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The Economist ~ Give GAMA 225k gold competition [update]

Day 2,471, 11:50 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

This competition's main prize is seen over on the left of your screen- currently 185,000 gold at time of publishing. The way this is divided is as follows:

50% to the winner and those who get 90% of the winning kills
30% divided between those who get 80% of the winning kills
15% divided between those who get 70% of the winning kills
5% divided between those who get 50% of the winning kills.

If nobody gets into a category, no prize is given. The likely outcome of this is that GAMA will get half the prize, Black Army, Tigrovi and possibly 1-2 others will share 5% of the prize. If we see the prize is 185k gold on day 1, we can assume perhaps 450k gold by the end of day 3.

That means GAMA would get 225k gold, and the other 2-4 would get 22,500 gold between them. Which is something like 280 gold each, which is pretty poor for the amount you have to spend.

So really this competition is "give super tanks more free gold" competition. It won't really effect game balance so it doesn't really matter- tanks will just buy eb and tank more, the only real losers are the admins who will lose 500 gold packs worth of revenue from the top 30 tanks in the game.

Next time I'd suggest the following breakdown:

33% to go to the top 5 units, proportional to kills amongst those 5.
33% to go to the next 20 units, proportional to kills amongst those 20
33% to go to the next 75 units, proportional to kills amongst those 75

This encourages MUs and individuals to hit.

Right now fighting just gives free gold to GAMA's tank fund, so I'd suggest taking a break from it for the next couple of days unless you really like them!


Update 27/08/2014 19:49
Admins not only added in a new prize for the top 25 regiments (better than nothing I'm sure you'll agree), they fixed the minimum wage issue I raised in the last edition of The Economist. Bravo admins.



Kanselier Day 2,471, 11:52

Comment deleted

Ser Fartsalot
Ser Fartsalot Day 2,471, 11:56

I gave you the explanation.

3 votes were valid according to admins.

Kanselier Day 2,471, 11:57

thats not the explanation, cause not enough people got banned... stop your bs politics when the article is adressing a game issue...

Ser Fartsalot
Ser Fartsalot Day 2,471, 11:57

Rewards are pretty weak in this competition... Actually, they get weaker every time.

Gabriel R. Mandarino
Gabriel R. Mandarino Day 2,472, 20:59

"The Big`s nations NO Bounce" [ESP/ENG]

Chronicle of the Argentine AS to MKD-FYROM

vladb Day 2,471, 11:58

Yup ..seen also the stats and it seems that Gama is going to have a nice hundreds of k Gold stash.

BTW :22 500 divided by 4 <>280

Spite313 Day 2,471, 12:00

well atm it would be 22500/2 and i calculated like 40 guys per unit. I couldn't be bothered to count, but you get the picture.

vladb Day 2,471, 12:02

Now I get it 🙂

atomel Day 2,471, 12:00

Comment deleted

skipper3mkd Day 2,471, 12:06

i think its 189.3 gold,not 189.300 (189k gold),maybe im wrong who knows.....

Ja nisam Keyser Soze
Ja nisam Keyser Soze Day 2,471, 12:26

193K gold for every 1k kills made prize goes up for 50g

klop123 Day 2,471, 12:10

This is true.

DariusReg Day 2,471, 12:11


casadeli Day 2,471, 12:12

Forget the prizes, at least there are headless chickens enough for everyone

zrel za kompost
zrel za kompost Day 2,471, 12:56

true true 🙁

Kaileene Day 2,471, 13:37

I always wanted to give someone hundred thousands of gold. I have a reason to live now 🙂

Petro Sagaydachniy2
Petro Sagaydachniy2 Day 2,471, 13:41

So the more i fight, the more gold those guys get? (facepalm to admins)

INCARNiEU Day 2,471, 13:41


Kaileene Day 2,471, 13:43

hey GaMa... Send me 2000 gold and I will keep killing people.. 😃

nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Day 2,471, 13:45


Shkupi CASUAL Day 2,471, 13:47


Nikolay Romanov SRB HN
Nikolay Romanov SRB HN Day 2,472, 02:56

Traitor 😃

Shkupi CASUAL Day 2,472, 03:06

😃 brukica 😃

King Trito Fisher
King Trito Fisher Day 2,471, 13:57

I like the pic. o7

Enthalpy Day 2,471, 14:47

must agree

Chemical Chaos
Chemical Chaos Day 2,471, 15:24

Its a mission / competition reward they just seem to get worse anyway

galadrael Day 2,471, 16:08


CrispyDragon Day 2,471, 16:13

Its like you said, in essence they are buying their reward.

Is that such a bad thing? They're dropping hundreds of real life cash, I see no harm in incentivising or rewarding that behavior. Gold buyers keep this game going and they shouldn't be scorned. Admins taking advantage to the point of excessive profits should be.

Furthermore, it is a competition. Not everyone can win and nor should they. This is not school, there is no 'A+ for Effort' Medals.

Kaileene Day 2,471, 17:10

yeah, this is a game. But in a good game, there should be at least some equality in competitions along with more possible ways for players to follow instead of just fight button... Erepublik is a game, but it is far from being a good game....

You can still persuade gold buyers to buy gold even without giving them 1st places in competitions. It will also stop other players from getting mad about it. But that would require to think a little. But that hurts so much and we want to avoid the pain 😃

CrispyDragon Day 2,471, 17:14

I agree, I wholeheartedly do.

What I just don't want to see happen is directing negativity at Gold buyers and specifically GAMA.

They didn't invent this competition, they're simply playing by the (flawed) rules.

