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Day 1,991, 10:13 Published in Romania United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

Today I’m writing to you about the recent battle in Poland, the loss of 10/10 bonuses and the political consequences of the battle. I also want to talk about the relationship between Romania and Poland and where it can go from here. These are two topics which are both sensitive and somewhat entwined, so I expect a lively response in the comments. Just try and keep it civil please.

To begin, what exactly happened? In short, the jugular vein of Poland, Saxony, was cut. This means that all Poland’s non-native bonuses are no longer linked to the capital in Mazuria and Poland has lost it’s 10/10 bonus for the first time in a long while. Militarily, the act isn’t enormously significant. Poland knew that having just 1 link between it’s German and native regions was risky, and has explored several backups through history. They are obviously angry that it’s been cut, but it’s not the end of the world, and they’ll easily re-establish control.

If that’s the case, then why does it feel like such a victory? The real reason for the battle is political. A last hurrah for EDEN, tweaking the nose of Poland, was irresistible to some, including several senior Romanian citizens. The presence of high ranking Romanians on the battlefield fighting against Poland so soon after the MPP was signed has raised hell amongst the Polish people and their congress. A better way to break up this fledgeling friendship couldn’t have been imagined.

Poland and Romania are somewhat hostile ingame anyway- the disagreements of old were one of the primary motivators for them leaving EDEN and forming ONE. They’ve fought one another several times since then and there’s no love lost on either side. However much both sides leadership want to try to finish that enmity and start afresh, there are always going to be teething problems. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and old enemies don’t become friends overnight.

A similar situation (ironically) occured when Poland left EDEN long ago. Many Poles, including some MUs, refused to accept the change and fight for ONE. It was a problem which was slowly overcome over time, as players made new friendships and fought alongside one another on the battlefield. There were incidents of Poles fighting Serbs on the battlefield well into the formation of ONE, out of loyalty to their Croatian brothers. Such loyalty is something which objectively I can admire.

These groups of dissidents are being exploited by certain high ranking world figures in order to attempt to divide Poland and Romania. They see the growing alignment of Romania with TWO as a massive threat to them, and it is. In fact it’s as big a threat to the world as the unification of Serbia and Poland over a year ago. Not just because Romania is a powerful country in its own right, but it’s acceptance into TWO’s ranks would be a signal to other EDEN countries that the possibility of TWO membership is not barred to them.

For this reason, certain people would do anything to prevent it from happening. Slander, blackmail, released logs, backroom deals- they will use any tool they can. However their greatest tool is to use these angry citizens as a living weapon. Their presence on the battleground probably wasn’t the deciding factor, but it was the most visible one. Thousands of Poles saw their 10/10 bonus taken by Romanians, and that is exactly what the point of the whole exercise was.

But these people represent a tiny minority of the country. How many Romanians fought FOR Poland, unannounced, unheralded, simply damage slowly ticking up. How many are keen to put the past behind them and start again? A majority of congress, for sure. The President, for sure. I believe a majority of ordinary citizens in both Romania and Poland see the potential to make something great, something new between them, and to show at the same time that old enemies can be new friends.

These sort of events are turning points on which the future of the game rests. It could be the pivot which swings public opinion away from a Romania-TWO alliance, as each side descends to bitter recriminations, blame and trolling. But why should the actions of a tiny few decide the foreign policy of tens of thousands of players? Does the dog wag the tail, or the tail wag the dog?

A pivot swings two ways, and we could just as easily take this and build on it. Nobody thought that an alliance would spring full grown from the ground. Romania can help Poland regain their bonus. They can show that the minority does not rule the majority. Wars are fought in the heart as much as on the battlefield. We already have a massive advantage on the field, but the battle for the soul of TWO is far from over. So let’s take this moment, and turn toward greater unity and cooperation.

Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated.


Ps for those of you international readers who missed it, here is a Romanian viewpoint.


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,991, 10:15


Dozzer_x Day 1,991, 11:52


Fail Loland.

