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The CP promisеs around the world

Day 1,994, 08:49 Published in USA Bulgaria by Mrs NoLimit

The elections are over and now is time for a little show and tell about the winners 😃 I won’t comment all, cause that would be such a long and boring article.. Now it will be just boring 😃

The winner in Japan is ardishabutaro. Now the interesting thing here is what he said:
If yesterday i say that i will follow that CoT rule, today i cannot promise the same word. Things will be different now, i cannot tell the unpredictable future.

The reason for this he says is the fact that Russia and the US signed a MPP with Croatia. You should keep an eye on Japan, it will be interesting there 🙂 Oh and they do want some kind of TW, so expect that too.

The new Bulgarian CP is Iliya The Great, one of the strongest accounts as seen 😃 Some may remember his previous name, as he was “aping” in the US 😃 The thing that is quite different from the previous CPs of Bulgaria is that he actually made cabinets of several people, without one main leading figure (all are Ministers, or Vice ministers and some advisors). We will see how that will work out for him.

The ladies in the other cabinets should be worried tho!!! Hold your pants, or you will lose them before you read his name xD

Lord Tinchosss won in Argentina. So far Argentina and CUA(I) have been proEDEN, but with that being out of the picture, the argentinian CP says that they will probably become “friends” with TWO. The CP says they have a good starting point, have been communicating and so on and are also waiting for Greece and Turkey- to see where they will go.

Congratz UK 😃

Croatia chose one of the most known players in the game- Argrob. We all know everybody is watching the EDEN members and their choice of an alliance- new one or towards one of the existing.... So he says Croatia won’t go to any other alliance for now, but they will be working with some old friends, some new friends. U know, picking closely the MPPs.
He also talks something about their core regions, stay alert!

Greece picked BaKaRaS. In his article he talks about the two options- creating a new alliance or going to TWO. He is not very keen on the idea to start a new alliance. The main problem tho is to be an equal partner wherever they go. So Greece will start negotiating that. One thing he says, that is quite.. ermmm hmmm...

He says to the greek people that he does not care that much for old friends, he cares about Greece. Meaning that he would reject some MPPs in order to make those new friends.

As much as I understand what he says, this is never the best idea, to say it like that. Some friendships maybe put “on hold”, members can be in different alliances, but we all know- the game constantly shifts, alliances die or are born- never say such harsh things in the open!! 😃

One minute you are on the top, then you are left without regions, but when the time comes to rise again- that is when you need old and new connections! For me that was not a smart thing to say, no matter if you’re counting for people to understand you have the best intentions for your country!

Laurh is the new Hungarian ruler 🙂 So two interesting things we should expect. First, they will again concentrate on leaving Ukraine without congress.
Second- the romanian MPP. As he says, he will not sign that during his term. That’s it! 😃 If TWO will try to pressure them, eh...

akashapeke is the Spanish CP and she will have a tough month. You do know Spain was not very happy about Romania too, but it just gets worse. When Colombia got accepted in ACT, guess who never voted for or against that?? 😃

Well, it may not be only Spain 😃 And their Gov did mention that some voted under pressure. Nice one 😃

The last country I will talk about is Turkey. Lily s won and there is an article from the MoFA already. Now, if I criticized the greek CP, I must congratulate that person on the well written sneaky sneaky article 😃 .

Main thing they say- “we won’t go to any of the big alliances (CoT and TWO) cause we have countries we don’t like in both. Still, we will follow our two BFFs- Greece and Argentina and will fight against their enemies. We will also ask the people, what they want, what they think

Not that is sneaky politics 😃 And good ofc! So, Turkey will follow Greece, we know what the greek CP wants... soo.. yaaaaah.

BTW didn’t Tukey have some 3- way pact with Argentina and Ukraine??? 😃 Just saying...

Oh and yes- [EDEN] Farewell EDEN

DarkMistress is done for today!

The CP promisеs around the world



Minino. Day 1,994, 08:55


Ivanherbec Day 1,994, 08:56


SpikyJade2700 Day 1,994, 08:58

Voted, thanks!

eDuH uDeoT
eDuH uDeoT Day 1,994, 09:08


Tiger Macedonia
Tiger Macedonia Day 1,994, 09:11

Check out the new Macedonian presidents's article.

Mrs NoLimit
Mrs NoLimit Day 1,994, 09:15

I did, but it was so short : D But I have a feeling macedonian articles will be in my next "works" huehuehue

Simonymous Day 1,995, 05:41

Uai ui spiik inglish?

Tiger Macedonia
Tiger Macedonia Day 1,995, 05:43

Шат ап. Донт блоу авр кавер.

Simonymous Day 1,995, 05:44

Ай ноуз ю

BabySolider Day 1,995, 14:03

ПА биди мирен бе да не ти залепам една

Strength and Honour

NKFV Day 1,994, 11:04

Шефка пееас але, але!

dimzaaa Day 1,994, 11:07

@DarkMistress - my article was short, but it had very clear message xD

Simonymous Day 1,995, 05:42

ке пукаме со атомски?

Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 1,994, 12:03


Anabela 123
Anabela 123 Day 1,994, 12:04

o7 😘

Rican Day 1,994, 12:06

awesome stuff....... we want MORE

eMacedon Day 1,994, 12:07

o7, voted 🙂

Zielarz Day 1,994, 12:16

CRObre o/

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,994, 12:26


Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 1,994, 13:22

winner in Japan is ardishabutaro УРА за нея -дано направи бебебума в Япония

ilphen Day 1,994, 13:26

Oh you 😃!

klop123 Day 1,994, 14:11

Nice gifs : P


splerly Day 1,994, 14:23

Lily s vs Iliya The Great

It will be interesting to watch the fight of these ladies : )

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,994, 19:07

You're my inspiration DarkMistress, I want to be like you when I grow up *-*/

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 1,994, 23:27

voted! 😃

Red Stefan
Red Stefan Day 1,995, 05:10


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,995, 06:56

v170, really interesting

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,995, 07:20


Magnus Tradeus
Magnus Tradeus Day 1,996, 01:27

Well done! v+s

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