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The Day of My E-Birth

Day 2,069, 00:06 Published in India USA by Octavius Dryst

Greetings all,

I am writing to you on the eve of my 4th erepublik birthday. I am not yet certain if this is something that I should be proud of or not. The purpose of this article is mostly introspective, but I suppose it will dwindle into politics.

This song has always reminded me of this game, because of what it once was. We were all just running between cities, building things, rocks, to trade with other cities. In less cryptic words there was a market. I remember very distinctly being so excited by this game, I was going to be a proud and productive citizen of eIreland. I was going to scrimp and save and build an industrial empire, and I had all the pieces in place to do that. My first year and a half in this game I made congress multiple times, was elected party president of the largest and most vibrant eIrish party of the time, and was active in most every cabinet. This is when admin honored and upheld contracts, when the ideas of constitutions floated about, when the concept of the game itself seemed limitless. So much has changed, yet still I stay.

I am a disgraced former president. I have, I like to think, the charisma, obviously the arrogance, and the cleverness to be a good politician. Despite what I recognize as strengths within myself I failed miserably, and this has been a specter that has haunted me in real life. To those of you I have not spoken with I recently was promoted at my work and have stepped into a true leadership role. I felt it a validating thing to actually do well, and inspire opposing forces to achieve a productive outcome, rather than allowing the situation to degrade into chaos. Despite my failure here, despite the shame that comes from being labeled a thief, though I still maintain I just lost the money 😛 I have stayed with this game.

I suppose I shall finally get to my belabored point. I still play this game because of the people. Because a week ago, for my real life birthday, I had just as many eindians message me on facebook to wish me well as I did friends in real life. Even the people I have come to blows with hold a special place in my heart. You all are fantastic people, even the trolls, even the enemies of old, even the hammy ham hams, and the asmitas that always reminded me of an over bearing older sister haha but in the best way!

I have made so many friends through this game, and they are real and good friends. We may not be entirely up to date, but we still keep in touch, and we still seem to give at least a bit of effort. A special shout out to my former traveling companion Commius. I dont know how many nights you would cheer me up with some random bullshit arguments. Uaithne, you dont play anymore, but you deserve a mention too. There are far too many names to name, just know that if you see the link to this, amd click it, you have probably provided me with a decent way to spend the time I had nothing else to spend on.

Cheers to erepublik,
even if the game has changed, the people still make it worth while.
And I didnt even really get into politics, but lets be bold. I will just say that.



vigorious Day 2,069, 00:10

happy ebirthday OD

Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh Day 2,069, 00:13

Happy birthday bro, have a great time!

Sher Singh
Sher Singh Day 2,069, 00:15

4th Year? Mine is 3rd week and I am bored

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 2,069, 00:16

are you on irc/the forum? that is where the magic happens ha

reborn from the ashes
reborn from the ashes Day 2,069, 00:16

happy ebirthday 🙂

Commius Day 2,069, 00:20

❤ happy brithday

ComKar Day 2,069, 00:21

eHappy Birth day

Nikhil Jaiswal
Nikhil Jaiswal Day 2,069, 00:32

Many Many Happy B'day

citizen ss
citizen ss Day 2,069, 00:47

happy bday

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 2,069, 01:13

Happy eB'day and Belated rl B'day OD

Terciopelo Day 2,069, 01:31

Happy eBirthday Od...o7

u forgot to mention me 🙁 🙁 xD

Cholan II
Cholan II Day 2,069, 04:42

Happy ebirthday OD

Maxi Tippkick Maximillian
Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 2,069, 07:12

Happy eBirthday

Broken1 Day 2,069, 08:01

Happy eBirthday!!!

Dhanush Tripathy
Dhanush Tripathy Day 2,069, 09:13

Happy eBirthday 😃

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,069, 20:53

Happy 4th e-birthday Octavius o/

Anand Singh
Anand Singh Day 2,069, 23:20

V + s

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