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The Economist ~ A house divided: Serbia on the ropes

Day 2,064, 13:41 Published in China United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

Today I come to you with information about the recent internal struggle in Serbia, but also with a message of hope for the future. The challenges faced in Serbia now represent the culmination of years of conflict, which has moved back and forth between several shifting political alliances since the beginning of 2011, but now at last we see the potential for the Serbs to resolve those conflicts and unite Serbia under one common policy for the future.

As background, I will say first of all that it’s impossible and illogical to think of Serbia as a country in the same way the UK is a country or eChina is a country. Serbia is vast, bigger than any other country by a huge margin, and what’s more many of it’s players are over 1 year old and “very active”. No other country can possibly compare to their size, and as a result of this size it’s easier to think of Serbia as an Empire rather than a Kingdom, and the Serbian CP as “King of Kings”, ruling over dozens of smaller princes and kings who rule MUs and Parties which contain as many players as many countries and deal more damage.

For a long time there have been many factions in Serbia with UeS and SZR forming the two most obvious “rally points” for other parties. The ideological differences between the two are obscure for outsiders and like most political parties in eRep are more based on past grudges and senior members than any sort of genuine political agenda. From an alliance perspective, pre-2013 UeS governments tended to be somewhat introspective and ally-focused, and SZR ones more extroverted and aggressive in acquiring and protecting resources. To complicate matters, through 2012 we saw a great exodus of players from Serbia to other parts of the world as many grew angry with the constant warfare at home. For this reason the leadership of many parties including UeS shifted, and a new “third bloc” appeared from other allied parties and groups.

In addition the huge majority that SZR once had was gradually eroded by the fact that two of it’s old allies and top five parties left the coalition to form a de facto fourth group, though it never properly challenged the main three. This served to further weaken the SZR alliance meaning that this election was possibly the hardest one fought in months.

Nevertheless, SZR has maintained solid support from it’s core allies whilst for the most part UeS and the third bloc has fought over the remaining support in an attempt to make a viable opposition. Up until now this has mostly failed. This month HannibalLA, the eAmerican PTO chief, was elected President of Serbia by a mere handful of votes against a well known opposition candidate who gained many votes because of his personal reputation regardless of party backing. For many this seemed a victory for SZR, and in fact many prominent SZR members cheered his victory on election day in shouts and articles.

However in a bizarre twist of fate Hannibal announced that he was dissatisfied with their service, said they were not up to scratch and fired the whole government including Strider_83 and Desert Hamster, two of the most powerful members of SZR, dissolving the army at the same time. He has also removed the national treasury, saying it will be returned when Serbia elects competent new players as leaders. Obviously this took a lot of guts, but also represents an unexpected turning within SZR itself. Hannibal went on to say that although much of his problem with his government stems from his dislike of “power politics” and personalities overstepping their bounds, he saw this mass cleansing of his staff as an opportunity for renewal. He has stated that even if he has to destroy Serbia to remake it anew it’s worth it for an end to the same old fighting.

To me this is a breath of fresh air. I will be perfectly honest, I have fought with Strider before many times. I didn’t appreciate his tactics of using veiled threats to convince smaller TWO and ACT members to go along with him. I didn’t like the way he seemed to have two standards, one for himself and one for others. I think if people saw the way he treats “allies” they might not vote for him so much. But nevertheless I was angry more at the poisonous relationships this was creating rather than the acts themselves. It got to the point where the sour relations in Serbia were spreading to the alliance itself and poisoning it against itself.

I do not say this lightly: A strong Serbia is a strong TWO. Without leadership and unity from the Serbs, the alliance flounders. Despite military strength we are diplomatically divided, and bullying and factional disputes have no place in an alliance. A united Serbia has the potential to smooth all of the problems besetting the alliance and reset it ready for another year. A divided Serbia is in time the death toll of the alliance, as it was and as it will be again.

