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The Embassy of eIndonesia to eVenezuela: Greetings

Day 1,884, 01:07 Published in Venezuela Indonesia by Janisatya Dido Pranata


Peace be upon you.
First, I would like to thank to Mr. President and all Congressmen for approving my citizenship application.

Okay, let me introduce myself. 😃 My name is Janisatya Dido Pranata. I am the new eIndonesian Ambassador to eVenezuela. Actually, this is my first time to be an Ambassador, and it is an honor to be here. I've heard so many great stories about this country; about how friendly their people are, about tourist places that are worth visiting, about how beautiful their girls are 😛, etc.

That is why when Rudywi, January-February 2013 eIndonesian Minister of Foreign Affair, told me that I was selected to be Ambassador to eVenezuela, I was very surprised and enthusiastic at the same time. After doing interview (well, besides as a politician, I am also a journalist) with the former eIndonesian President, Si Bujel, in Tamil Nadu, eIndia, I rushed home to Java, eIndonesia, to prepare all the equipments that may be needed.

I went to Caracas on the same day, thanks to the preparedness of all staffs both in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the eIndonesian Embassy to eVenezuela. I must say, that was a very long and tiring flight. Just imagine, I had to be on the plane for about 36 hours! Uuhhh.. 😠 . But I was little bit amused when I heard some songs from my idol band, NOAH. 🙂

I finally arrived in Simón Bolívar International Airport at noon. And do you know what is my first thought when the first time I set foot in eVenezuela? I thought: oh My God, the girls are so beautiful! They are as if angels without wings! 😛

The truth is, I hoped that I will be picked up by one of them. But then, when I looked around for pickups, someone called me. And you know what? He is a man. 😑

He drove me to the Embassy and all of staffs welcomed me there. eIndonesian people are always kind and friendly where ever they are. It is one of reasons why I am so proud to be eIndonesian. 🙂

Okay, back to the main issue. As an Ambassador, I have several things to do. They are:
1) Creating new Dialogue options for the Executive Branch of the eGovernment, by getting to know other members of the country that I'm assigned to;
2) Reporting on major events happening in eVenezuela regularly, even events of a moderate nature that maybe interesting to know.
3) Reporting in an Office on the eIndonesian MoFA Room (IRC server Rizon) those events, to my Deputy Chairman in order to see what eIndonesia will do regarding the situation.
4) Helping CP and the other executive brach of the Government in eVenezuela if they need help and always keep in touch with them at IRC room, PM, or Forum.
5) As a communication bridge between the government of eIndonesia and the government of eVenezuela.
6) Introducing variety of eIndonesian cultures to the people of eVenezuela; and
7) Promoting tourism places in eIndonesia to eVenezuelan citizens.

I will do my best for them.

The Embassy of eIndonesia to eVenezuela will always open the gate for any eVenezuelans who want to know more about eIndonesia. I also would like to apologize profusely if there is something in my greetings above which does not fit to the eVenezuelan custom or offend the eVenezuelan citizens.

Peace and friendship from eIndonesia! 😃

Best Regards,

Janisatya Dido Pranata


OdagiriJoe Day 1,884, 01:09

pertamax di venezuela

seiceleng Day 1,884, 01:41


Jus Apel
Jus Apel Day 1,884, 01:46

hail Justin Bieber!!! o:

Rey David 67
Rey David 67 Day 1,884, 01:48

Welcome my friend!!! My best regards you can count with the eVenezuela Government.

akmalaputra Day 1,884, 02:01

votedd \o/

giladahgua Day 1,884, 03:28


sacred459 Day 1,884, 07:37

o/ welcome!

Flowmillor Day 1,884, 08:46

Welcome \o/


Miss*AllSunday Day 1,884, 08:56

wheres d number ?


kq diganti nama korannya

El Chunior.
El Chunior. Day 1,884, 09:55

Welcome! I hope to know more about the history of your country

KIDE777 Day 1,884, 10:22

Good luck Di(l)do o7

theant Day 1,884, 11:08

wheres d number ?


kq diganti nama korannya >_< eaaagh ih diganti

/me duduk manis nunggu number :">

Miss*AllSunday Day 1,884, 13:53


knpa sie theant ikut2an teyus ih


elTripleD Day 1,884, 13:57


Janisatya Dido Pranata
Janisatya Dido Pranata Day 1,884, 16:23

@theant: Kemarin kusapa malah nanya, "Sapa ini?" 😑

adrianojdd Day 1,884, 16:36


Captain Beyler
Captain Beyler Day 1,884, 18:15

Hail eIndonesia.. brothers forever.

And Welcome to eVenezuela, Janisatya 😃

theant Day 1,885, 00:44

@allsunday g ikut2an kok :">

@JDP ih masa sich 😮 emg nyapa dmn 😮 nick irc na capa 😮

horeeeee kmren disapa JDP :">

Prabu Gatotkaca
Prabu Gatotkaca Day 1,885, 02:40

Gd luck man!
Jangan jadi maho y.. wkwkwk
untung MoFA di tempat ane cwe jadi bisa ngedate terus.. 😛

williamtrilobulo Day 1,885, 04:05

Welcome to Evenezuela ! 🙂

JxPgames Day 1,885, 17:37

Welcome to venezuela 😃

and yep, we have very beautiful girlds, I hope you enjoy seeing them xD

VX450 Day 1,885, 18:10


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