Clydeo Day 1,993, 13:45

Epic fail by Loland

Magic Day 1,991, 10:21

Good article, however I hope that kind of actions will not happen in the future anymore 😛

Arrlo Day 1,991, 10:22

Dream on! 🙂

Magic Day 1,991, 10:25

That's just a dream, and dreams come true 😉 I'd like to see Croatia on our side too, and reunity of POW with PGB.

Arrlo Day 1,991, 10:26

What a cute dreamer you are, people like you make the world better o/~

krispo Day 1,991, 12:35

Don't say POW, say Crolacks as you used to before...

Magic Day 1,991, 12:35

I believe these dreams can come true if we continue our friendship with Romania 🙂

Magic Day 1,991, 12:37

Then Crolaks krispo 🙂 I don't care about the name, as soon as you're against ePoland and TWO you also won't be treated equal in immigration, I just say what I want to see, not what is now 😉

krispo Day 1,991, 12:34

Comment deleted

thaddaus Day 1,992, 09:32

FAR is here to make your life misarable, we will rw all your regions and be sure we will won again

Magic Day 1,992, 10:27

Stop kidding, that's more funny and pethetic than true ;P

Minino. Day 1,991, 10:23


Arrlo Day 1,991, 10:23

"Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated."

Iain I'm actually gagging at your hypocrisy here.

nW0lf Day 1,991, 10:23


ScottCoyleSr Day 1,991, 10:26

"Thousands of Poles saw their 10/10 bonus taken by Romanians, and that is exactly what the point of the whole exercise was."

Really? It was FAR's birthday and we celebrated by taking the biggest challenge there was. Period. Stop creating all this drama and conspiracies.

Kheshig Day 1,991, 10:40

So you are actually saying that you fought AGAINST your current ally?

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,991, 10:43

a long time enemy doesn't become friend over night just by signing a political mpp with it - taken from that article

Kheshig Day 1,991, 10:53

I guess your unit is on the refund, which means you use your country resources to maintain your unit fighting capabilities. You are to obey your country decisions as long as your country finances you - if you think otherwise candidate yourself on the next elections, win and change your country's politics or become a mercenary. What you did is an act of treason.

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,991, 10:56

you are completely right.

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,991, 11:33

I actually didn't wanted to reply but I just saw the same stupid reply on youtube again. Just like you can't tell someone "if you don't like a song then go ahead and write a better one", you also can't say "if you don't like the people in charge, then get involved and change them". It's not the same with "if you don't like it, then do it yourself". I don't give a flying crap about politics. FAR never got involved in politics, cause we don't care about it. And I always considered everyone is good at different things. I know my limitations and therefore I don't do stuff that I know I can't handle. The cp should do that to. Just because he controls controls the majority of the congress to pass laws it doesn't mean the majority of the country agrees with him. So he failed at his job to make us all agree with what he wanted to do. He just forced the change. If he's in charge he should take that into consideration before doing shit, which he didn't.

As for treason, yes we're all traitors. Look for the complete lists in that article.

And since I wrote this big ass comment, FAR is not founded by the gov. That's the best one I ever heard.

Alex.L Day 1,991, 11:42

"a long time enemy doesn't become friend over night just by signing a political mpp with it - taken from that article"

But you haven't ruled out possibility to become friends again. That's what is this article all about 🙂

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,991, 14:15

been there, done that. who betrays once will do it again

Kheshig Day 1,991, 14:28

I never told that FAR was founded by gov, I said that I suppose that you get funds from the gov. You receive orders from your unit commander, your unit commander receives order from MoD. And I'm pretty sure that Romanian MoD did not tell you to fight against Poland in Saxony. IF you receive funds from gov, you are to obey their commands. If you can make funds all by your self, you can do whatever you want. That's the difference between a traitor and a freelancer/mercenary. Romanian CP should take you off the fund list and ban your unit from eRomanian army, if you are a part of it, I don't know.

