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The eUSA Olympic Games! Event 2 and Event 1 Winners !

Day 2,396, 00:51 Published in USA USA by ZacharyComstock

After the first event of The eUSA Olympic Games we have our winners. First prize is 10 Q7 weapons, 2nd prize 5 Q7 weapons and 3rd 3 Q7 weapons.

First place .... Sniper80
Second Place... OfficerFriendly (Only gets 3 as not a Federalist Member)
and in Third Place .... The Original Hawkie

Now onto the second event of The eUSA Olympic Games

The second event for the eUSA Olympic Games is....


Same rules and prizes apply to the second event however this time there are no restrictions as even if you are not a Fed party member, you still get full PRIZE!

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Sergio Cuadrao 97 Day 2,396, 03:47

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dmjohnston Day 2,396, 15:03

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