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The Economist ~ Notes on Imperium

Day 2,073, 11:09 Published in China United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

Let me tell you a story. A couple years ago when work as manager (WAM) was first taking off and people were making a lot of money, I hatched a plan. The idea was called the imperium project, and the purpose (much like Legion) was to make a military unit which was supplied by a group of leaders with companies. The idea was each unit involved would have 100-200 Q4 WRM companies, meaning a joint income for the unit of about 50-60 gold a day, which would pay for one of the best supplied units around, capable of building itself further at the same time it did significant damage.

Now this project was somewhat scuppered by changes in the value of WRM and people involved gradually losing interest. It survived to a certain extent through TUP’s 12th Division, but the point is, Imperium died. Still, it became common in the UK for those associated with the project to plaster IMPERIUM everywhere in article comments. Imagine my surprise then when players around the world seemed to gain a sudden interest in an old pet project of mine!

The Imperium alliance was based on absolutely nothing but air. It’s “members” weren’t even particularly close, and the whole thing was born out of two things: Croatia wanting to reclaim its place in the global alliance structures, and Spain wanting out of TWO. Frankly the rest of the countries were disinterested at best, and outright hostile to the idea in most cases. Poland listened because Poland has had a rough month and is fed up of other countries in TWO being a bit of a circus (ala Serbia), and Hungary perhaps because the leadership there disliked the Serbo-Romanian MPP and likes MKD a little bit too much. But there was no plan behind it, and it was doomed to fail before it was born.

Now let’s jump from the symptoms to the cause. It’s clear that TWO is broken internally, and problems have been rearing their head for months now. Spain is deeply divided and factionalised, and with Serbia falling into a similar state it’s created an unholy mess that’s going to take months to sort out. The likes of Siddy (who essentially did my job and dug ONE’s grave), though somewhat marginalised, still hold power in Spain through others. They’re always there chipping away at the proTWO people and throwing up alternatives, whatever they may be, in order to try and get Spain away from the Serbs.

Spain needs to make a decision here. There are two paths before them: the first involves them stepping away from TWO altogether and maintaining MPPs with whoever will have them. The second involves them showing a wholehearted commitment to the alliance. To every other country in TWO, this Imperium is the latest of many attempts by Spain to sit in two camps, and just gives the impression they’re only sitting in TWO for security until something better comes along. That’s unacceptable, and it’s unacceptable to have a country in the alliance which is unreliable in it’s motivations. Spain has been the backbone of TWO in the past, and could be again. But first the players there need to retake control of their country and show it has a backbone of its own: commit to your alliance.

I’ve already wrote about Serbia, so I’m not going to repeat myself at length. But there too problems persist. As I feared, many took the suicide of HanibalLA as an excuse to make the same old fights, rather than use it as a chance to be the bigger man and put the old scars behind them. TWO needs all its members to be united - at least in terms of foreign affairs - to stand a chance. Nothing is more poisonous than an alliance that interferes in the internal affairs of its members. But who can blame them, when the outcome of elections may decide who the country fights for that month.

The collapse of Imperium has shown us a path best left unwalked, and given us clear indicators about the problems TWO faces as an alliance. We shouldn’t squander that knowledge, we should use it. On the 5th of August we elect new Presidents, and their first act must be a firm declaration of intent: are you in or out. There can be no more indecision - an old saying is that those who walk down the middle of the road get run over. A TWO without dilettante members might be slimmer and less powerful on the damage sheets, but it’ll be stronger and more effective internally.




Oblige Day 2,073, 11:14

As usual, a good read.

DevaJr Day 2,073, 11:16


Blakasuta Day 2,073, 11:43

gagal Gan \o/

DevaJr Day 2,073, 11:57

damn 😑

Petsku Day 2,073, 11:22

I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me..

Atracurium Day 2,073, 11:26

May I touch you?

Minino. Day 2,073, 11:32

Miau. Not bad

BigAnt Day 2,073, 11:33

come to leeds you wimp

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 2,073, 11:34

Blakasuta Day 2,073, 11:42

I like your articles so much.

klop123 Day 2,073, 12:20

Great read!

vladb Day 2,073, 13:12

"Spain ... only sitting in TWO for security until something better comes along. "
It's been like this for some time now .

HumbleBe Day 2,073, 13:46

Interesting how it has grown into a problem NOW and not before..

HumbleBe Day 2,073, 13:45

Another nice read. Cheers, Iain : )

JyM23 Day 2,073, 15:31


Jermu Kaaleppi
Jermu Kaaleppi Day 2,073, 15:35

this article gave me aids

bernoldi_salieri Day 2,073, 16:03


MaryamQ Day 2,073, 16:20

Always a pleasure to read your intelligent writing. Imperium always appeared to be strange bedfellows.. It's probably a good thing they called it off before the wedding.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 2,073, 16:22

I like you Iain but readers need to step back and ask how neutral you are.

Spite313 Day 2,073, 23:24

Neutral? I'm not neutral. I've been in the HQ of TWO for most of its life and I'm currently in the government of eC. I try to look at both sides but I'm definitely on one.

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 2,073, 16:37

A good read... two just needs to die so this game can become fun again 🙂

WayneKerr Day 2,073, 16:52

psssh, old news is old... by your standards iain, pretty lame article. No Wayne, no vote...

Spite313 Day 2,074, 04:04

I wish I could block you, horrible useless troll

WayneKerr Day 2,074, 11:33

so thinking this article is below your normal standard is classed as trolling nowadays?

... and please, you wish you could block me? You subbed to my paper and keeping sending me friend requests...

Teppishc Day 2,078, 23:26

If see that as trolling you might as well join New Era and the "oh they'reso mean to me" brigade

War3hous313 Day 2,073, 16:53

good as always 🙂

Galzra42 Day 2,073, 17:10

Thank you for this amazing article.

Here you can find the hungarian translation:

If you want to publish something in Hungary (original or hungarian language) just send me it in pm:)

RaccoonGoon Day 2,073, 18:27

Good article

Roman Daco
Roman Daco Day 2,074, 00:24

Romanian translation. Keep the good work!

Apollon the Magnificent
Apollon the Magnificent Day 2,074, 01:40


Marmaroth Day 2,074, 08:46


Nakts Pieder Putniem
Nakts Pieder Putniem Day 2,075, 03:58

Thanks for the article!


SrogiLusnia Day 2,076, 10:42

Good text V

Niemand Day 2,078, 23:16

Interesting, even after 6 days. Voted and shouted.

Mixliarder Day 2,078, 23:17

Don't worry. When Strider left, TWO is going better and better.

Teppishc Day 2,078, 23:24

I don't think anyone cares enough. Well written article, but yeah......

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