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The Economist ~ Looking across the pond

Day 2,253, 11:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

The USA is a big place. That’s what I always tell myself when I run through the list of trolls and generally unpleasant eUSA citizens I’ve had to talk to over the years. It’s a big place, and I shouldn’t judge the majority by the words and actions of a minority. In truth, over the years I’ve also met some great eMericans and even stolen a few of them away to the UK’s vicious heart. They’ve had their trials and tribulations, and have their flaws like we do. In fact we’re often accused of the same flaws - arrogance, unfriendliness and of course switching sides.

Well, such is life. For the past few months, ever since Serbia dropped out of the US war and left Poland to handle the occupation alone, the USA has been a good partner. They negotiated a treaty, which they respected. They communicated with people on our side of the pond. When the occupation finally ended, and Polish troops withdrew back to Europe, they didn’t take advantage, but rather approached us to extend the NAP for another month.

Now I think despite the deep-seated misgivings many of us in the UK have about our turbulent and hostile past relations with America, we can make some efforts to rebuild our relations. The threat of the USA’s presence has always been there for the UK- for a long time only the threat of a mass invasion from TWO kept them from steamrolling us for fun.

Nowadays, things are a little different. USA in the past would easily do five times our damage- now it’s more like double. At times, such as the Christmas competition, we even snuck up to sit right behind them in the country rankings. So whilst we’re not equals, we’re not (relatively) weaklings anymore.

We have had consistent good relations with several senior US officials, and the current CP is, believe it or not, SEKRIT BRIT SPY. We have a long history of RL Americans in the UK of course, and Emergy is probably the most trusted and liked guy in the UK. But Mr Owl is only the second Brit to perch his skinny behind on the American’s star spangled throne.

They’ve been helping us a lot in battles too - even before TWO went kaput there were American tanks doing billions in our campaigns. I’ve seen that repeated in the recent Canadian war, with many Americans supporting us in the conflict. Something I certainly appreciate considering doing so is overcoming a long period of hostility. For them so far, this hasn’t been a quid pro quo situation- they have given without any hope of gaining anything but goodwill. It would be churlish in the extreme not to grant them that.

Ergo I argue for an immediate MPP between the UK and the USA. Firstly to secure our Western border with an ally instead of a potential enemy. Secondly to build relations further with their leadership and citizens. Finally to repay them a debt of damage and gratitude which we owe them for their support in our wars.

Finally I’d also urge other governments involved in the NAP agreement with USA, who have also witnessed this good neighbourly spirit in person, to sign MPPs as well. The USA’s future as a nation might be uncertain, but what is certain is that they have shown us only goodwill since the end of the war. Time to build on that.




D.D.F Day 2,253, 11:58

hail uk
hail usa

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 13:14

one of the logically weakest articles. What's the point? USA , you are now smaller, ally with us ? or you were trolls but you are ok now ? We have met for long time.

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 13:16

whilst I was in eUK, I never met " arrogance, unfriendliness and of course switching sides." Much less in TUP party or in #irc.

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 13:16

YA KNOW, #euk , the channel where your criticism is so welcome

Othere Day 2,254, 13:56

Then you didnt get to know Keers very well, apparently. ❤

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 13:17

"USA is a big place" --> never, ever, start an article with something laughable due to being obvious or stupid. You could have improved it in many ways. But "USA is a big place" is simple enough to reveal lack of writing abilities till pretentious enough to reveal ... lack of writing abilities. "From coast to coast, it lies that giant we call America" would have been far better, and half a dozen of better starts.

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 13:23

the idea of allying USA is good.... but the idea of keeping TWO alive was better. But allying USA implies less friendship with sloserbia,...that's a great switch in foreing affair, a MACEDONIC shift, I'd say.

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 13:24

Food prices rises since in winter nothing grows ....and you need more calories to stay warm... (joke, bad joke but joke, ergo, don't laugh too hard )

Spite313 Day 2,253, 13:26

Alphabethis is Spanish just so everyone knows. I am blaming Spain for him.

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 13:57

I have tried to make any sense out of "blaming Spain for him",....perhaps, I'd understand it better after the acknowledgement that it's from the same author of "USA is a big place" (like a walmart or what ).

