss word and I smile when I read your post!

You hold Unity elections because you're concerned about the AFA holding the Presidency. And you'd want me to NOT accept their nomination so that you could hold a Unity election to prevent the AFA from gaining the Presidency?


FirstLaw Day 1,864, 08:20

Let me do some quick math. There's maybe about 200 players in the metagame? 250 tops? And there's about a couple thousand active players in game? Any fool who didn't reach out to all those people in game would be a horrible leader. If I remember correctly, Candor was a significant force in trying to make the process for Unity elections fair and transparent. So why is he getting so much grief now? Not only that, Candor intends to create a forum for in game participation. I wrote in an article some time ago that people that make the game interesting for the rest of us will be the best leaders. It seems like at least one person listened.

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