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The eNZ PTO debate.

Day 1,527, 06:09 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by Crusadercarl

Kia ora eKiwis 🙂

I was asked by a much loved friend to write an article regarding the constant referring of eNZ as under Serbian PTO.

I have to say, as a RL Kiwi, the PTO issue has always made me laugh.

I’m not too sure what certain Terra & EDEN critics want. Would just the RL Kiwis being in eNZ satisfy them? Cos it’d be a p damn boring place with just XZ, Spud, Panda ,me and a handful of other RL Kiwis being the only guys in eNZ. At least I’d be the best looking eNZer finally. 😃

Yes, we have a Serbian majority here in eNZ. But I can assure you Serbian eKiwis do not control eNZ.
Yes, Serbian eKiwi groups within eNZ are politically powerful, but it is not absolute power. They are well organised, extremely efficient and clever players of this game, but they aren’t a machine. They have time & time again made concessions to other minority groups that no self respecting PTOer would even consider. They do have the numbers in eNZ to do whatever they like. I would suggest that such a majority holding political force in most other eRep countries would grind all opposition into dust but this is not the case here. The reality is quite the opposite. Minority parties have had their CP candidates supported many times and congress elections are always fair and certainly not the shut-out they could be.

In my book a PTOer is a member of a group that takes over a country with the intention of raping it and sending the spoils back to their eCountry of origin. Our Serbian eKiwis don’t do this. What they have done is spent hundreds of hours defending, strengthening and helping to make eNZ prosper.

Our Serbian eKiwis are nothing more than a majority group in eNZ. In my opinion they are damn fine eKiwis. I am proud to have them here and even prouder to call a lot of them my friends.

To summarise. If they are PTOers, then they suck at it.

Well that’s my 2 cents. Feel free to add your own.



lggy Day 1,527, 06:23

o7 eKiwis. I love being in eNZ 🙂

Oboacer Day 1,527, 06:24

The Serbians Kiwis are one of the best features of our nation. They have shown time and time again that they are dedicated to seeing eNZ prosper and want nothing more than harmony and cooperation.

If people think this is a PTO when why would a party like the PnPP (generally inclined towards the minority English-speaking community) now be leading their 5th government and has had substantial Congressional representation since the country joined the game. I for one as leader of a non-Serbian party do not consider this a PTO as they work tirelessly with all parties.

So for this critics who claim eNZ is a Serbian colony, get your head out of the sand and take a real look at our nation. Read the articles printed, look at our government make-up or come to eNZ and see the cooperation that exists every day.

Good article CC!

Grancica Day 1,527, 06:36

As a Serbian in eKiwi land I must confess however that , certain subjectivity on which side of war we sub-contingently choose.

Thee only bad thing about us Serbs being here to eNZ is will this country be pro-One or pro-Eden.
Yet I do not approve being pro-One ofc, because just because we are RL Serbs , automatically on a count of subjectivity we fail if we choose ONE as a side.

Then again, there is a lot Serbs that will choose neutrality , just for the sake of shutting warmongers.

Grancica Day 1,527, 06:36

Myself included .

Strah0ta Day 1,527, 06:45


Crusadercarl Day 1,527, 06:45

Personally, I like being pro-ONE. During my Presidency other CPs from ONE nations or pro-ONE nations were amazingly supportive. Well past the call of duty.

I'd be pro-ONE even if eNZ wasn't.

EternalLightStream Day 1,527, 06:51

@CC Welcome back mate,btw look at my "about me" : D
But event I support ONE, I still have respect for few countries in TEDEN that have fairness and sportive in war.(and can respect their neighbour too,even in different side)
I will be back later to Kiwiland,mate o/

mcmoox Day 1,527, 06:51


I came on eNZ as one of the first settlers from eSerbia, and still feel it as mine country although I have left becouse of mine military obligations : s ....

MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!!

