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The damned truth

Day 1,925, 12:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

The Damned Truth

Ok, let's calm down a bit.

Truths of the day:

- Don Dapper is the leader of British Army and New Era ( whether he's in Poland or in Japan). Maybe, in threee months things are different. Right now, he's the leader.

- Nor Don, nor anyone in New Era, as far as I know, has ever tempted to do an hostile move against Independence Alliance. Truly, there's been lots of words, bad words, inappropiated words, silly words, braggar's words, ...

- Whatever It happens, both Hugh and Don will still hold my e-friends. (Yes, I am mature enough for it).

- To be honest, and knowing how is Don Dapper -as you KNOW HIM-, I don't understand HOW YOU, HUGH, HAVE TAKEN SERIOUSLY HIM. I'm prone to believe that you over-reaction to certain situations. Yeah, yeah, you are right to react however you want if you are "threatened". But, as I say, it's time

- The members of New Era: Take it easy, even some of us, grown up men, may behave as children. ( I focus on the cartoons , for example). Do not worry, we tend to be mature, most of the time (even Goku and Don).

- Goku, it renders a poor image to deny obvious truths, being honest is , also, the best strategy.

- This is more a spamican situation than anything else. I hope you all are laughing a lot.



CptChazbeard. Day 1,925, 12:13

We are laughing very heartily o/

WayneKerr Day 1,925, 12:29

probably not in the direction they wish though...

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,925, 12:41

Oh my word.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,925, 12:47

Oh yeah Don has messed up a little and shouldn't have said what he did or implied he had the power to do it with I assume party resources.

I'm just annoyed by Hugh's agenda. His 100% U-Turn and blowing everything out of proportion to attack his old party seems too much.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,925, 13:08

We've never "attacked" you Goku, you started with the flaming! You made it worse with the title of your last article, and finally Don screwed it all good and proper earlier on. If Alpha is correct, and Don is the leader of New Era, as stated above, then you have to admit that threatening to PTO a party is a serious thing, especially from a senior member.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,925, 19:08

What U-turn? If you ask your members what they want New era to do at the next CP elections and they say back...talon for example...are they then going to get flamed?

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,926, 07:49

If everyone starts singing his priases then we back him. Simple.
Only one party making drama articles here and it isn't New Era.

You guys are overlapping New Era's political ground in your articles and took some of our members so I did the same back with what was just an an article title 😑

I'm sorry that you think that you can aim messages at your guys but we can't do it back and that some pretty common words are your trademarks...

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,926, 09:53

Show me any PM where I PM'd a member of New Era to join and I will instantly apologise and resign. Not one New Era member was targeted. We do not and never will operate in that manner. Can New Era say the same? I expect no response as usual Goku because you know they have for a fact : )

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,925, 13:09

And actually Alpha, Hugh does know Don, very well, and spent many an hour trying to sort out previous fallouts when Don had kicked off when he was in New Era.

Sexagenarian Day 1,925, 13:34

"Don Dapper is the leader of British Army and New Era ( whether he's in Poland or in Japan)."

Does this sound like a democratically run party?

Alphabethis Day 1,925, 13:43

It doesn't, but in real life it's just the same. You can't kill historic leaders, and many hold the power for years in the shadows. How can we switch to a fully democratic party? Good question, I guess that with votes. I promise to ignore any Don command if I ever become PP. Anyway, people are the ones who choose to follow or not follow, it is a very natural way. Having said all this, Don doesn't get involved in very, very few decision, but the last word is his, be this democratic or not.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,925, 13:43

It's not. Goku can stop playing that card now! : )

Alphabethis Day 1,925, 13:45

I mean Don gets involved in very very few decissions. and I guess that with votes, with more polling and votes ( paying people or something, since people refuse to vote , most of the times) we can go for a more open party.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,925, 13:43

Foot. Grave. Done.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,925, 13:48

Paying people to vote? Really? I think alot of NE members don't refuse to vote, they've just never been given the chance to. In my eyes (OPINION GUYS), NE members are "bought", and so aren't actually interested in the party, they just like the free stuffs.

Alphabethis Day 1,925, 14:01

well, probably that much is true. so, they don't want to vote,...what can we do ?

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 1,925, 14:21

Dont trust Hugh that is all I will say !

Alphabethis Day 1,925, 14:22

Hugh has been a bit hysteric(with the limited information I HAVE). I don't think he hides any plot or anything.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,926, 17:33

or you or don you cretins

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,925, 18:10

'Don Dapper is the leader of British Army and New Era...' - Say what?

Can anyone actually explain using a normal sentence how New Era actually works internally? And indeed the British Army?

Last time I looked people voted on Party leaders, and the commander of the British Army was Winston.

AdmiralNelson Day 1,926, 17:35

winston is just a cretin of don and dont have the brains to be owt else

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,925, 20:46

Alpha, Goku...considering you are both officers you should get together and sort out exactly what Don is to New Era because you both have very differing views. One says he isn't even a member and has no say and the other says he is the leader, which ties in with him being involved in policy discussions with officers of the party.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,926, 07:57

You seem really eager to have some drama to cry about here.

New Era had no organisation whatsoever, you must have known this being a member? "How does New Era work as a party" - it didn't. It was a bunch of players enjoying their freedom and independence.

You said you would fix this yet you ran away and left us in crisis last month.
Now I've fixed things myself and we have some direct democracy for those who want it for deciding policies - we have never been stronger .

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,926, 09:50

Okay Goku you're right : )

GameChanger Day 1,926, 05:28


Alpha, dude, I am impressed. You've matured so much since the last elections. I feel you are becoming a voice of reason, as odd that might seem.

Keep it up

GameChanger Day 1,926, 05:29

Comment deleted

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