The eCommunist Delusion

Day 917, 13:23 Published in Netherlands Belgium by Konrad Neumann

Comrade this and comrade that, capital wars of imperialism, and viva revolution, if this is all that eCommunism is, it is something really stupid to a point of being retarded. Hail Rotfront, hail Comrade so and so, there has to be something more. I do not believe, no, I refuse to believe that the eCommies in this game are just mindless zombies that shouts Comrade this and comrade that like the Dioist with their shouts Dio Dio Dio.

This article is not to promote or to bash commies or other groups but to help myself as well as the readers to understand what eCommunism is. I think eCommunism is something that we do not grasp the ideas of. To understand what eCommunist is to better understand the political landscape so that you can support it or bash it (in your own article, not mine) with facts and not out of ignorance.

The eCommunist Delusion
A play on a RL book "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

Left-wing nuts and nothing more right? We can dismiss their arguments and their points since they are loony and mental. Communist = stupid. We can see this way of thinking clearly with radicals like Billy Bright who comments something like the following "Typical commie moron" to all known eCommies and eSocialist. Would "Typical commie moron" have so much influence in eRep if they are "morons", "comrade this and comrade that", etc?

The eCommunist/ Socialist movement is strong in eRep unlike that of the extreme right of the Billy Bright persuasion. There are many eCommunist parties in the eWord that is in the top 5 of their nation. The Workers Party in the Netherlands, The Australian Communist Party in Australia, The KPeD and the SPeD in Germany, the People's Communist Party in the UK, the Folkhemsdemokraterna in Sweden, and many many more. Do we see much radical right parties out there in the top 5? If there is, it is not that numerous than that of the communist. The British Patriots of eUK cannot make it to that position. In eGermany many extreme right wing parties like the Germanische Volxpartei was PTOed days after its creation due to their controversial nature of the party. Most in the center believe the extreme right as insane and some even think they are "evil" with their ethics and racism. There are some fun extreme right parties I bet, but I am talking about the real serious non-fun versions. Why are the commies are doing so well? For a few moronic comrade this and comrade that fools, they did quite well.

If you read eUK media, you will come across some article by some British Patriots talking about immigrants must conform to be eBritish etc, really "moronic" to me. What does it means to be eBritish? They must love eFish and Chips or eChicken Tiki Masala? They must have eTea time? The same person then argues that the eUK should leave PHX since they were invaded by EDEN in Jan/ Feb. That is moronic in that with that logic, eHungary and eGermany should join EDEN too and eUS should join PEACE now PHX. While I am sure there are moronic people everywhere on all branch of philosophical thought, I went and ask a few eCommunist leaders of what eCommunism means to them.

To Sir Nils of eGermany "[eCommunism] is solidarity with other players, like in the communes, where the highs killer get the same as the newer, so that the babies get a better chance, can fight with weapons and will gifted. State-firms should help here. Of course, no imperialistic wars(trainingwars are ok [and eCommunism is] internationalism."

Jos Alembic of the Netherlands offered a more simple answer "eCommunism is the struggle for democracy, unification and freedom, within the confines of the game mechanics." To his defense he is still very new to the game and will offer us a better answer when he gains more experience. During our discussion, I got the impression from him that eCommunism is like RL protest/ revolutionary priest/ bishops of the 60's and 70's in Latin America. It is of charity, fighting against the power, and for justice.

Johnobrow offered me the most philosophical answer of the people I asked. To him, "eCommunism is really about transcending the menial limits imposed by the game. It's not about trying impossibly to win the game; it's about changing the game and that is why it can appeal to anyone no matter their RL views or ideology. eRep is nothing like the real world in all honestly and if it resembles it it's because we project our own RL prejudices into it." That does seem kind of vague as it can cover all parties. That sounds a little like the Open Mind Germany party in Germany. So he gave me a link to his article of what eCommunist is.

eCommunism = Proudhon + Lenin + Chavez

Johnobrow's article is an interesting as he explores what eCommunism is. He explores eCommunism as a mix between the 3 peoples above. From cooperatives and mutualism from Proudhon to Lenin's central planning to communes in Chavism, eCommunism takes a form of different areas of real life ideals and mix them into something new. Tito, Stalin Marx are not key players in eCommunism which is interesting as well. eCommunism without Marx!!!!. So eCommunism is something totally different from RL communism/ Marxism (no direct link to Mar😵 but "shares many similarities with a variety of RL ideas and movements. But it is very much a unique concept that has been tailor made by it's followers to fit erepublik, rather than blindly adopting some RL ideology. It is in this experience from RL and fluidity in addressing issues unique to erepublik that eCommunism retains its strength and broad appeal."