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,991, 17:18

didn't bothered to correct that founded into funded cause I thought the mistake was obvious .. then again a lot of things should've been obvious. and since you don't know, stop making suppositions

however is still the best one I ever heard about us getting funds from gov

cc1432 Day 1,992, 02:47

Kheshig in Romania most MUs are independent financially from the Gov etc, but some MUs are just to big and powerful and can do whatever they want as long as there is unity in their ranks. We are not eRomanians, we are firstly "Templieri", FARisti, FSRisti and secondly eRomanians. Sometimes our interests align with those of the majority sometimes not and events like Saxony unfold. This is just how our community has evolved over the past 4 - 5 years. Why this happened, is another discussion and I surely don't have all the answers....

Kheshig Day 1,992, 03:13

"...we are firstly "Templieri", FARisti, FSRisti and secondly eRomanians." You are doing it wrong : )

thaddaus Day 1,992, 09:33

EXACTLY, Loland NEVER ever be our ally 🙂

Kolorowy Day 1,994, 09:58

"a long time enemy doesn't become friend over night just by signing a political mpp with it - taken from that article"

unless it's being done for the greater benefit of EDEN and you all got great friends with the Turks just overnight 😉 same old shitty EDEN hypocrisy 😉 be proud of it, nothing else left

Kheshig Day 1,992, 09:42

Poland IS Romanian ally. If you don't like it go to China or else.

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,992, 10:55

wrong. it's the cp's ally. no one asked us if we want this two-three-four crap. no referendum, nothing. actually all UMs told him not to make a mockery of RO

Kheshig Day 1,992, 10:58

you chose your CP.

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,992, 17:06

Comment deleted

ScottCoyleSr Day 1,992, 17:08

How people get elected is a subject way too complex for a comment; you'll see for yourself how things work in time if you haven't already, Especially with 2 faced people that say something and do something else while screwing everyone just to achieve what THEY want. And EVEN if he would've been chosen in a fair way that still doesn't give him the right to do whatever he wants and then to point and blame anyone who doesn't follow him blindly. I consider the subject closed. The point was to have fun on our bd and to take the biggest challenge hitting an enemy. Don't expect any more replies from me. I already gave to many and usually I don't bother to comment at all. Have fun.

Ashkoort Day 1,991, 10:28


M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,991, 10:29

Iain 😁 that pixel forgot to take his pills 🙂))), and u can see a german comment 🙂)
The vast majority of Romanian citizens are ashamed of this action, and a lot of them fought alongside Poland.

- article published 7 hours ago
- 64 votes

end of quote.
So actually they are a minority 🙂))), and we voted that also.
.res poland on irc:D priceless.

Alina V
Alina V Day 1,991, 10:30

Made my day with that glorious link, Your perfect eRomanian shaking his tail : ))

Remember the day, Second of May!
Force Fame FAR!

vejderr Day 1,991, 10:34

At least some reason.

Wildrunner Day 1,991, 10:40

So in short, all it took was one tiny tiny minority of Romanians to beat Poland + TWO + Romania. Nice.

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 1,991, 10:46

Yes, kind of unexpected. : D

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 1,991, 10:47

: )))

dragan4s Day 1,991, 10:47

romper,coder and 3 romanians spending a lot

basic instinct
basic instinct Day 1,991, 15:56

and some bulgarians

vali105 Day 1,992, 01:53

im surprised myself how easy it was for one strong MU and few other strong players to beat Poland and TWO lmao
But then again remember how easy it was for China to beat TWO+CoT when poland tried to break china.
That was even more hilarious 😛

Klimentie Day 1,993, 14:04

most of the CoT countries were neutral or were fighting in the Russians RWs during that period

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 1,991, 10:42


estroe Day 1,991, 10:47

FAR+Friends > Loland + whoever fought for them

oboj Day 1,991, 10:48

Instead of admitting that Poland has been humiliated by a group of players who call themselves friends we read article about 'My precious' (read bonus)
and ALL the Friends!

vejderr Day 1,991, 11:13

lol c'mon, was it about humiliation? I fought to my best abilities, I don't feel humiliated by you.

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