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The Economist ~ On the expulsion of USA from Sirius

Day 2,383, 10:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

I owe an explanation for the recent events in eRep, and I will get to the exact circumstances of the event which led to the USA being expelled from the alliance. To begin with though, some background.

When Sirius was forming, USA was always a candidate for membership. I worked closely with their leaders, and despite past issues we had built up a mutual trust and friendship which I felt was a strong basis for an alliance. The USA made it very clear that they were aware of past foreign affairs mistakes, but that was all in the past. They proved that time and again as the alliance was formed and successive US governments were both friendly and supportive of allies. I give particular mention to Artela and WildOwl who were omnipresent in government, communicating with the alliance.

This month however this was not the case. From the off, communication with the American government has been non-existent. We have had no contact with the government through in game media, forums or IRC except during the weekly meetings. No plans were shared or followed by the USA. I put the blame for this at the feet of the President, MollyEmma, who seems inactive and passive-aggressive about defending her inactivity. I’ve spoken to her half a dozen times this month at most, and usually to complain about her attitude towards the alliance, which has been distant at best.

The Timeline

The events leading to the bust up last night began with the invasion of Argentina by Spain. This move was taken by Spain because at the time Brazil, also a member, was occupied by Argentina with no apparent means of escape. The plan was that Spain would attack, opening a second front and freeing Brazil. That plan spectacularly backfired, and Brazil eventually left the alliance and then backstabbed Spain by MPPing Argentina, the country Spain kamikazi’d to help Brazil.

With Spain wiped, the priority then became freeing them. It was clear to everyone that the only country capable of doing this was the USA, as they were the only nation with a border. When this was first pointed out to Molly in chat, she became very aggressive and insinuated that she would not help Spain because Poland had been in talks about an unrelated NAP. In fact her response on whether USA would consider helping Spain was “No”, with the reasoning that they would be looking to their own security. Obviously this was a terrible attitude, and was compounded further when a few hours later the USA NE’d Canada, meaning freeing Spain before congress was now impossible.

As a result of this negative attitude, I called an emergency meeting the following day. In this meeting we again asked Molly what her reasoning was not to support Spain. After a heated argument, she backtracked and said that she would support Spain in a direct war if all allies supported her. Every country in the alliance promised full support, even if that cost bonuses or loss of core regions, because for us freeing Spain was a strategic necessity. Molly agreed that as soon as the Canadian war was over, she would launch NE against Argentina in combination with RWs from Spain.

The next step in this saga came a few days later, when the Canadian NAP/peace treaty was signed between USA and Canada. Molly did not inform any other Sirius country about this NAP, and the HQ found out about it by reading the media. Sirius had a full alliance meeting the previous day, and when asked whether there was anything to report, USA mentioned several issues but the concept of a Canadian NAP was never raised, despite the fact talks had apparently been going on for some time. After the NAP was signed, I asked Molly why she hadn’t bothered to tell us about it despite the fact it is required for all NAPs to be approved by HQ and by members. She said that the reason it wasn’t brought up at the meeting is that the other USA reps had not been informed it was going to happen, and “I am president and they wouldn;t have been authorized to talk about it regardless” (a direct quote). She didn’t offer any excuse for why she hadn’t herself brought it to us.

The following day, Molly published a NAP with Argentina in the media. Again we had heard nothing about it, and Molly had not mentioned it despite the fact that we had a fight about this exact topic the previous day. The NAP was effectively a backstab of Spain, since she had previously promised to help them with an NE. It was also unapproved, and she had not communicated with anyone about it. However there was no official response from Molly about it until the following day.

Yesterday, on the 29th, USA attended an emergency meeting where Molly presented several arguments for the NAP which I’ll discuss in detail below. Needless to say, nobody was convinced by this. However despite me being extremely angry, people did offer diplomatic solutions. The NAP simply had to go - it was a breach of Sirius policy, a betrayal of a member, and Spain themselves were considering leaving the alliance over it. However Molly refused to negotiate, or even admit the NAP was a mistake. Either she has zero political acumen at all, or it was a deliberate attempt to offend her allies as much as possible. She then left the meeting, and a vote was held whereby countries unanimously voted to expel USA.