Kattiaa Day 1,527, 07:31

I want to add to this article that:
NZ is a free country consisting of RL NZers, Serbs, Slovenians, South Africans, Indos, Iranians, Romanians and many other. We r a united nation and we r proud of our regions even though we only have 4 with 3 resources, we are living happily here. NZ is not equal to Serbia and it will never be. We are here all Kiwis no matter our RL, we defend this country as our own, coz this is a game and we all chose to live in eHeaven as I often call it. We r united friends and gathered here for fun and finding out new cultures.
We r happy in NZ no matter our religion, color of our skin, we r happy to be part of this small united nation.
TEden if u want to play with big mazzy, than go to Serbia, dnt be cowards to play games with us.
Back off, coz Kiwis has pures heart, clearest eyes, and wisest brain.


P.S. better leave me to enjoy in snow than to take dagger in my hand (:
Leave Kiwis in peace!!!


¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \)¯¯¯¯¯'\_„„„„)

Splindza Day 1,527, 07:35

╚══`.¸Kiwiland New Zealand MY HOME!!!

Galagorn Day 1,527, 07:46

╚══`.¸Kiwiland New Zealand MY HOME!!!

Majester Day 1,527, 07:50

╚══`.¸Kiwiland my future home.

Binda33 Day 1,527, 07:55

V + S!

ToXicWa5t3 Day 1,527, 08:07

V! All Black -> pumas

VEXXXBG Day 1,527, 08:11

vote+sub o/

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,527, 08:19

vote o7

VukxDxD Day 1,527, 09:42

Ti nisi iz Novog Zelanda.LOL. (x

Milanovic Nikola
Milanovic Nikola Day 1,527, 10:42

Proud to be eKIWI
╚══`.¸Kiwiland New Zealand MY HOME!!!

Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf Day 1,527, 10:48


Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,527, 11:06

Who says your better looking than me? At least I can drive a boat without sinking!
Too soon? LOL

Good article btw... I couldn't agree more.... Worst PTO EVER 😃

naxhi26 Day 1,527, 12:06

Good to see you again mate, great to have a friendly face back in kiwi land!

Milanovic Nikola
Milanovic Nikola Day 1,527, 13:45

Xanthar's comment won xD PS: CC I wait you on #nzarmy 😃

Super Christopher
Super Christopher Day 1,527, 15:19


Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom Day 1,527, 21:10

Crusadercarl speaks the truth.
Serbs are fine
eNZ isn't a Serbia puppet nation, we just help each other in wars sometimes.
The only people who say eNZ is controlled by Serbia are people who have never talked to eNew Zealand players

kowalski_afc Day 1,527, 21:23

How many PTOers at one place 😛
It was great to be a part of you guys. If i ever leave the game, i'm planning to bury myself at eNZ. Hope you will allow me that 😉

Crusadercarl Day 1,527, 21:35

Xanther's mother left a pair of her panties at my place that are large enough to put u in them and give u a viking funeral kowalski_afc:D

bandigarf Day 1,528, 04:30

"Yes, we have a Serbian majority here in eNZ. But I can assure you Serbian eKiwis do not control eNZ."

I'm not assured.

DOBRSbanovani Day 1,528, 04:31


Koska de STRAH
Koska de STRAH Day 1,528, 05:10

Nice article bro \o/

srg91 Day 1,528, 06:10

oh CC you Serb puppet 😛, no I joke, I agree with what CC is saying 100%. These eKiwis has worked hard to keep NZ functional and looks after NZ extremely well.

Prince Dobroslav of Serbia
Prince Dobroslav of Serbia Day 1,528, 11:33

Long live Kiwiland! o/

MjoyReborn Day 1,529, 06:11

everyone loves it ... hm kiwiland l want to said,not CC : P

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,544, 06:58

Oi... that's must messed up bro! I mean, me Mum is big, but not THAT big 😛

McGinty.dc Day 1,877, 12:39


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