This dispute has brought Serbia the opportunity of a clean slate. It’s an opportunity to wipe away all the old fighting, the old problems, the old hate. A time for new players to step up and lead as Hannibal said, and the old players with old hates to step down. It’s a bitter lesson learned that sometimes remaining in leadership can be detrimental to the future of your country, especially if you’re a divisive figure like myself. Many in Serbia and in SZR will see this as an embarrassment and a betrayal. Instead they should see it as an opportunity.


Ps. The views contained in this blah blah are entirely my own and not representative of any government or nation.

PPs. If you have strong views about this and can sum them up in 100 words or less, send it in a PM and I'll read it when I get a chance.

All my articles are open source, you don't need to ask my permission to republish them in whatever language or format you like, so long as you quote text in full and send me a link.


PlNO Day 2,064, 13:48


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,064, 16:12

eSerbia will prevail! o7

Albus Day 2,064, 13:48


GregoryG Day 2,064, 13:50

Chaos is a ladder.

OVALNI REBORN Day 2,064, 15:32

people fall of the ladders all the time, as Baelish will sure discover : )

HeapSeppo Day 2,065, 10:06

Lol you should really read the books if you think that.

OVALNI REBORN Day 2,065, 10:28

LoL, I did. And I know GRRM's tendency to balance things out in the end.

CrazyPrzenica Day 2,064, 13:54

eSerbian diaspora approves this. o7

Kheshig Day 2,064, 13:56

Well, as a Serbian I'm very surprised because I have nothing to correct or add - you know Serbian politics very well.

Just to add, battle against SZR is not just battle against some political option. SZR is a party full of multi accounts, congressman who sell CS for money... desert hamster, the most powerful man in SZR admitted he stole money from state accounts, and he admitted he uses everything to get power in Serbia, just because he likes power.

Serbia did not rise because SZR was in power , it's because of us, citizens, who fight for Serbia, but the fall of Serbia happened because of SZR. That's the whole truth. SZR can be compared to RL Serbian politicians, and that's very bad...

cc1432 Day 2,064, 14:10

lolz... same story over the Danube 😉))

TheKralj Day 2,064, 14:10

With all due respect, I disagree. Serbian RL politicians are incompetent, but not necessarily evil - SZR is quite opposite to them - they are competent in evil doing.

Kheshig Day 2,064, 14:18

they all care how to fill their pockets with money, same s**t.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,065, 05:38

Wanna say that, for example, Mladjan Dinkic is incompetent and not evil?

ancorn Day 2,065, 01:05

"I have nothing to correct or add (...). Just to add....". Make your mind! 😛

m60a3tts Day 2,064, 13:58


krispo Day 2,064, 14:05

Perfectly pointed.
Vote as always.

TheKralj Day 2,064, 14:06

Chaos creates opportunities....

AndrijaSrbija Day 2,064, 14:19


Apollon the Magnificent
Apollon the Magnificent Day 2,064, 14:31

great article as always Iain.
looking forward on seeing you again as eSerb : )

nW0lf Day 2,064, 14:31

I find the excuse for taking control of the treasury quite interesting. He effectively stole all the money, and is demanding for ransom actions that may (or may not) happen simply because of his personal judgement. Who is he to judge competence in other leaders?

To me it seems like he failed to PTO the USA and did it on his own country...

thekrekc Day 2,064, 14:42

Comment deleted

War3hous313 Day 2,064, 14:44

you said it all.
hard vote.

nem01able Day 2,064, 14:47

great article

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 2,064, 14:50

It's Hanibal, with one N xD

Spite313 Day 2,064, 15:19

Sorry, force of habit 😛

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 2,064, 15:24

np 😉

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,064, 21:29

You have started a s***storm, but despite the fact that you will become the prime target of it, you have reserved your right to come clean out of it at the end!
It may come strange hearing this, but I respect your courage in dealing with a rotten system and I am sure that your county will benefit much in the long run with new young and able forces leading the way.

Alex.L Day 2,065, 05:46

I doubt anything will happen in the long run though but at least something is happening now, we MAY move from ground zero

mcmoox Day 2,064, 14:52

MCMOOX je bio ovde !!!