The arguments

The first argument was that the USA would not receive support in the campaign (if it happened) because of potential wars in Croatia and Turkey. Croatia and Turkey were extremely offended by this, since both had made it clear that they would put the alliance ahead of their own personal interests from the beginning. All countries reaffirmed that they would support the war even if it meant temporary wipe for them.

The second argument was that there was no plan in place for a liberation. Despite the fact the Military Commander was eAmerican, there was a plan in place for liberation and we were ready. However Molly made no attempt to communicate or discuss plans, and so I can only assume her ignorance comes from this.

The third argument was that the NAP was the first step into freeing Spanish regions by diplomacy, and that USA was negotiating on behalf of Spain to free regions. However, Spain had not consented or been informed of any negotiations on their behalf. In addition, Argentine officials deny this utterly. Spain was not mentioned at all during the NAP, and in fact one official clarified that one of the purposes of the NAP was to allow Argentina to keep permawipe on Spain, and that Molly was aware of this.

The final argument was that Americans had been offended by a previous NAP negotiated between Poland and other countries in Sirius and Asteria. However this NAP was discussed by the alliance over a significant period of time and rejected. Poland’s CP stood by this and scrapped the NAP entirely when it was not met with approval by his peers. Molly did not discuss the Argentine NAP with anyone, and didn’t even post it to the alliance after she signed it- the only communication we had was through the ingame newspaper of the state department.

The Conclusions

It is my belief that the USA did not act badly in this, MollyEmma did. Her actions destroyed the foreign affairs work of months by hardworking members of the US administration. Even at the end, she refused to negotiate or compromise, forcing the alliance into a position where the choices were to disband altogether or expel USA. She withheld information from her government, forbade them to talk to allies and then used executive power to sign NAPs without speaking to allies.

I do not hold the USA responsible for her actions, and I’m deeply saddened that it came to this. I am not sure what she has told her own citizens, but my feeling is that she has lied to them as she lied to us. The major criticism of the USA internationally is that foreign affairs is a bottleneck for them- only a small number of citizens had access to the alliance channel, and so the information which was fed back to congress and the people was fed through only a small number of people.

I hope that this candid response will be more positive than negative. Many within the alliance felt that it was better not to talk about it, since it’s best to keep this sort of thing private to avoid damaging relations further. We decided to keep quiet about Brazil, but on a personal level I refuse to let one person destroy a relationship which has been building for nearly six months now.

To all my American friends: I am deeply sorry.

To Molly: this is entirely your doing.




Kattiaa Day 2,383, 10:50


BigAnt Day 2,383, 16:18

basically Keers inactivity killed the alliance...

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,383, 17:35

ohai BA!

Kattiaa Day 2,384, 05:04

LOL 😃 😮
U just voted ur own post :DDDDDDDDDDD

klop123 Day 2,383, 10:55

Interesting! Voted!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,383, 16:36

a lot of fine lies, using half trues. Goebbels would've been proud XD

klop123 Day 2,383, 16:42

Voted for that reason ~_^

Never interrupt enemies while they are making a mistake 😛

LordRahl2 Day 2,383, 20:29

Thank you Klop.

Poor 'sad tears' Ian. His attempt to tell half truths has been called out by friend and foe alike.

DMV3 Day 2,383, 23:37

I would like to thank Sirius for helping fulfill my master plan, but they do realize there is no NAP between the eUS and eCanada, right?

N W G Day 2,384, 08:57

The whole background to mistrust of keers towards the USA is based on a signed NAP the USA and Canada both say doesnt exsist. But Keers says it does exist so therefore it must.

And it must exist because if it didnt then it means the foundations for throwing USA out is based on a LIE and we all know keers doesnt lie..... Dont we ?

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,383, 10:59

LOL, now Brazil backstabbed Spain?

Want to discuss the NAP deals between Spain and Argentina with Sirius blessing?
Or the NAP's the spaniard offered before last 25?

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,383, 11:03

I do find it interesting that Turkey was to support an invasion of Argentina.
Let's see how that goes.

Mr YYY Day 2,383, 11:34

Turkey is Sirius member, what else you expected them to support?

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,383, 11:37

Argentina would not attack Turkey no matter what or who asked.
That they do so, and for Spain, is a huge dissapointment.

Mr YYY Day 2,383, 11:47

So if Slovenia asked you to attack directly Turkey for Congress, what would you do?

