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The Economist ~ Strategy and friendships in foreign policy

Day 1,684, 13:32 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

I’m going to bore you with some abstract philosophising today. Every country has two faces- and internal face and an external one. The internal face is the one most people in that country will see. A mix of personal friendships, culture and environment which creates the feel of a country. It is the face that has all the dirty politics, the arguments over supplies, the moaning about leaders and the squabbles over who is in charge. The external face is the face seen by countries abroad, and really it is the polar opposite.

To ordinary citizens the only window into a country is through their damage. To some citizens who have travelled, they might also have a glimpse through the borrowed eyes of journalists they have subscribed to - provided they are writing a language which can be understood. To high level diplomats and country presidents, the external face of the country is visible. That external face is a mix of expectation and reality. Commitments made, and help offered. It often manifests in the form of old, reliable players who you can contact time and again. These players provide in a sense a public face for the country that can be identified and negotiated with- a constant.

Because of this, bonds form between players at the high levels. A surprising amount of alliances have been born or forged simply because individual A likes individual B and invited them along to the party. The importance of friendship in international relations is always underestimated, because those friendships can call armies, summon assistance and change the face of the world a lot more easily than any official agreements will. Because unlike a treaty obligation, a friendship is made by the people concerned and stands the change of governments.

On the other hand, strategy also plays an incredibly important role in foreign policy. Geographic distribution of your neighbours, potential for expansion, non-aggression agreements and mutually beneficial pacts are the bread and water of international politics. For example, take Slovenia. Surrounded by Croatia, Hungary and Serbia, it’s necessary for Slovenia to be allied with at least one of the three to protect it against the others. In this case, it is allied with Serbia and Hungary. That is partly friendship, but also strategy.

In the UK we spent a long time totally isolated from help, wiped out. Strategically we should have stayed in Terra where we were protected on all sides by friends. But the friendships we had with Serbia and the need for an external enemy meant that was untenable in the long term. Now we are in ONE, our most important strategic allies in the region are Poland, underlined by relatively new but meaningful friendships between our two countries. Sitting on our Southern border, Poland is the guarantor of our freedom. Although there for its own reasons, it’s position protects us from French and Canadian aggression. Friendship with Poland will always be a deep-seated strategic goal for the UK. Yes there is friendship there, but also necessity, and a double-bound treaty is stronger. This is in my opinion honest politics. I am a friend to Poland because of personal friendships and the long time I spent there, but even without that there would be strong reasons to maintain that bond.

Been trying to put this into an article for a while now 😛

Let’s look at another type of relationship then, as an example. Indonesia is as far from the UK’s shores as it’s possible to be, and is another ally of ours. They entered ONE not long before the UK did, and much of that entry was orchestrated by me as SG of ONE. Our relationship is built on long lasting friendships between our two people. At a leadership level we’ve worked together for a long time, and have been allied since mid-2009. In that time we’ve built bonds of friendship which provide the basis of our relationship. Although it’s unlikely we’ll ever fight a war on the same continent nevermind against the same enemy, we remain allies and continue to fight for one another.

I’m not going to go through a list of every member of ONE and describe our relationship - I’ve done that in past articles. My point is that foreign policy is built on twin pillars of interest and friendship, and that both of these factors combined are the linchpin that holds together not only individual countries but also alliances. When it is no longer strategically necessary to be allied, or friendships begin to fray, then alliances collapse. For that reason Phoenix and its predecessor alliance PEACE both survived tough times only to collapse after major victories. When the need for defence isn’t there, and the friendships are atrophying, new alliances are formed. Ironically however both Terra and ONE were born out of the remnants of those friendships.

As we move on the UK must of course look to our strategic interests. Our survival as a country relies on us maintaining good relations with at least some of our neighbours. Even with our agreement with Ireland we have two neighbours who have consistently shown an interest in taking our regions from us. We need to acknowledge that the presence of strategic allies discourages attacks and in turn allows us to project our own damage through MPP battles abroad.

