The eUSA is Poor, So Why Buy Constructions?

Day 448, 10:26 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

There has been an outcry lately for answers; answers which are easily obtainable. The eUS Forums are a great resource to find these answers, but some do not have the time nor resources to dedicate to such a venture. Regardless, The Report will bring the news to you! There has been questions on why the eUS Government continues to purchase Defense Systems (DS) and Hospitals (HOS) while we are stripped of USD and GOLD as a nation.

Record Check: We have obtained interviews from congressmen Scrabman (USWP - WV), Kyle321N (NP - IN), and Jewitt (UIP - TN). It should be noted that Scrabman is a 50% owner of FAQs Defenses Inc., a Q5 DS company and Kyle321N is owner of Funke's Goodtime Family Band, a Q4 HOS company. Both buy eAmerican wood proudly and have sold in-eUSA since their conception. Jewitt owns and runs Elijah's Big Wood, a Q3 wood company which, up until recently, has sold directly to Hospital and DS companies at below-market prices.

The current situation... extremely testy. Many in Congress have been arguing a cut-back on spending and there has been division. "As a nation, we cannot stop buying constructions because we are a little budget tight or else the same people complaining now will be yelling at us later," says Jewitt. The constructions industry which he was talking about that of DS and HOS companies.

In December, Congress passed a final bill making purchases of Q3 or less HOS or DS systems illegal, and that the nation will only buy Q4 or Q5 systems. Only recently have citizens expressed concerns over purchasing lower Q products; Congress was ahead on this one.

Since the passing, it as agreed that all in-process Q3 constructions would be bought to help for the upgrading of Q3 companies into Q4. They were and two companies (two purchases) upgraded. At current, there are two Q4 HOS, one Q4 DS, two Q5 HOS, and one Q5 DS companies. This equals to six companies, at which three constructions were sold last month. It could be assumed that only three are active, a Q4 HOS, a Q5 HOS, and a Q5 DS.

Out of these three, that makes 60 employees. Take also into account that it would take about two wood companies to support one of these megaliths. That becomes 60 employees for the constructions companies and 120 for the wood companies. A total of 180 people depend on the construction industry just for their paycheck, respectively.

There has been a public demand to stop buying constructions, and partial chairs of congress agree. Many more in congress, however, are debating: What will happen to these companies if we stopped buying?

This will happen, that's what!

There are two possible outcomes, and both seem a little out of the eUS interests.

1. Although unpopular by our local Chief Editor, we would export these constructions to allies such as UK, Canada, and Poland. When asked about this, Kyle321N said, "As a business owner, I wouldn't turn down help, of course, but I wouldn't request or require the US to fund that. If anything I'd ask for a small dispensation from the purchasing country." This is an agreed consensus at current with all of congress. Although the eUS will not be obtaining these Q4 and Q5 constructions for our own good, at least we keep them out of immediate enemy hands and it keeps those 120 workers from going on eWelfare - we don't want the USWP to have a real job, now do we?

2. The companies will have to fold under and shut down, displacing multiple workers. Some of these company owners have expressed that they would go into housing to further employ their current workers. Others have said they would just shut down and wait. A very unpopular move for everyone, yet some in the public are asking for that. 120 jobs lost, permanently damaging our wood and constructions economies, and causing a severe rift for the workers as a flood of constructions will reenter the market, lowering the salaries.

Another Option?

Congressman Jewitt, along with a few others supporting, have proposed that we purchase as a nation just one construction every month. "We need to grow infrastructurally as time passes else everyone will get ahead of us. Already we are one of the poorest 'world power' nation, but at least we have the ability to expand our infrastructures unlike a lot of the nations in the eWorld." Jewitt also said he would put Q5 HOS products before anything else in possible legislation.

When asked about this, Kyle321N said, "As a congressman, I'd support this act. As a businessman, well I've already stated my plans to close up shop, unless there's a demand from the foreign markets to buy some Q4s. Then I can continue to build and make my way up to Q5 so I can compete in the US markets again."

Once again, we hear the phrase "close-up shop," which has already occurred due to our no longer purchasing Q1, Q2, or Q3 constructions. Wood prices skyrocketed due to a loss of demand and constructions salaries dropped as the displaced workers tried to find jobs in Housing. Any further "closings" will only result in a wage and worker panic.

But where would the other two businesses go with their products? It is being discussed to export to foreign companies, yet that is an iffy concept. Although some countries feel interested, especially in FAQs Defenses Inc.'s Q5 Defense Systems, few have offered to pay for the export licenses; a 20 GOLD venture which come companies cannot afford just on such short notice.

So, let's see some facts

It has been determined via our great Economic Council director One Eye that the eUS makes less than 4,000 USD a month and 0 GOLD. Yes. 0 GOLD. This is assuming we buy 2 constructions a month. With this information, what does the eAmerican People want to see?

1. We stop buying, and the companies fend for themselves? Possibly displacing over a hundred workers or setting back wages abroad?

2. We buy just one a month, and increase our defenses and government income ever so slightly, but let the others fend for themselves.

3. We keep buying as we are now, with our high tax values at 20% income and 15% VAT in some industries, and barely make 4 grand a month?

If the eUS is ever to be able to defend our land proper, or be able to fight in the wars our weapons, iron, and wellness demands, we need revenue. So, tax payers, consider this a pre-referendum on the individualist actions of our own Chief Editor:

What would you have?

Quotes and input from Congressman Scrabman will be included by the end of the day. Expect them to show an opposite view point as those of Kyle321N.
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To Do List:

Vote, comment, make your voice heard.

Talk to your congressman. If you do not know who your congressman is, ask here and say your state. I am sure someone (including myself) will help you. Ask them their views on this situation.

If you want to leave hate mail, do so, but I will warn you: I've been short-tempered lately!

-Jewitt, Chief Editor
& Congressman of Tennessee, UIP
&& Economic Council Member
&&& Ambassador to the eIsraeli People
&&&& CEO of a Jewron Incorporated