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,383, 11:55

Personally? Now? I would do it. In the past I probably would not have even considered it (I probably would have tried to help Slovenia in other way)

Spite313 Day 2,383, 14:14

Turkey agreed to support USA via MPP. Arg supports many battles via MPP against old allies. I doubt they would agree to a direct war.

Mr. Indigo
Mr. Indigo Day 2,383, 17:11

Iain Keers is full of shit, dude. Don`t mind him.

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 2,383, 14:45

lol Spain just atacked Argentina because they knwe they were next.

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,388, 02:07

In 8 months we never were the "next". Anyway lesson learnt, good luck 😉

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 2,383, 11:01

Brazil - lol country with 0 amount of character. murica - just pathetic. I used to look up to USA in this game. They were fun back in the terra times. Now, you can't even lol at them.

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,383, 13:45

they've got a monk in charge!!

Sir Rodrik
Sir Rodrik Day 2,383, 17:31

Yeah a Romanian talking...

King Trito Fisher
King Trito Fisher Day 2,383, 11:02

Good riddance!

An Sluagh
An Sluagh Day 2,383, 11:04


Nane Vutov
Nane Vutov Day 2,383, 11:04

I don't know...

Bad decision for Sirius, in my opinion. It would be better to froze the membership of US. One bad president doesn't make the whole country bad.

The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 2,383, 11:05


Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,383, 11:06

This is quite funny lol


Saiwun Day 2,383, 11:06

LOL... if the US is not to blame, just wait 'til a change in administration!

Code-Y Day 2,383, 11:06

We're still bffs keers ;3

Gnilraps Day 2,383, 11:07


I trust Molly's version.

The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 2,383, 11:12

what was her version?

Massacar Day 2,383, 11:16

Please post so we can read this other version.

HeapSeppo Day 2,383, 11:45

Not even I have heard her full story. The one she went to media with was angled to make it appear like we decided to leave, not that we were kicked.

BigAnt Day 2,383, 16:22

I agree keers inactivity killed alliance really

Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 2,383, 11:07


The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,383, 11:08

US was actually negotiating on Spain's behalf. With US out of Sirius, that item is out now, ofc.

Kapten Johnson
Kapten Johnson Day 2,383, 11:55

Even if they did, they did so without anyone in the alliance knowing. And did not ask Spain if they should.

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,383, 12:00

They did, I've seen the logs (I guess US can disclose them now, TBH).

And Argentina would not negotiate with Spain.

On ALL the last NAP offers Spain made this last months, Argentina only attended cause Poland negotiated for Spain, or because Greece asked.

Kapten Johnson
Kapten Johnson Day 2,383, 12:05

Then they should've made that clear to the rest of the alliance. And I know that they did not.

The fact that Argentina wouldn't negotiate with Spain has nothing to do with this.

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,383, 12:53

Can't comment on why they did not, I have no idea.

But it does have everything to do with it: Argentina did not trusted Spain on anything, so someone has to guarantee for them.

Kapten Johnson
Kapten Johnson Day 2,383, 13:03

Sure, but the point is they did not communicate with the alliance. If they'd have discussed the matter with the alliance before signing the NAP, this might not have happend.

Thedillpickl Day 2,383, 11:10

Ah ha! It's all Canada's fault!

Dio Corkan
Dio Corkan Day 2,383, 12:30

Long live free eCanada 7

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 2,383, 13:21

How does this happening to us that we're the ones who are screwing up everything. Now we done goofed up an alliance we weren't part of 😃

Dillan Stone
Dillan Stone Day 2,383, 15:16

Canada. Ho's before Bro's since 1775.

Thedillpickl Day 2,383, 17:57

It comes with the territory. We look guilty.

RaccoonGoon Day 2,383, 14:57

Nice job guys. If anything, this does make the game a lot more interesting all of a sudden.

NueveOcho Day 2,383, 11:14

"The first argument was that the USA would not receive support in the campaign (if it happened) because of potential wars in Croatia and Turkey."

We've to admit that is a great point actually.

Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Day 2,383, 22:21

'No, Turkey would not have fought against Austria, and Crotia would not have fought against Monetenegro. They are all lies spread by evil Serbs, bla bla bla.'

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