While writing this article, it reminds me of my article "Better Know a MachtGeil." I asked him the following:

KonradI understand you are part of the eRep Communist International. Can you tell us something about it, for example, is it a communist version of Phoenix in which it have political and military teeth or more like a think tank or a eCommunist club in which eCommunist just chill and talk etc?

MachtGeil Maybe something of all three options. The Internationale is a far-left organisation which connects (or at least trys to) all far left parties in the new world. In some way the revolutionary left. Though the Internationale does not have a own military there are a couple of paramilitary organisations who work in some way together with the Internationale or certain members of the Internationale. Also quite a few member parties operate their own small paramilitary groups. There are some parties who are more into the Internationale than others and operate very closely while other focus more on their national interests. The Organisation is not really tight and the Internationale mostly lives through the activists and not through the parties supporting it. Sometimes there are International Operation where we join forces. For example in the Soviet Commune in Russia which shows that a socialist economical system does indeed work and that you can reach almost everything if you have a community working together as tight as we do.

Konrad So now we know more about The eInternationale. eCommunism and eSocialism really does not function in eRep due to game mechanics etc, in your opinion, what does eCommunism and eSocialism mean to you and what do you think it tries to accomplish?

MachtGeil Basically eCommunism just gives the state a tight control over the free market. If you control as companies as possible in the state (complete nationalization is not possible though as there is always the possibility to create new companies, but its not necessary as long as you control most of the companies) With that it's possible to guarantee wages for every skill level and control more or less the prices on the market You cant change things over night so the procedure to build up the state companies should be slowly. We can already see how good socialist economy works in erep when we look at most of the armies. Most of them use a kind of socialist system to supply themselves with everything they need. Basically this is how a commune works. Though there are also different views on eCommunism and how it should be so my opinions should not stand for the whole Internationale community

The eCommunist Delusion is that they are not moronic or stupid but that they indeed intelligent. They are not a headless chicken that demands all eUK immigrant to act like eBrits (whatever that means) or to complain to the admins that UK is United Kingdom, where is the king or queen etc. If you look at their archive of some of their works, they do have a solid plan. Like what MachtGeil said, it is albeit farfetched, not impossible and that the commune system which works for the people in it (if it is a farce I doubt they will still exist now). Maybe it is this intelligence and philosophical knowledge and the blending of it into eRep (as well as the negative connotation of of RL communism) gives eCommunist a bad name as well as a symbol of ignorance. RL commies fail and so will erep. It is this knowledge and maybe the ignorance of many who does not know political, social, and philosophical theory that made Billy to say Commies are morons. The eCommies viewed the game on a different perspective, a different reality (empiricist rejoice) as John Locke and other empiricist suggest that there are many different realities. Just as I brought empiricism into this argument, many who do not study Locke etc would think it is really stupid as I talk of things they do not understand. I feel this is the same thing with eCommunism. Most people do not know who Proudhon is and I bet most do not care too.

The eCommunist Delusion is that eCommunist are not retards or moronic, but that they are well read. Combined with the ignorance of the people who do not understand them, deeming them as ignorant or stupid.

I am not saying that the eCommunist are super smart etc. It is perfectly valid to disagree with eCommunist theories as I did in the past with some ideas from MachtGeil. Also there are mistakes or inexperience within the eCommunist movement etc. Like I said in the beginning of this article, this is not an advocacy of the eCommunist as I am not an eCommie. I still believe in the state to be pragmatic over being moral like the eGerman MPP issue with eSK. I have nothing to gain personally to write this article other than killing some time (I like writing). I did write this to shed new light to this topic. I think no one truly understand what eCommunism is and I hope this is helpful.

So am I a convert? No. However, I did gain a new respect for them. I too was guilty to dismiss them in the past a bit nutty with a fetish for revolution. Maybe it was my personal arrogance or ignorance or something else, the eCommies did not write some BS crap out of thin air. They are not meaningless phrase shouting zealots...Dio Dio Dio. In hindsight it was of me to do so. I disagree on some issues of theirs but based on my new found knowledge, they are no crazies. They are not comrade this or comrade that for I was never called a comrade or see the word comrade in their channel. Maybe it is wise not to dismiss them so quickly. If you look at it as a philosophy or a theory, it is brilliant. You can always argue the practical practice of it and you can debate that.

eCommies are stupid/ ignorant... NO.
Misunderstood..... Yes

I hope you gain some new knowledge about the eCommunist. Agree with them, disagree with them, that is your choice. I am here to write what I learn from them today.

Konrad Neumann
Former eGerman President x2
Current Congressman of Northern Netherlands
Current MoFA of Netherlands
eGerman Congressman x6
Party President of Open Minded Germany x5
Former eGerman MoFA from Aug-Jan 2010

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