Marcomannius Day 2,472, 17:02

You are fully wrong about this. No, it isn't right. Imagine every single player payed for a gold pack and bought EB. Imagine everyone hitting hard as much as possible. Still, if top level tanks gather in one unit, and coordinate them self to filter out "second best" fighters and leave only top level ones, it will still win vast amount of gold and leave others with nothing. This is not "no A+ for effort" this is "nothing for effort for 98% of players". It is actually more safe not to fight at all, for most people, than to fight at all. Not only that, it's not even fair to split gold on equal parts inside of one regiment if one player hit 10 billions and other does 200 mil.

If you look at this tournament from administrators perspective, sure, it makes sense. But we are not admins, so no, it does not makes sense to us does it. And GAMA, I have to say, if it's true Q8 is on its way, it is a bit suspicious how they all gathered on this tournament weeks before new weapon factories are being released. It does rise a question of "information leakage. Actually, this tournament could have been introduced in many different forms, this is hardly the best one.

CrispyDragon Day 2,473, 10:43

You Sir, are most certainly wrong. I suggest you re-read the Contest rules, Iain's thread and my posts. I feel you've missed the point on all grounds.

Firstly, I just want to highlight your obvious contradiction: You complain about GAMA paying2win, then say it's unfair that other people who pay for a single Gold pack don't win. It's one or the other fella, can't have it both ways.

Q8 is a baseless rumour and it discredits your point to even suggest such an outlandish conspiracy.

It is a fact GAMA have spent hundreds, if not thouhsands, of Euro's to win this competition. Either you pay more to win, or you quit your whining. It is not GAMA's fault the competition was set this way. Let me also point out that splitting the Gold pot is just one of the prizes. There are also Individual rewards and MU rewards. This debunks your '98% of players get nothing' nonsense.

As for someone doing more damage than someone else and getting the same reward? That's down to the MU itself to say whether it's a problem, or not. If it is, they can kick the weak link out before prizes are distributed. Again, read the rules.

Finally, I am not defending the Admins. I have simply accepted what they have done in making this contest. I am, however, defending GAMA, who have done nothing wrong.

I am going to keep fighting even if I don't a prize because I am not a petulant child that spits my dummy in jealousy when the other kids get a Gold Star and I get nothing.

Marcomannius Day 2,473, 11:10

I'm sorry, you are the one who needs to read again and stay on the point, not me. Did I say "Gama is at fault here"? Did I say that really? Where, please point it out. Second, if you set the rules where regiment (so that's 100 people) will get most of the gold there is, NO MATTER WHAT happens and how much is being spent 98% of people will not get the value for spent money. That is just a fact. So why would anyone by pure logic even consider entering the tournament if statistically they have negligible chances of winning the adequate prize? Does this really make sense to you? Honestly? Not for any particular regiment (like Gama in this case) but for the whole ePopulation?

My second point is about the winning regiment spreading the prize - is it really ok to share the prize equally if you spend 10 billion and your comrade spends 250 mil dmg in the winning regiment (again, Gama in this case)? On top of that, it is said you will receive the price ONLY if you are in the winning regiment at the time when prizes are being awarded, so if the commander has the power to kick you out, what actually protects you from this action? Commander can literally kick out all of the members and keep it all for him self. Unless there is something unsaid about this which can protect players...

Also, why is this "Q8 tip-off " so unreasonable? You do understand what needs to happen for this to work do you? Only one person needs to hear about Q8 weapons being introduced and about prize pool for a tournament. That is all it takes. Is that really so unreasonable? One man getting this info is so unreasonable... I don't think so. Doesn't mean it happened, but just saying it is kind of strange...

CrispyDragon Day 2,474, 02:02

I think your comments would have been better if posted on their own and not in response to mine.

The whole point of my posts was to defend GAMA and that if they want to spend absurd amounts of money, that is their choice and not something we should fault GAMA for, but fault the Admins.

As for the Second point. I agree it can prove to be highly unfair and is definitely open to abuse. However, the point remains, the MU Commander can essentially split the pot any way he wants. Either everyone gets an equal share regardless of damage, kick out the people that didn't contribute enough, or go fully selfish and kick everyone out. This does moot your point about people getting unfair shares because it can be prevented.

Finally, my whole posts were dealing with facts. Trying to rebut my points with rumour is what I found issue with.

I understand where you are coming from and why you think this tournament is flawed. To an extent I agree with you, but just to repeat myself, my posts have always been to defend the players, not the Admins.

XMarekX Day 2,471, 16:21


Barbo Ispiro
Barbo Ispiro Day 2,471, 16:35

c'mon guys don't give up the fight xd

Rob the Bruce
Rob the Bruce Day 2,471, 16:43

I for one would like to congratulate GAMA on doing a ridiculously good job of winning.

N4zGuL Day 2,471, 21:01


Granat MW
Granat MW Day 2,471, 22:31

now, we all can left game 🙂

Detharon Day 2,472, 01:05

I'll just leave this here.

Red Stefan
Red Stefan Day 2,472, 02:32

Comment deleted

Rican Day 2,472, 02:52

Comment deleted

poletarec Day 2,472, 03:02

no one cares anymore

Felllix Day 2,472, 03:45

Plato about the tournament

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Day 2,472, 04:12

-Comment deleted-

Spite313 Day 2,472, 09:50

It's not a profit if you spend a minimum of 15000 euros on gold to win LOL. It's basically 100% extra free gold instead of 50%

OmegWar Day 2,472, 13:59

Considering that you somehow already have that gold (split between the players of a regiment), it can be profitable

zuzel1 Day 2,472, 08:50

daj golda

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