War3hous313 Day 2,064, 15:06

napokon da te vidim negde. odkad si nam izgubio izbore samo exitujes 😛

Crank DJ
Crank DJ Day 2,064, 15:04

Tradicionalno, jul je jedan od najzanimljivijih meseci u eSrbiji.

mcmoox Day 2,064, 15:08

This month HannibalLA, the eAmerican PTO chief, was elected President of Serbia by a mere handful of votes against a well known opposition candidate who gained many votes because of his personal reputation regardless of party backing.

Hercegovački lobi pred sobom drobi : D ...

MoonChe Day 2,064, 15:10

"dissolving the army at the same time"

LoL what?! eSerbia don't have army under gov control, only have mercenaries and pay them 100% of q7 production cost. (except MU Lavovi they fight for free under command of MOD)
eSerbia don't have army since Jul 2010.

Spite313 Day 2,064, 15:19

And now it isn't paying, so the army is no longer under government direction. Same story in every country

alboy75 Day 2,064, 16:33

dont worry at all,
Serbia has army,
strong like always

MoonChe Day 2,064, 16:41

"dissolving, direction, control"
ah yae you are right its the same hs. (:

alboy75 Day 2,064, 16:36

Do not write half-truths, at least in foreign articles

MoonChe Day 2,064, 16:52

Well you write other half now, ok?
Hanibal or Oriana Jul 2010?!
And first learn difference between control and direction where to fight.

alboy75 Day 2,065, 02:16

when you learn how serbian army work we can talk about that...
mercenaries... realy? its not half-truths, its absolute lie

MoonChe Day 2,065, 05:14

So, you wrote lie in first comment?! (:
So what is lie exactly.
1. In eSerbia no more MU under control of gov. since JUN 2010, when all units who founded by state are set free to charge their dmg and act like mercenaries like i pay - you fight, i don't pay you - you don't fight.
2. You just *bip*of cos i only write that Lavovi is true patriotic unit in eSerbia. buhuhuu
3. You agree with Iain that Hanibal dissolved you as army. (:
4. There is no difference between army and group of paramilitary units, joined together to easy sell dmg.
ps: There is nothing wrong with mercenaries.(if you're one of them) (:
pps: Now write like "
Don't worry!
Every thing is ok!
It's all lies!
Hail (country) we are bff (you have cash right 😃)!!!"

ppl love that hs!!!

alboy75 Day 2,065, 05:22

ma lupas
tvdoglav si i to je to...

kazi mi jednu vojsku na svetu kojoj drzava kaze ratujes tu i tu a oruzje... pa snadjite se sami, kupite?
ves i pvj ne prodaju dmg srbiji, niti ikome drugom, ceo dan udaraju tamo gde mod kaze, a deo se refundira, koliko mod odredi
da li bi udarali bez refund? da bi, samo bi udarna moc bila manja, kapiras, ili treba da crtam?

to da je hanibal nesto rasturio... mozda i nesto jeste rasturio, ili nekog, znam da jedinice svakako nije, niti ima sanse da to uradi

a to da si ti sa nekim, ili ne znam ko vec, tamo negde 2010. ili kad vec "rasturao"... mislim, alo , probudi se, 2013. je

i sad nastavi da trtljas o "difference between army and group of paramilitary units" bez da pokapiras koliko su promene u igrici uticale na drugaciju organizaciju jedinica pa samim tim i vosjke

coolinbun Day 2,064, 15:50

Serbia is divided almost 3 years allready...

nice 'look on Serbia from outside" article

cheers m8 o>

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,064, 15:52

Thanks for that. Interesting.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,064, 15:55

Hanibal invented best way to steal money from country treasury!

Unkulunkulu Day 2,064, 16:07

great article o7

dragan4s Day 2,064, 16:14

Our house in the middle of the street...

zigazaga Day 2,064, 16:45

Deep subject, one could write a novel 'bout eSerbian politics and 'politics'... xD

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,064, 17:07

Don't think it's not same over here. We lived in closed society for 100 years, of course we're fu*ked up now 🙂

Minino. Day 2,064, 16:50


Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,064, 17:16


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