The Coming Conflict

Day 597, 22:16 Published in USA USA by Eugene Harlot

Within the next few days, if not hours, PEACE GC will be begin a major offensive in North America. They will assault Canada and the United States. This will be a war unlike any other yet seen in the New World. MPPs have been aligned on both sides and soon they will be an epic clash. Will you be ready for the invasion of the eUSA?

Fortress America

All American citizens need to know where our Q5 hospitals are. If you are Level 5 or above, you should be residing in Florida, New Jersey or Kansas. This will allow you the maximum number of available attacks. Large Populations in California, New York and Illinois will want to relocate. If you need a moving ticket, contact Chris Stanwick

Fight Smart

Use your head before you click that fight button.

1. Make sure you read and understand daily military instructions that will be posted in the White House Briefing, The Harry Dick Times, The Civil Society and in this Newspaper.

2. Be sure that you know how to maximize your fights. The USA has the cheapest Q1 weapons in the New World and they are going to get cheaper if Congress reduces import taxes. Buy what you can everyday. The difference between fighting with Q1 and barefisted is a 240% damage increase.

3. If you can't afford a weapon, then fight them with your bareknuckles. The US's advantage is our population size. Every point of damage helps.

4. Hold off on fighting until your last log-in of the day. The strategic situation may change. Time zone differences mean that we can capitalize on slow times for the enemy to assess and make the best tactical decisions.

5. If you are in the military. Follow your orders. As this is will likely be a multiple front war, we will be directing assets into different conflicts. The non-military population may be fighting in a different region than military units.

6. Maximize health to maximize productivity. We will need to be making A LOT of weapons. If you are in manufcturing, you can support the effort by making weapons. Food and gifts will become less necessary as hospital use increases. MAKE GUNS TO WIN.

7. Do not panic. We have 51 regions. Time is on our side. We may need to give ground to buy time. This is another reason to be a Q5 hospital region. You will not get caught behind enemy lines.

Together, we will hold back the invading hordes and we will emerge from this inferno of war as hardened metal and forged into the strongest nation in eRepublik.