Spite313 Day 2,253, 14:53

Please don't comment on my articles, you are stupid and nobody cares about your opinion.

Orinocco Day 2,254, 04:46

Alphabetis, nobody likes you, nobody cares about what you have to say and your English is so bad I can't understand half the crap you write anyway.

BigAnt Day 2,254, 11:55

Alpha get lost

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 2,253, 12:00

hail hail \o/

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,254, 12:39

Another "things people have told me for years but I've just invented it" article from Iain.

Maybe the old Iain Keers got his account back so he doesn't know what new iain did and is now saying good things?

Spite313 Day 2,254, 14:26

Goku if you want to comment on an article, the box is at the bottom of the page. I'm sure these people don't appreciate you spamming their comments with your shit.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,254, 15:12

Jelly confirmed.

Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,253, 12:02

Good article as always, would be very interesting to see USA and UK MPP o/

jedimindtrick Day 2,253, 12:05

food prices rising?

Spite313 Day 2,253, 12:08

Rumour is there's going to be an epic comp/something with higher than normal consumption of food. I started stockpiling last Thursday just in case... hopefully turn a neat profit. If you're after tips, check the Q4 and Q6 markets- Q5 and Q7 usually goes first.

Pfeiffer. Day 2,253, 13:56

q2 has been good to me lately.

Alphabethis Day 2,253, 14:04

who buys q7? q3 and q2 are the best prize/recharge ratio

eisenmutter2 Day 2,253, 14:23

only because the company consumes more energy doesn't affect the max-recovery. just because you buy 100companies and work there only means you use your energy more for working and less for fighting.

if you still only can recover 2400x2 energy like now you still can only consume as much food as you do now = prices will not rise
and how you use the energy (for fighting, normal work or epic company will not have an effect on that)

however if admins raise the recoveryboost from 20/6min to 30 or more THEN you can recover more energy = consume more food = prces rise

eisenmutter2 Day 2,253, 14:36

only effect might be that people who now do not use as much energy as they could will maybe use the company and with that consume more food... dunno if that will have a big influence on prices... (probably less effect the change from 100recovery stored to max recovery stored had

Spite313 Day 2,253, 14:54

Captain obvious saves the day...

eisenmutter2 Day 2,253, 16:30

it was my pleasure.

btw there was really a guy some weeks ago who sold masses of q6 (like 10000-40000) at best prize in different countries for a while...

Invalidation Day 2,253, 12:12

I knew if I stayed on the same side for long enough then Artela would be forced to join my team again in time

Othere Day 2,253, 12:26

What a pleasant surprise!

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,253, 12:26


klop123 Day 2,253, 12:30

It's coming anyways

Bogi Day 2,253, 12:30

Surely you're not wasting time 🙂

ilphen Day 2,253, 12:33


DylanBAS Day 2,253, 12:31

I propose that this MPP/treaty be called the Tea Party Treaty

Shoi12 Day 2,253, 12:35

And then Canada gets permawiped
That's...typical >.>

DylanBAS Day 2,253, 12:41


Hale26 Day 2,253, 13:00

I hear India has some spots open.

Arrlo Day 2,253, 13:54

lol 🙂

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 2,253, 18:55

if the eUK is involved, expect thuggery to follow, it's just who they are

PaulTC Day 2,255, 01:35

Canada have always had weak foreign relations. Never went the right way.

Oliver Q
Oliver Q Day 2,253, 12:43

hail uk
hail usa

Derphoof Day 2,253, 12:54

As the USA Secretary of Pony, I wholeheartedly agree with this article.

Fataliix Day 2,253, 12:54

As a RL citizen of both the UK and the USA, hell yeah let's buddy up.

N W G Day 2,253, 12:52

I fully agree and support the want / need for a MPP.

Get on it WildOwl and kravenn 🙂

Minino. Day 2,253, 12:54


Sever Vetrovnik
Sever Vetrovnik Day 2,254, 15:40


Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Day 2,255, 07:37


Minino. Day 2,255, 14:11

Ti si peder. Da te serat kokoskite.

Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Day 2,255, 19:22

:3 besame, besame mucho lololo

Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Day 2,255, 19:24

:3 besame, besame mucho lololo

WayneKerr Day 2,253, 12:56

bless ya little cottons socks Iain...

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