Anyone else see this? Back to the Future is now in the past, and still no flying skateboards 🙁

On the other hand this is an uncertain world and whereas strategic necessity can change, friendships are forever. Friendships that have taken years to build across multiple alliances shouldn’t be tossed away- they’re too valuable for that. When the UK entered ONE it was sponsored by Poland, out of friendship. Serbia was the first country to vote yes, followed by Indonesia. We need to maintain our friendships because when it comes down to it we’re no strategic superpower, we’re a small island nation with a lot of enemies. Our friendships run both ways, and the UK has sacrificed itself countless times for our friends. Those sacrifices were all there to show our loyalty to our friends, and that has to be respected and nurtured.

Under my Presidency the UK will be focused on developing our own position both within the ONE group and within the world as a whole. It is desperately important that we protect our friendships, and that whatever happens we present a good face for our allies. That has basically been my job for the past three years, and it’s something I’d continue to do as President



Comments Day 1,684, 13:36

First denied

BD the White WOLF
BD the White WOLF Day 1,684, 13:37

It's fake. The movie is set on 2015.

Spite313 Day 1,684, 13:39


I thought BBC Radio 2 would be accurate. Still, I couldn't think of any good images to go with random abstract articles about foreign affairs

TemujinBC Day 1,684, 13:42

Yeah, I thought it was 2015 for back to the future also.

Poland is no threat to Canada lol

Thomas765 Day 1,684, 13:43



VonEich Day 1,684, 13:45

@ Iain,

what about this one, thats pretty random:


Boban Mitrovski
Boban Mitrovski Day 1,684, 13:55

Good Luck my friend !!

Vote !!

KA ZETRO Day 1,684, 14:09


Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,684, 14:18

@Iain Keers

Be nice to Belgium, or Lily will be sad.


N W G Day 1,684, 14:26

You dont mention the dangers of friendship,

If a friend ask you to follow them down a path you would feel the need to follow and perhaps only see the path from their view.

Such consequences can hurt a nation for a life time. Thus isnt it better to ignore all international friendships and just worry about whats good for the UK and build new friendships to adapt to this change ?

Snugz Day 1,684, 14:44

V o7

Stef40 Day 1,684, 14:52


Spite313 Day 1,684, 15:14

Not really NWG. The UK is no superpower, our friendships are built on years of trust and investment. We're not going to get very far with strategy alone, and nobody is going to fight with the same vigour for paper allies as they will for friends.

N W G Day 1,684, 15:39

But we as a nation seem to have a few friends perhaps wishing to pull us in different directions. No matter the side that chosen friendly nations will be let down. So thus why i would have thought it would have been better to take that step back and see whats better for us as a nation.

No matter the step we take there will be friends on either side,

Niemand Day 1,684, 16:51

I do think the steps a nation makes must be one where friendship and commitment is more important than short time interest of the nation. Just a few days ago eFrance wanted a region swap that would give us grain resource. eFrance is not a friend anymore (sad thing), and eBelgium and eNetherlands would loose both a region. eBelgium is a friend, so that was a big con. eNetherlands would be wiped by one of their allies (eFrance) and eNetherlands is fighting aggainst ONE (a big pro*2). Voted down!

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,684, 19:57

If the eUK stayed in Terra, you probably could've had eBelgium all to yourselves.

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,684, 20:46

Your media campaign is unrelentlessness, you might wanna try addressing some of the issues raised in the comments of previous articles properly before moving on - but I'm assuming you have done a voter gain/loss analysis of answering questions verses writing more articles and decided simply writing more stuff down will get you more votes. Sadly you'll probably win with this approach.

vladb Day 1,684, 22:36

"Friendship with Poland ...".."When the UK entered ONE it was sponsored by Poland, out of friendship" .
Don't make people laugh .

How many times did Junior tried to sign MPP with Poland and was denied ?

I get it that you went into politics but ..friendship with Poland for UK ?Common.

Alphabethis Day 1,685, 12:46

this article is brainless, pure final product of digestive aparatus

Alphabethis Day 1,685, 12:56

can i give a negative point,? this deserves it

Maegalodonus Day 1,685, 15:28

I agree with the whales guy above

klop123 Day 1,685, 20:24

Poland is no threat to Canada lol x2

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