The Canadian Progressive Front: An Introduction

Day 660, 13:05 Published in Canada Canada by Bruck

The Evil Minister of Defense forced me to put this up

Check your battle orders!

Now I know what your all thinking, "Bruck's back in politics?!? We're DOOMED!!!1!!111!" but before you jump off your rocker sit back, pull up a blanket and keep reading (or don't and just vote).

The Canadian Progressive Front is, like the Canadian Social Democrats or the Democratic Action League, not a new idea. But that is where the similarities end. The CPF is the only true opposition party in Canada, the only "Right" wing party in a game where issues such as the arts and legalizing Marijuana are laughable. The only issues that truly matter are the strength of a nations economy, a nations government and it's organization, and the strength and organization of it's military and the people who support it. Of course there are other important issues but for today I would like to focus on these three and explain the CPF's commitment to them and what that means for you.

An economy drives a nation, gold in the governments hands wins battles, a lesson we learned all to well. More gold translates directly into a stronger nation. In this regard, a small economy cannot contend with a great; the poor cannot contend with the rich; the weak cannot contend with the strong. If we are to not only survive but thrive we must focus our governments efforts on the economy and in building our gold reserves. But all the funds cannot and should not be in the hands of the government or in no time we will stagnate. That is why the CPF will also push for the implementation of a well organized and recorded loan system. Private citizens may request loans from the government and backed up by erepublik contract for the purpose of opening new business' and providing jobs for new citizens and improving personal wealth. With wealth comes the power to fight harder then the enemy, then we will be strong again.

For our nation to be strong again we cannot ignore the domestic issues and those within our own government. We cannot wait until every PEACE soldier has been pushed off our soil before turning out attention to domestic issues when we can tackle both at once. For our government to run efficiently we must not overcrowd our cabinet with unneeded ministries and extra deputy ministers but instead have several well placed and efficient ministries all working in together to help each other achieve their goals. These ministries will have several staff members each learning a part of what it takes to run the finances of Canada or how to go about negotiating with our EDEN allies. Too often excess ministries are handed out as political gifts and offers for a party's support. Such positions help not Canada and not those that have received them unearned. Much like Iran today, holding our Provinces still, they had not earned them and should not be allowed to keep them a moment longer. To do so is insulting to Canadian's who fought to protect and retake our provinces.

To have an effective government or the worlds strongest economy is not enough if your army has the organizational of a two year old. When conflicting orders are being shouted from three different government sources then even the newest player realizes there is a problem. But it's not just the orders being shouted, that can be easily mended by having only one official source. The real issue is the organization of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in general. Pre-war we were in an excellent position, since then everyone who could hold a Q1 gun (so apparently that means you need 4.5 strength...hmm?) was let into the army and reserves. This mass influx of soldiers would have been fantastic if: we had had the resources to supply everyone, if these new soldiers had been organized in a logical way instead of thrown into one massive platoon with no organization, and if an attempt was made to keep and help these soldiers. The reserves recently conducted a check in and half of the 100 soldier platoon was recently culled, what this tells me is that at least 50 soldiers fighting for Canada lost interest and quit because no one helped them get involved. In comparison Bruck's Canucks has a 85% activity rate within it's 75+ members because constant communication is kept between unit commanders and soldiers. The Romanian army, the most organized and effective army in the eWorld, is composed largely of privately run military organizations like Bruck's Canucks and the Canadian Resistance Movement. What the CPF wants to do is implement these Privately run forces under the supervision of the government and expand the amount of forces in operation. The CAF will remain as it is with some reform mainly to the reserve portion. Together all this will lead to a far more effective and much stronger CAF and Canada.

I hope that this helps you to understand what the new Canadian Progressive Front is all about and what we wish to bring to Canada. No longer will we stagnate while everyone proposes the same old ideas. If you have any further questions on this platform or on the party itself please post them below and or another representative will answer your questions as quickly as possible. Thank you for your time.

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